Terrific Tess (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

02/01/18 Sadly Tess took a turn for the worse over the Christmas period and has now sadly passed away. Tess had 9 lovely months in her foster home. Sleep tight lovely girl —————————————————————————————————————————– Tess is a lovely 17 year old Border Collie who came into Oldies Club in March 2017 due to her owner’s declining … Continue reading Terrific Tess (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

Wonderful Wonky Stiggy Wiggy (Oldies Club, fostered Suffolk)

Adorable little Stig was a cute little Terrier lad who was around 13 years old when he arrived in the Oldies Care. Sadly he arrived with a poorly heart and it was not known how long he would be with us. His wonderful foster family fell in love with him and his passing leaves a huge hole in all their hearts :(

Emily (RSPCA Bryn y Maen Animal Centre, fostered North Wales)

13/3/17 – We are very sad to hear that lovely Emily recently became very unwell and the rescue had to say goodbye to her. She had just been offered a new home too. The RSPCA said: “We are very grateful to her fosterers who have surrounded her with love, comfort and happiness for her last few weeks. Emily was safe and very happy and we cannot ask for more than that. Run free dear Emily.” :(

Angel Megan (Oldies Club)

Mega was with us for such a brief time, but she touched so many hearts. We are so grateful to her lovely foster carers for giving Megan a loving, comfortable home for her last days.

Marti, Oldies Club, sponsor dog, rescue dog Marvellous Marti (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

Marti is a gorgeous crossbreed boy aged around 11-12, who came into Oldies Club care in the summer of 2016 when his person very sadly passed away. He had lived with his previous owner all his life, but thankfully settled well into his foster home.

The tragedy of Toby (Oldies Club, fostered Lancashire)

Toby arrived in foster care and it quickly became clear that he had very serious health problems. After examination by the vet, who confirmed that Toby was in a lot of pain and couldn’t be saved, he was put to sleep in his poor foster carer’s arms. Our thoughts are with Toby and his lovely foster carer. :(

Pretty Penny (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

Penny’s adopter very sadly passed away in 2016 and so Penny came back into Oldies Club care. Her records show that she is now 22 years old(!) and due to her age and a number of health issues, we felt it was in Penny’s best interest for her to be placed in our sponsor dog scheme, which means she will stay in her wonderful forever-foster home for the rest of her life, with Oldies Club covering her vet bills.

Tiggy (1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, Buckinghamshire)

1/7/16 We are so sad to hear that poor Tiggy was nearer the end of her life than was thought and she has now passed away. The saddest thing is that some lovely people had offered Tiggy a home and were due to pick her up today. :( Sleep tight, Tiggy.

Brandy (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

1 June 2017 – We just had this sad update: Unfortunately, we lost Brandy very suddenly, he was out walking with his foster dad early Sunday morning when he collapsed. It was his heart and the vets could not save Brandy so he has made his journey over the rainbow bridge bless him, he’s very much missed.

Kasha (NAWT, Berkshire)

1/9/16 – Sad news, Kasha had to be put to sleep as she was losing the battle against cancer which had spread quickly into her back legs and hip.

Casper (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Stafford)

21/02/2016 – Casper found his home 6 weeks ago but he started having fits last week. He had a fit last night and was taken to the vet. While he was sedated, they found a brain tumour and his ownerss had to make the difficult decision to let him go. At least he got to live out his last few days in a warm, loving home.

Not nutty, Nutty (Oldies Club, fostered Northants)

We are so sorry to have to update with the sad news that, after a short illness, Nutty deteriorated dramatically, to the point where she had to be put to sleep to save her any suffering. Our thoughts are with Nutty’s lovely foster carer who had taken such good care of our special girl since she came into the Oldies Club rescue. Sleep tight little Nutty.

Amy (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Notts)

22/10/2015 Amy went to the vets today to check her eye and teeth – very sadly, they said that she wouldn’t survive the operation that she needed and recommended to let her go while she was with them. So we are devastated to say that Amy has been put to sleep this morning.

Max (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

3/12/15 – Sad news today from Dogs Trust: ‘Sorry to bring you the sad news that Max our 11 year old Kelpie crossbreed has passed away. He was with his favourite carer, our Assistant Manager Kerrie. He had an illness but left in true fashion of avoiding a vet visit and had a morning walk and play with his best friend Biscuit. We are all devastated about this.’ Sleep well, old boy.

Megan, an angel (Oldies Club, fostered Wales)

We are so very sad to say that poor Megan has been hit by a car and killed whilst walking with her foster carer late at night. Our thoughts are with Megan’s fosterer who is understandably devastated. Sleep tight beautiful Megan; you will never be forgotten :(

Mysterious Millie (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

10/02/2016 – Millie has sadly passed away :(
Little Millie is something of an enigma and likes to be a lady of mystery, until she forgets herself for a moment and has a mad burst of playfulness or affection! Millie is a joy to get to know, but don’t rush her or expect her to want cuddles. Millie likes calm dogs and can live with older children. Oh, and her tail is said to resemble that of a platypus!

Lovely Leo (Oldies Club Sponsor Dog)

Lovely Leo is an adorable 16-year-old American Cocker Spaniel boy, who came into the care of Oldies Club in 2015. Due to Leo’s age and health concerns, we made the decision to place him in our Oldies Club sponsor dog scheme, which means he stays in his foster home on a permanent basis, with the charity covering his vet bills for the rest of his life.

Bob (Animal Care Lancaster)

1/11/15 Sad news from Animal Care Lancaster – Bob has had to be put to sleep as his health had deteriorated in the past few weeks, and especially the past few days.

Tilly (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

13/9/15 We’re very sad to hear that Tilly passed away suddenly in her kennel overnight. Thankfully it seems that she simply went to sleep and didn’t wake up, so it would have been peaceful. Sleep tight beautiful Tilly.

Chocolate Cookie (Oldies Club, fostered Surrey)

7/4/15 We are devastated to have to say that Cookie suddenly became very seriously ill, and despite care at a specialist hospital, she passed away. Such a tragic outcome and our hearts go out to Cookie’s fosterer-adopter, who is completely heartbroken :(