Laddie (Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, fostered Cumbria)

19/11/17 – Brilliant news from Lakeland Trailhound Welfare: ‘I am delighted to tell you that Laddie Trailhound has been adopted. He now lives on a Scottish island with 2 cats. The adopter saw him on the Oldies Club website. So THANK YOU for your support and help with finding him a home.”

Sebby (Labrador Rescue North West)

15.10.11 We just heard the very sad news that Sebby has to be put to sleep. He was in extreme pain and had no quality of life so the decision had to be made to prevent him from suffering any further. Everyone at Lab Rescue North West is heartbroken but hopefully Sebby has been reunited with his beloved owner. Run free, Sebby.

Jemma (Liverpool Dog Rescue 1990)

3/6/2012 Sad news from Liverpool Dog Rescue – Jemma had a growth on her leg which was getting progressively worse so her family made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. Jemma was being rehomed by Liverpool Dog Rescue, but was fortunately still with her family and therefore with people she knew and loved. Sleep tight Jemma :(

Joey (Animal Care, Lancaster)

18/12/11 We’ve heard the very sad news that Joey’s seizures increased to the point that they were happening constantly and so the sad decision was made to let him go. Sleep tight Joey. :(

Britta (Private rehoming, Manchester)

31/12/09 We’ve had some sad news from Britta’s owner. Unfortunately Britta became ill recently and her condition deteriorated, so her owner had to make the awful decision of having her put to sleep :( Rest in peace Britta, free from pain.

Sheba (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

29/10/2011 Some sad news from Dogs Trust – Sheba collapsed yesterday and sadly there was nothing that could be done for her. We are so, so sad to lose our lovely girl as she has been like one of the family for so many years! Sleep tight Sheba :(

Josie (Dogs Home, Manchester)

21.1.11 Beautiful Josie enjoyed two fun filled years with her loving new family. Sadly, she then developed an inoperable liver tumour and the decision had to be made to let her go to sleep peacefully and with dignity. Sleep tight, little Josie xx