Danielle (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Super friendly and affectionate, Danielle is a calm lady rescued from Romania and looking for the loving home she deserves. She’s walks well on-lead and mixes with other dogs though would prefer to be the only pet in a home where any children are aged 8+.

Boo Boo (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts.)

***Please no more applications for cute Boo Boo. She has lots of lovely home offers to choose from.***
Boo Boo is an adorable Yorkie/Jack Russell Cross whose owner sadly passed away. She would be a delightful companion dog, full of character and happy to meet new friends and other small dogs. Could you give lovely Boo Boo her happy retirement?

Jessie (Private Rehoming, Tameside)

Sweet Jessie is looking for a loving, retirement home as her family could not care for her anymore. She could live with older children and needs to be the only pet in the home though she tolerates other dogs. Can you help Jessie?

Adele (Paws2Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Adele’s owner is heartbroken about having to part with her. “Della” is a calm, friendly lady who would love a quiet home where she can enjoy gentle walks. She could live with a calm, mature dog and is good with small animals.

Kora (F.A.B. – Frances Adores Bullbreeds, Northants)

Kora is a beautiful, black Russian Terrier who is affectionate, loyal and loves nothing more than being glued to her human. Everyone she meets falls in love her. She will need a home with a large, secure garden and could live with older children and a calm doggy companion. She is rather gorgeous!

Daisy (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Sadly, dear Daisy isn’t getting many offers for a cosy retirement home and she so wants a place of her own. She enjoys walks and playing with her tennis balls, not forgetting lots of fuss. Daisy could live with secondary school children as the only pet. Can you help Daisy?

Buffy (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Poor Buffy hates being in kennels and often hides away from the visitors. If only she knew this was harming her chances of getting out of there. Gorgeous Buffy has a love of adventure so is looking for a secure home, plus cuddles!

Dottie (Dogs4Rescue, Manchester)

Dottie is a dainty little lady who loves to nap. She’s sweet and affectionate and adores people. She’s not keen on all dogs, but when she finds one she does like she will cuddle up to them as closely as possible. Cute!

Sunny (Rescue Remedies, Surrey

Sweet Sunny is a Fox/Jack Russell Terrier Cross whose family emigrated and is now looking for a quiet retirement home. He happily plays with toys and loves getting strokes and tummy rubs. He walks well and has enjoyed social walks with other dogs.

Tiny (Mayhew Animal Home, NW London)

Terrier Tiny is a very affectionate lady and loves human company. She gets stressed in kennels so she is looking for a foster/forever home asap. She’s sociable with other dogs and could potentially live with a cat. Any dog-savvy children over 10 years old would be welcome to play with.

Chanel (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Oodles of character in a little package, Chanel is a fantastic Terrier girl who is equal parts feisty and soppy! She is looking for a child-free home and owners who are used to nervous dogs. She’s super affectionate when she trusts you and always ready for walkies!

Lewi (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Cutie boy Lewi is half Pug, half Jack Russell and altogether adorable. He loves a cuddle (or “cwtch” to him). He wants to be the only pet at home but is fine meeting other dogs on walks. He’s an all-round steady little dog who will be an easy-going, loving companion.

Romeo and Juliet (RSPCA Lancashire East Branch)

Adorable Romeo and Juliet are a bonded pair of Staffies who love nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. They are looking for an adult home with someone around for most of the time and as the only pets. Can you give Romeo and Juliet their loving home?

Tinks (Private rehoming, Essex)

18/10/2023 **Reserved**
Tinks is an affectionate little girl who loves a game of ball and a nice snuggle with you on the sofa. She’s looking for a quiet home as your only dog and would be happy to have grandchildren visit.

Roxy (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Old Windsor)

Super Staffie Roxy is a friendly, fun and affectionate lady looking for a rural home. She enjoys lots of fuss with her favourite people and playing with tennis balls. Roxy would like to be the only pet in a home with a garden and where any children are teenagers

Sally (RSPCA West Norfolk Branch, Kings Lynn)

Sally is just the sweetest Staffie lady who came into rescue in a sorry state. She’s now blossomed into a puppy again and ready for a loving home with lots of cuddles. She’s good with dogs but would like to be the only pet and can live with children aged 10+.

Joy (Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue)

Sweet but sassy Joy is affectionate with her people, although she prefers men to women. She wants an adult-only home with no other pets. She’s OK with most dogs on walks. She’s an adorable little lady who is partial to treats and loves her toys!

Belle (Mayhew, NW London)

Adorable Belle is shy at first but she loves a fuss from those she trusts. She avoids other dogs on walks and wants to be the only pet in an adult only home. She likes playing with her toys, walks and just being with her people. She’s a sweetheart!

Bobby (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Bobby is desperate to find his perfect forever home. He loves his walks and cuddles once he trusts you, living in a quiet home with no children. He’d be happy as the only dog but okay with a quiet companion. It’s time for Bobby to go home.

Toby (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Cute little Toby is a Terrier-lover’s dream. He can live with older children but wants to be the only pet at home. He has the enthusiasm of a young Patterdale but will happily potter along on walks, sometimes with dogs friends, and won’t drag his human through bushes after squirrels!

Buster (Animal Action Trust, fostered Essex)

Cutie boy Buster loves to snuggle up to his person almost as much as he loves playing fetch! He wants to be an only pet at home. He’s good with visiting children as he’s all about love and fun. He likes pottering in the garden and he loves treats!

Lady and Sugar (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Lady and Sugar are lovely mother and daughter Jack Russells. They are a bonded pair who would love a quiet retirement home together. Lady and Sugar could live with older children but would prefer to be the only pets and will make perfect companions.

Mika (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Mika is a proper Terrier in that he’s super affectionate with his friends, amusingly busy on walks and will chase anything small and quick. He can live with other dogs but definitely not cats! He’s cheerful, loving and always entertaining. He just needs to know he truly belongs again.