Sponsor an Oldie

*21 December 2016: Please note that the posting of sponsor packs will now resume in late December/early January. We are unable to issue any more packs before Christmas.

Thank you to all those who have sponsored an oldie this Christmas. Sponsor packs were posted ahead of Royal Mail’s advised last posting dates for all those whose donation/info was provided as requested by 5 December.

Thank you for your understanding and helping to keep things as stress-free as possible for our volunteer at this busy time of year.*

If you are looking for a special present for a dog lover, or to treat yourself, please consider sponsoring one of our oldies 🙂

Oldies Club is very pleased to announce that it has introduced a car sticker to the sponsor dog pack! This is a design unique to the sponsor dog scheme and if you don’t have a car, you can stick it inside a house window etc., with the design facing outwards. Future sponsor packs will now include the car sticker along with the existing sponsor certificate and personalised letter from your chosen ‘oldie’ upon receipt of the minimum suggested donation (or more of course, which is always very welcome).

Oldies Club, sponsor dog, dog rescue, car sticker, sponsor pack, Christmas

This is our wonderful new car sticker, lovingly designed by Aura, the very talented artist and designer at Animal Portraits by Aura.


Sometimes Oldies Club takes in dogs who, because of the physical or emotional damage they have suffered, or due to terminal illness, cannot be rehomed. In these cases, which have sadly become more frequent, we endeavour to provide long-term foster placements with experienced carers who will ensure these oldies know a loving, secure home for their final years.

To select the oldie you’d like to sponsor, see our current sponsor dogs listed here (please note that only the dogs listed on that page are available to sponsor).

If you decide to sponsor one of our oldies, you will receive a sponsor pack containing a certificate, a personalised letter from your sponsor dog pal (which includes several photos of the dog) and our new sponsor dog car sticker.

Find out more about our sponsor dogs in the Sponsor a Special Oldie category.

Sponsor a Dog by Paypal

Our suggested minimum donation for sponsor dogs is £15 per year, but of course more is very welcome and appreciated. If you are making a donation by Paypal, please send the payment to paypal@oldies.org.uk or click on the Make A Donation button above. Please make sure you include your postal address, email address and a note that this is a sponsorship donation, so we can send you your sponsor pack. Please forward your PayPal receipt to Angela at f@oldies.org.uk with all the relevant information, as detailed below, required for the pack.

We are very happy for you to sponsor an oldie as a gift for someone living outside of the UK, but due to problems with packs not arriving when sent overseas, we will require a UK postal address to send the sponsor pack to. You would then need to post the pack onto the recipient yourself, at your cost.

If you live outside of the UK and would like to sponsor an oldie, we would love to hear from you – but please note, due to the reason given above, that the sponsor pack will be sent by email, as pdf files for you to keep/print yourself.

If you would like to make your donation by bank transfer, please email Angela at f@oldies.org.uk for the details.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque/postal order*, please make the cheque payable to Oldies Club and send it to our treasurer at:

49A Kinross Close
Cinnamon Brow
Cheshire WA2 0UT

Please include a note advising that this is to sponsor an oldie and include your name and postal address along with an email address so that we can contact you.

When submitting your information, please let us know:

if the sponsor pack is for a present (please state Birthday or Christmas if applicable).

the name of the dog(s) you wish to sponsor.

the name(s) of the recipients as you would like them to appear on the sponsor certificate/letter (including surnames if you wish them to be included).

the name(s) of the person the gift is from (including multiple names if applicable), as you would like it to appear on the sponsor letter.

where you would like the pack to be sent (please advise if this is your address or the recipient’s). Please include an email address for the recipient too,  if possible.

If you are sponsoring an oldie as a gift for a child, please state this in your information, along with the approximate age of the child, so any text can be amended accordingly.

You are also welcome to sponsor a dog for yourself, of course :-)

We aim to despatch the sponsor pack as quickly as possible but please advise when making your donation, if the gift is required for a particular date and we will do our best, depending on the timeframe of course.

Sponsor a Dog by Standing Order or Bank Transfer

Make a regular monthly or quarterly donation to sponsor a dog by standing order, or a one-off donation by bank transfer here. Please include YOUR contact email address, even if this is a gift for someone else, when submitting a form to us, so that we can contact you if we need to. Please ensure that your completed form is submitted to your bank, where appropriate.

Please submit all sponsor related information by email to Angela at f@oldies.org.uk. You can also contact Angela with any queries relating to the sponsor scheme.

Thank you!

***To select the oldie you’d like to sponsor, see our current sponsor dogs listed here.***

If you don’t wish to sponsor a dog – please consider making a donation to our Vet Fund Appeal instead 🙂


*Don’t forget Gift Aid*

If you are a UK taxpayer and you make a donation, please consider completing our Gift Aid form. This enables us to claim an extra 25 pence, from the Inland Revenue, for each pound you donate.


Oldies Club is extremely grateful to those who have sponsored one of our Oldies and appreciates every donation.

Vet bills differ for each dog in Oldies Club care and we wish to make sure that all donations received, can be used in full. Therefore, should the donations exceed the vet bills for a particular dog, the charity reserves the right to use a sponsor donation for another dog in Oldies Club care, if appropriate, rather than seeing your generous donation wasted.