Mike (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Want a best friend who thinks you’re fascinating, loves your company and will do anything you ask if you have a treat in your hand? Then look no further than Mike! He wants to be the only pet in an adult only home… with tennis balls, toys and treats! Please help Mike by sharing his page!

Terry (Leicester Animal Aid)

Terry is an adorable Staffie who’s such a happy chappy looking for a pet-free home where he will get lots of love and fuss, in fact he’ll nudge you for more! He enjoys short walks and is happy with older children. A forever home for Christmas is his wish.

Digby (South East Dog Rescue, fostered Kent)

Digby is a very sweet boy who, sadly, has spent most of his life in kennels. He would love to find a quiet, rural home with an experienced owner and without children or visiting children or any other animals. He enjoys his walks and toys and can be left. Digby just needs a forever home now.

Mike (RSPCA Preston & District Branch)

Mike is a handsome Staffie boy who just loves cuddles, fuss and kisses despite being abandoned. He’s still full of life and enjoys his walks. Mike is looking for a pet-free home where any children are aged 16+. He really deserves the best forever home ever.

Ewan (Safe Rescue, fostered Berkshire)

Ewan is a loving, medium Crossbreed saved from the streets. Once he knows you, he will shower you with love and affection. He’s fine with cats and gets on with most dogs but would like his owners all to himself. It’s time this loving gent had a cosy home.

Peter (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Peter is quite a character, despite being a bit timid. He needs encouragement to get up and go for walkies sometimes. He really likes his comfort! He loves other dogs and wants at least one doggy pal at home. He’s only recently started to learn that life is fun.

Ciao (The Little Rescue, fostered Hertfordshire)

Ciao’s big wish is to be snuggled up in his new home for Christmas. He would love a retirement home with a walk every day and a cosy place to snooze in. Ciao can live with other dogs but probably not cats. Can you make Ciao’s wish come true?

Gemma (Kent Greyhound Rescue)

Gemma is a lovely, laid-back Greyhound lady who is looking for a quiet home where she can relax and be loved. She is good with other dogs and will make a lovely and funny companion.

Polly (Cloud K9 Rescue, fostered Worcestershire)

Polly is a gentle, loving lady now enjoying the comforts of a foster home in the U.K. She’s house-trained and can be left. Polly prefers the company of small dogs but is fine with all dogs outside, though no cats please. She’s a cuddly girl who will be your constant companion.

Geordie (Animal Adoption International, fostered N. London)

28/10/2020 – Geordie has been reserved! Good luck lovely boy!
This sweet old boy is steady, affectionate and relishes all of life’s little joys. He’d be happy living with other friendly dogs but not cats and he wants an adult-only home for the sake of his napping schedule. He’s an all-round lovely-head!

Daniel (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Daniel is a handsome Collie Cross now in foster care after years on the streets of Romania. He’s a shy boy but is starting to enjoy a fuss and his walks. Daniel could live as an only pet or with a female dog and shows no interest in cats.

Scott (Safe Rescue, fostered Essex)

Lovely, soft-natured Scott is a timid boy who needs a human or two who will help him overcome his fears at his own pace. He needs to live with another dog and is fine with cats. He’s had a tough time but he’s now ready to consider the possibility that life could be nice.

Dawson (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Dawson loves cuddles and a tummy rub once he bonds with you but is nervous of new people, especially men. He’s calm, quiet and enjoys his walks. Dawson needs owners prepared to continue building his confidence, guide him and love him.

Dave (Romanian Rescue Appeal, kennelled York)

Dave is a lovely dog who is adapting to life off the streets. He loves home comforts and a bed near the fire is his idea of heaven. He needs an adult-only home and an experienced owner as he’s still learning about being walked on a lead.

Archie (Active Animals Rescue & Rehab, Essex)

This handsome man with the ears is Archie. He’s only seven and he’s a collie, so virtually a pup! He needs a child-free, cat-free home as either your only dog or with placid female dogs. You must have collie experience, love walks and have an understanding attitude.

Theo (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Theo needs a special saviour to show him lots of love and kindness and the way to a wonderful, new life. He was rescued from a Romanian shelter a very sad and traumatised boy, but is slowly beginning to flourish. He can live with or without dogs and has happily lived with a cat.

Xena (National Animal Welfare Trust, Cornwall)

Do you want a fun best friend who understands everything you say and thinks you’re amazing? Xena is super intelligent and will keep you amused as long as you keep the tennis balls coming. She needs an adult-only home, in Cornwall, with lots of outdoor space, toys and love!

Branny (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

2/8/20 – Branny has been reserved!
Funny-eared, waggy-tailed Branny is a playful and loving boy who just wants a quiet, adult-only home and a happy life of walkies and sofa snuggles. He likes a game of fetch and loves learning new things for treats. With those expressive ears, he’s probably the world’s best listener!

Charlie (Poodles In Need, Oxford)

Charlie is a friendly, sunny-hearted chap who is good with other dogs and older children. He’s well behaved and bright as a button, as you’d expect from a Poodle. He still has lots of energy for walks and is adorable!