Bella (East Anglia Dog Rescue)

Bella is a beauty who can live with children and dog-savvy cats! She’d like to be your only dog. Bella is fine to be left on her own for a few hours and she is a joy to have around the home. What are you waiting for?

Boomer Boomer (East Anglia Dog Rescue)

Boomer is a beautiful blue Staffy Cross who needs to find a new family to love. He is good with medium-sized or large dogs and can live with older children. Boomer loves cuddles. Do you have cuddles going spare?

Sandy (All Animals Rescue and Rehoming, fostered Essex)

Her foster carer says soppy Sandy is the most wonderful dog ever to meet and foster. She just wants to please and be on your lap for lots of cuddles. Sandy is great on and off-lead and is brilliant with other dogs and children. Sandy has a kind, loving heart and would make a perfect family pet.

Apple (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Lovely Apple will make her lucky new owners the perfect companion, especially if they like playing, receiving kisses and going for lots of long walks. She adores people of all ages and is good with other dogs too. Will you be the lucky person who will take her home?

Bear (Ali’s Hope For Dogs, Norfolk)

Bear has a beautiful face and a temperament to match. Now in foster care in the UK, her love for life has blossomed and she is one amazing, lovely dog who takes this new life in her stride. She can live with other dogs and older children; she just wants lots of special time with her humans.

Macy & Snoop (RSPCA Macclesfield)

Macy and Snoop each have all the love and enthusiasm of your average dog, concentrated in a lap-sized package! They hope to find a pet free home together. After a busy day of whizzing about, they’d like to snuggle up to you in front of the fire.

Priscilla (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Beautiful Priscilla has had a troubled past, making her timid of humans and, frankly, bossy with the other dogs in her foster home! She’s gradually learning how nice it is to be loved. A peaceful home, with people who are kind and understanding for this lovely lady please!

Fetita (Ali’s Hope For Dogs, Norfolk)

After years of hardship, Fetita has transformed into the perfect lady now enjoying home comforts in the U.K. Nothing fazes her; she loves her humans, young and old, and she’s good with cats and dogs. She’s just lapping up every second of her new life. A forever home would fulfil her dreams.

Poppy (RSPCA Westmorland, Cumbria)

This little bundle of loveliness is Poppy and she’s a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Poppy is full of fun, loves her walks and is great on the lead. If you’re looking for an affectionate and obedient little companion, Poppy could be the one for you.

Bindi (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Gloucestershire)

Unbelievably, this pretty little lady has been waiting in rescue for a whole year! This might be because she was poorly on arrival and needed lots of vet treatment. But she’s so much better now and is so ready to find a settled home. Could Bindi be your new friend?

Sandy (Rushton Dog Rescue, Somerset)

“What a gorgeous dog!” – is something you’ll be hearing a lot if you become Sandy’s soul mate. She’ll enjoy going for nice walks with you every day, as well as adorning your home and garden with her splendour. She wants a peaceful retirement of happy times and loveliness!

Oscar (Carla Lane Animals in Need, Liverpool)

Sadly Oscar came into rescue having been badly neglected. Despite this, he still has so much love to give and loves a cuddle. He’s looking for an adult, pet-free home to get all the attention he truly deserves. It’s time he had a wonderful home.

Rags and Misty (RSPCA Derby & District Branch)

Rags is 17 and, along with best friend Misty, faces a cold winter in kennels unless a lovely person offers them a new home together. They are a super pair of Jack Russells, good with dogs and children, and just want a warm, comfortable home to snuggle up in. Perhaps you could help?

Rio (Rushton Dog Rescue, Somerset)

Ta da! Rio is here to entertain you! He likes cuddles with his human and he really loves his walks. He’s good with other dogs he meets but wants to be an only pet at home. His love and funny character are expansive enough to fill a whole house!

Teala (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Teala is a gorgeous Labrador Cross who has been waiting far too long for that lovely home. She’s very loving, friendly, affectionate and typically just loves her food. A pet-free home where any children are older would be perfect so she can have all the cuddles she deserves.

Gizmo (Rehoming Animal Telephone Service, Hertfordshire)

If feisty little Terriers are your thing and you’d like to help a particularly needy one, please give Gizmo a chance. Gizmo is full of fun and although he’s eight years old he has loads of energy. He loves people, but needs an experienced home where he can be the only dog.

Louis (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Louis is a stunning blue Weimaraner looking for a home through no fault of his own. He is active and loves his playtime and walks, though he likes some peace too. Louis would prefer a home with older children and could possibly live with cats, but he likes to be the only dog for all the fuss. What a handsome lad!

Smokey B (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

Dignified chap, Smokey B, is putting his best foot forward and giving you a coy smile. He only wants gentle potters, not big walks, and he needs a nice grassy lawn to roll around on! Smokey B can potentially live with calm dogs and children.

Jen (Waifs and Strays Dog Rescue, East Sussex)

Sweet Jen is a cute, tiny Jack Russell/Chihuahua who is extremely loving and loyal; she just wants to be with you. She’s perfectly house-trained and gets on well with other dogs, preferably female. Jen is just gentle soul needing a loving home.

Lacey (Animal Action Trust, fostered Essex)

Fluffsome Lacey is a quiet lady who gets on well with other dogs, cats and older children. She’s had a tiring life and now just wants peace, love and a settled routine… where she’ll be chauffered to the park everyday in style!

Stella (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered London)

When she’s not snuggled under a blanket for a snooze, little Stella loves a game of ball or to play with her toys. She’d like to be your only pet in a child-free home. She’s fine on her own for a couple of hours, and she travels nicely on the bus!

Mutley (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered London)

Mutley is simply a charming, happy, gentleman Labrador who needs a new home full of love and pampering. He can be rehomed with another gentle dog or as an only dog and can live with older children. Mutley is clean and non-destructive when left. He’s such a super lad.

Laddy & Joey (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Surrey)

These Lhasa Apso lovelies are Laddy and Joey and they need a home where they’ll have company for most of the day. Laddy and Joey are happy, well balanced boys who mix well with other dogs and are no trouble in the home. Do you have room in your heart for them?

Albita (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

It’s astonishing that Labrador cross Albita has been waiting for her forever home for so long! She’s gentle, loving, good with other dogs and sensible children. She loves her walks and is always well behaved. The only explanation is that the fates have reserved her for the extra special person reading this appeal right now!

Jim (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

Jim promises to bring some Whippet sunshine into your home. He is a sweet, loving boy who needs a quiet home where he won’t be left on his own much. He can live with dogs, and children aged 8+. Jim seems to be deaf but is otherwise tickety-boo!

Pepe (RSPCA Northamptonshire)

Pepe the Poodle is ever so slightly cute! He’s loving, cheeky and really enjoys his walks. He has a few medical issues and needs an owner who can give him TLC. He can be adopted or fostered long term. He’ll repay your kindness with all the love and joy you could wish for!

Vandanna (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Vandanna is a lovely natured girl despite her former hard life in Romania. She’s impeccably well behaved in her foster home with several other dogs. Ideally though, she wants a home where she’s the only dog, so she can be the focus of all the love and fuss she deserves!

Crystal (Friends of Akitas Trust, Derbyshire)

Crystal is a beautiful, creamy Akita with a very sweet, adaptable and loving character. Being such a peaceful soul, she can live with other dogs, cats and older children. Crystal does not need much exercise and just loves snuggling up. She’s just perfect.

Rodney (Essex Greyhound Rescue)

Rodney has spent too long waiting for his own home, so he’s putting on his best “Please Adopt Me!” face. Rodney is 7 years old and if you give him fuss and cuddles he’ll love you forever! Rodney is great with all people and can live with children.

Blue & Skye (Almost Home Dog Rescue, North Wales)

These two perfect Lurcher gents are Blue and Skye and they need a home together. They’d like plenty of nice walks please, and lots of fuss and cuddles from their new family. Blue and Skye could live with older children and they’re good with cats and other dogs.

Bairn (Hilbrae Rescue Kennels, Shropshire)

Poor old Bairn has found himself in kennels at the grand age of 13. He was in a bit of a state, but is much better now and is keeping his paws crossed that someone will adopt him soon. Bairn is still playful and loves his walks and he could probably live with a female canine companion.

Indy (Safe Rescue, fostered West Midlands)

If you’re an active person and want an older dog for company, you might want to try Indy. She’s 7 years old, but needs lots of exercise and is a dream to walk. Indy is very good around people and other dogs, and could possibly live with a confident cat.

Charlie (Leicester Animal Aid)

Charmer Charlie, as he’s known, is a true gent and has a personality that can’t be faulted. He loves toys and enjoys learning, but, most of all, he loves his people. Charlie could live with a compatible dog in an adult home where there are lots of cuddles on offer. He’s a handsome chap.

Billie (Leicester Animal Aid)

Cute Jack Russell Billie is an affectionate little lady who will always greet you with a wagging tail and plenty of kisses. She’d love a home with older teenagers whom she could snuggle with and be the centre of attention as the only pet. She’s such a happy soul.

Misty (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Kent)

08/09/17 – Misty has been reserved!
Misty is a bit of a rarity for her breed, she’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a nice healthy heart! Misty needs a home where she’ll have plenty of interaction with her family and regular interesting walks. Do you have space for Misty?

Willow (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Essex)

Lovely German Shepherd Willow is looking for a new home through no fault of her own. She is very gentle, takes treats nicely and enjoys a tummy rub. Willows walks well on the lead and is looking for a quiet, pet-free home where any children are older. Can she join your family?

Max (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Want a game of fetch, a nap buddy, someone who’ll listen to you and always agree? Max is the perfect best friend – as long as he’s with you, he’ll be happy. He loves all people, including older children. Max will make you the centre of his world!

Troy (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Happy-boy-Troy is looking for a peaceful home with good company most of the time. He likes to play fetch in the garden or simply sunbathe on the lawn. Walkies and adventures are always jolly but he prefers to avoid other boisterous dogs. Can cheery Troy come and keep you company?

Mimi (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Mimi is very friendly, gentle and affectionate. She just loves human company and is looking for a quiet home where she will have leisurely walks and lots of fuss. Mimi can live with children aged 8+ and possibly another calm dog, but no cats please. She doesn’t ask for much but will give back tenfold.

Cassie (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Adorable Cassie is full of fun and affection! She loves people of all ages and usually gets along with other dogs, although she can be a little picky. She’s looking for a loving, active family to share her life and love with.

Lucky – girl (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

If you love princesses and peanut butter, and have a good strong tennis-ball-launching arm, you could be the person Lucky is waiting to meet. She’d like a quiet home with quiet walks and a nice garden to snooze in. Is that really too much to ask?

Andrew (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Andrew is a charming, tri-pawed Pointer Cross who is looking for a life where he can relax and enjoy home comforts. Life in a Romanian shelter has caused him to be hand shy but he’s getting to know humans can be kind. Andrew gets on well with female dogs. Could you teach him how wonderful life can be?

Lyla (Homeless Hounds, Lancashire)

Lyla is a lovely little lady, still very robust and keen on her walks. She’s great at meeting other dogs when out and about. She’s good in the car too. Basically, she’s the perfect companion for someone who likes walkies and lap cuddles.

Ruby (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Loving and friendly, Ruby is a gorgeous Rottweiler who has been waiting for a loving home for too long. She can live with older children or in an adult-only, pet-free home. She’s very much a people-dog who enjoys her cuddles and walks. Could you make Ruby’s dream of a home come true?

Bo (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Beautiful Bo just loves her humans and also her walks and playtime. She would like to be the only pet in the home though she may be able to live with a dog-savvy cat and any children should be older. She’s such a sweetheart.

Beta (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, Yorkshire)

Gorgeous Beta has that long-haired thing going on! She is a lovely, sweet, affectionate and loyal girl who also loves going for walks and playing fetch. She isn’t keen on other dogs however, but she offers plenty of love just on her own.

Roo (Wythall Animal Sanctuary, Birmingham)

Roo is a cute, cheeky chappy who enjoys his walks and meeting people. He’s friendly and can live with older children and other dogs, but likes to bark at cats. Roo would love some home comforts and a garden to potter in please.

Danny (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, London)

Darling Danny is a fluffy, loyal and loving boy who’s looking for experienced owners to dote on. He can live with older children but he’s not keen on other dogs. He needs help building up his confidence. Bless him! Can you help this beautiful boy?

Mary (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

There’s something about Mary…everyone who meets her loves her and she loves them! She’s placid, tactile, good with other dogs and children. Mary is a warm-hearted lady who always has a smile!

Max (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Essex)

Poor old Max must be feeling a little confused right now. His owner passed away recently, so at 9 years old Max is sadly back in kennels. Max is a friendly boy who walks nicely on the lead and knows his basic commands. Please can you help him?

Tinker (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Leeds)

Red-coated and very handsome, Tinker is a lovely Staffy lad seeking a forever home. He used to live with a female dog and would be fine with older children, but no cats please. He enjoys his walks and home comforts and is a really good boy in the home.

Silvio (Safe Rescue, kennelled Norfolk)

Safe Rescue are pretty pessimistic about Silvio’s chances of finding a home (because he’s big, “plain”, and doesn’t like other animals), but we think someone special out there will want to help him. He’s had a hard life and is so desperate to be loved that he cuddles right in to you so earnestly. Could you offer Silvio that elusive home?

Snout (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Staffordshire)

Adorable Snout is a sprightly Staffy Cross lady and loves her walks. She has lived with a male dog and could possibly live with another submissive male. Snout has a lovely temperament and could live with older children, but she is not used to cats. Would you like a loving companion for country walks and snuggles?

Sweet Little Candy! (Oldies Club, fostered Berkshire)

04/09/17 – Candy has been reserved! To see more like her click here.
Sunny-natured Candy is a Yorkie cross girl who loves a cuddle. She has a puppy-like enthusiasm for life, combined with a mature lady’s fondness for naps. She wants to be a constant companion and can live with other small dogs and older children. Walkies, ball games and lap time for Candy please!

Phoebe (Love Underdogs, Waltham Abbey, Essex)

Phoebe has the most sunny and loving disposition and she brings happiness wherever she goes. She does have some trouble with movement, but is otherwise a happy, loving normal dog who just wants to cuddle and play. Please find out more about beautiful Phoebe!

Luka (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Luka is a tri-paw, but that’s not the only reason he’s in our “other special dogs” category. Luka has suffered terrible abuse and it’s going to take time, patience and a very gentle and kind person to make him feel truly happy and settled. Could you be that person?

Quita (Many Tears Animal Rescue, fostered Pembrokeshire)

Quita is a gorgeous Collie girl whose foster carer can’t praise enough. She is very loyal, sweet and friendly and is good with all dogs, big and small, that she’s met and is presently living with cats. She needs at least another dog for company. All this gentle girl wants is to be loved and cared for.

Alfie (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, Yorkshire)

Poor old Alfie has been patiently waiting in kennels for months, making the most of any human contact that comes his way. He’s a very good and loving boy who adores people and even gets on with cats! Big, soppy, cuddly Alfie is desperate to belong again! Please share his page to help him find his people.

Sox (Adopt-a-Dog North East, fostered Durham)

4/9/17 – Sox is reserved
Sox is so joyful to be receiving food every day and to be able to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air after years of dark confinement. He thinks he’s in heaven! This wonderful boy is good with dogs, cats and children and deserves the very best home.

Snoop (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Gentle giant Mastiff, Snoop, is so laid-back and mostly likes to sleep. He loves a cuddle and attention and perhaps a short walk. Ideally, he would like a quiet home where someone is home much of the time and where there are no other pets, though he tolerates walking with other dogs. He will make a wonderful companion.

Lillie (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Adorable Lillie just has so much love to give and only wants to please people. She has the widest smile and sunny nature. Lillie loves to run and would make an ideal running partner for an active owner. She needs a pet-free home where any children are 10+. Come and meet her!

Jess (Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Jess is just a delightful, happy-go-lucky lady waiting for her luck to change when her new owners come to take her home. She’s active and youthful, playing with toys and enjoying long walks too. Jess is looking for an active, loving, pet-free home where any children are 12+. Could you take her home?

Mason (Good Life Dog Rescue, Yorkshire)

Poor Mason was struggling with a broken heart after being abandoned. He is very loving and adores attention, fuss and walks. Cuddles and sitting on your knee are also favourites. Mason is okay walking with other dogs but would like to be the only pet in a home where children are older. A loving foster or permanent home would be a dream come true.

Amber (Dogs Trust Harefield, London)

If you work from home in a quiet, rural location and want an active dog to take for a couple of good walks to break up your day and ensure you get some exercise, you could be perfect for Amber. She’d also love to snuggle up to you on the sofa! Amber just wants a pointer-person to love.

Bonnie and Clyde (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Super cute Bonnie and Clyde don’t live up to their namesakes and are loving companion dogs who are full of character. They are looking for an active family as they enjoy their walks and playing in the garden. They can live with children aged 11+ but would like to be the only pets. Can you resist them?

Blue (Dogs Trust Newbury)

Blue is an affectionate and playful boy who loves zooming around in the garden followed by a nice lazy doze on the sofa! He would love to be part of a quiet, calm household where he can get all the love and fuss he wants. And he has plenty of love to offer in return!

Alfie (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Derbyshire)

If you are sharing your home with a grumpy old man, and even find him quite endearing, you might be interested in the canine version! A tad cantankerous at times but nonetheless adorable, Alfie is such a gorgeous boy. Could you help him?