SadieSSCfeat Sadie (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Staffordshire)

Sadie is a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier who would love to find her new home. She is 11 years young and is a very loving and affectionate lady. She would love a home where she is the only dog and cannot live with a cat. She is fine with children, so could live with children over 8 years old. Could you give this wonderful girl a loving home where she can enjoy a long and happy retirement?

patch calder Patch (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Affectionate and clever, Patch is a big softie who loves people and having lots of attention and cuddles. He loves to show off his tricks and just to be part of a family. Patch needs to be an only dog, but he loves children of all ages and is great with them.

Yoda 1 Yoda (Leicester Animal Aid)

Yoda is such a happy and friendly little lad who loves his toys and lots of cuddles. He enjoys playing so could live in a home with teenage children and possibly another dog. Yoda doesn’t like the cold so is looking forward to his cosy, new home soon.

VictorSSCfeat Victor (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Derbyshire)

Victor is a very sweet 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He would love a new home where he will be the only dog and cannot live with a cat. He would be ok to live with older dog savvy children over 12. He would love to find a quieter home where he can enjoy a long and happy retirement. Could you give this lovely lad his forever home?

MaisieRRDR03 Maisie (Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue, kennelled Surrey)

Maisie is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is around 8 years old. She is looking for a home where she will be the only dog and cannot live with a cat. She gets on fine with children, so may be able to live with older mature children. She loves going for walks and will make a wonderful companion. Could you give this beautiful girl her forever home?

MissySeniorSASRfeat Missy (Staffie and Stray Rescue, Dorset)

Missy is a gorgeous brindle and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is 9 years old and is a very gentle and affectionate lady. She would love a new home where she is the only dog, but is ok to live with cats. She gets on great with children and would make a wonderful family pet. Missy would love to find a new owner who will give her a loving new home. Is that you?

JackFoalFarmfeat Jack (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Jack is a very sweet gentle lad who would love to find a new home. He is 9 years old and is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who loves being with people. He is looking for a home without any other dogs, cats or children and would prefer a home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. Could you give this gorgeous boy his forever home?

ArthurFoalFarm01 Arthur (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Arthur is a very sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross lad who is looking for his forever home. He is 7 years old and is such a sweet gentle boy who adores plenty of fuss and affection. He gets on great with other dogs, so could happily be homed with another dog, but cannot live with a cat. He will make a wonderful companion, so could you give him his new home?

MalibuBHDRfeat Malibu (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)

Gorgeous Malibu is a lovely 12 year old Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is such a sweet girl who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. She loves people of all ages and could also live with another quieter male dog. She is looking for someone who is around most of the time to keep her company. Can you give this wonderful girl her new home?

LucyDK9Rfeat Lucy (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Lucy is a gorgeous 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She has a lovely smiley face and is a real sweetheart who loves being with people. She is a gentle girl who enjoys going for walks and walks beautifully on the lead. Please can you give this lovely girl a new home?

RomeoSSCSmile Romeo (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Stafford)

26/01/2016 – Gorgeous Romeo is now reserved:)
Romeo is a friendly staffy boy who walks nicely on a lead. He is fine with dogs and could live with a calm one. Romeo has wobbly back legs and can only have short walks so would be ideal for you if you prefer to spend more time cuddling your dog than walking it!

TyeFace2 Tye (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Tye is a gorgeous lad who would love an active, family home where he won’t be left on his own for too long. He is very happy to live with children and he loves his walks. Could Tye come to live with you please?

SamNewWalksStick Sam (Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, Bradford)

Sam’s homeless owner found a home, but this made Sam homeless! He’s a great dog who loves to carry sticks on walks and is happy to meet dogs outside. He’s good in the car, housetrained, and can be left on his own for a while. He loves people and is a joy to have around. So why is poor Sam still homeless?

KashaNAWT Kasha (NAWT, Berkshire)

Kasha is a large, gentle lady who was found as a stray. She enjoys steady walks and is OK with dogs, but would like to be the only dog in her new home. She can live with children aged 12+. Could you offer her a new home? 11/2/16 – Still waiting!

marley senior 2 Marley (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester)

Marley is a cheeky, happy and loving little chap who gives the best kisses! He absolutely adores people and will hop up in your lap for a cuddle. Marley can live with older children. He still has plenty of life in him and he loves going for walks. 1/2/16 – Still waiting!

bill1 Bill (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester)

Red Staffy Bill with his frosty face was thankfully saved at the last minute from the pound. He’s a nervous and scared boy at the moment but will form a bond quickly once he knows and trusts you. Bill would prefer a quiet, adult home without any other pets, though he’s okay with other dogs when walking. He would love to be back In a home with owners he loves and trusts. 1/2/16 Still waiting

alfie danaher 2 Alfie (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Aflie is a fun-loving, playful boy who has plenty of Staffy spirit! He loves playing and going for walks, but also chilling out on the sofa with you having a fuss. He loves everyone with the exception of cats and will make a great family dog. 22/1/16 Alfie is still waiting

RockyLiverpool Rocky (RSPCA Liverpool Branch)

Poor Rocky is in rescue after being the victim of cruelty. Despite this, he is the happiest, most affectionate boy you could wish to meet! He could live with children aged 12+ and also with a friendly dog, given a slow introduction. Could you provide the happy ending to Rocky’s sad tale? 21/1/16 Still waiting for a home

HarveyPawCrop Harvey (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

After a long wait, cuddly Harvey thought he had found his new home. But he was so scared of the loud bangs of the nearby bird scarers that he couldn’t settle. Harvey needs a home with someone who is active and strong enough to walk him, and who will also spend lots of time cuddling him on the sofa! Do you live in a quiet place that you’d like to share with Harvey? 21/1/16 – Harvey’s still waiting

NuttyBedCrop Not nutty, Nutty (Oldies Club, fostered Northants)

We are so sorry to have to update with the sad news that, after a short illness, Nutty deteriorated dramatically, to the point where she had to be put to sleep to save her any suffering. Our thoughts are with Nutty’s lovely foster carer who had taken such good care of our special girl since she came into the Oldies Club rescue. Sleep tight little Nutty.

poppet Poppet (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcester)

Poppet is true to her name and is a sweet, friendly little girl. She was saved from the pound and is looking for a loving home to call her own. She just loves cuddles all day and is now enjoying her toys and walks. Poppet truly deserves that loving home. 1/2/16 Poppet’s still waiting

BrettBall Brett (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)

Brett is a playful, fun-loving American Bulldog with an adorable cross-eyed look! Brett has waited far too long in rescue, and with having arthritis, he really deserves to have a warm, comfortable home. Birch Hill are offering to pay for Brett’s arthritis medication and age-related medical bills. Could you be the lovely person to offer Brett the home he’s been waiting for? 24/1/16 Brett is still waiting

RioSSC09feat Rio (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Bristol)

Rio is a beautiful 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who would love to find his forever home. He is an active lad who loves going for walks and playing with his toys. He adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and would prefer somewhere where someone is around most of the time. How can you resist this gorgeous boy! 21/1/16 Still waiting for a home

ZackSSC06feat Zack (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Fife)

Zack is a sweet little Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is 9 years old. He would love to find a quieter new home where he will get plenty of walks. He could live with children over 10, but would be best as an only dog. Could you give Sid his forever home? 21/1/16 Still waiting for a home

JenNorthEast Jen (Adopt a Dog North East, Durham)

Jen is a sweet, mild-mannered lady who just wants to chill out and relax with her forever family. She only needs moderate exercise and is seeking a quieter home. Jen can live with children and another calm dog. Can she move in with you? 21/1/16 Jen’s still waiting

jonesyNew Jonesy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Jonesy is a fabulous, affectionate German Shepherd x Terrier boy who is looking for an active home. He’s a clever lad who would love his new owner to continue his training and teach him new things. Jonesy loves cuddles and tummy rubs too! Could you offer him a fun home? 21/1/16 Still waiting!

BenjiARCFace Benji (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Handsome Benji gets worried about other dogs so would like a rural home where he won’t need to meet lots of dogs. He’d like his new owner to be home a lot of the time and give him loads of cuddles. Could you offer Benji and his soulful eyes a quiet pet-free home and a settled routine? 18/1/16 Still waiting for a home

Fit for a goddess, here is Venus relaxing  in her newly decorated kennel Venus (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Attention ladies! If you are looking for a loving, playful and cuddly companion to share your sofa and snuggle with you in bed, Venus is ready to hear from you. Venus has plenty of charisma, affection and playfulness to go along with her good looks. She loves giving lots of kisses and playing with her ball. She would like a female owner and to be your one and only. Please don’t let this beauty get any older in kennels! 17/1/16 Still waiting!

MeganDNDogs2 Megan (SNDogs, fostered Gloucestershire)

Isn’t Megan beautiful? She is sweet and affectionate too, yet she’s been waiting two years for a new home of her own! She is quiet and clean in the home, can be left for up to 4 hours and can live with children aged 10+. Could you be the person Megan is waiting for? 8/1/16 Megan is still waiting

ralph foal Ralph (Foal Farm, Kent)

Poor Ralph hasn’t had the best of lives so far and he needs to find a nice home ASAP. He needs a special, understanding owner who will help him settle into his new home. Ralph really deserves some home comforts! Can you help this sweet, sad boy? 8/1/16 Ralph is still waiting