Louis (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

3/10/2017 After being seen on the Oldies Club website, it’s no surprise that lovely Louis has now gone off to his new home and has really settled in – he was sleeping on his large, comfy bed within minutes of arriving there!

Ruff (Pound Puppy Rescue, Dorset)

19/9/2017 Lovely Ruff has been rehomed thanks to an enquiry that came through the Oldies Club. He has gone to a lovely family in Wales where he has joined another Oldies Club veteran, a 13yr old Lurcher. What a perfect ending.

Best Boy Bob (Oldies Club)

28/9/2017 Gentleman Bob has been adopted by his foster carers. They fell in love with this lovely boy and decided quickly that they could not part with him and he now has a wonderful, new life with his forever family.

Laddie (Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, fostered Cumbria)

19/11/17 – Brilliant news from Lakeland Trailhound Welfare: ‘I am delighted to tell you that Laddie Trailhound has been adopted. He now lives on a Scottish island with 2 cats. The adopter saw him on the Oldies Club website. So THANK YOU for your support and help with finding him a home.”