coco newbury Coco (Dogs Trust Newbury)

Coco is a sweet, friendly little lady who loves playing with toys. She is seeking a quiet but active home where she can be your only one. Coco would make the perfect companion to an active retired person or couple. She is so sweet and snuggly!

JennyLDR Jenny (Little Dog Rescue, fostered York)

Jenny is a lovely girl who would like a fairly quiet home. She only needs short walks but enjoys being out in the garden. She’s good with dogs but not cats. Could you offer Jenny a loving home and a space on the sofa?

roxy1 Roxy (Waifs and Strays Dog Rescue, East Sussex)

Incredibly affectionate and loyal, cute Roxy is hoping to find her cosy, loving home soon. She loves nothing more than to cuddle up and snooze the day away. Roxy would like a pet-free home without young children to enjoy for the rest of her life.

star odotw 3 Star (Kerry Greyhounds, fostered Norfolk)

Very polite, well behaved, confident, loving and happy, Star is a true dream dog! So why is he still waiting for his perfect home? This extremely friendly, affectionate and calm boy is great on the lead and he adores having human company. Star would be happier as an only dog and can live with older children. He is great company and super fun to be with. Can you give him the early Christmas present he deserves and take him home with you?

Casper 1 Casper (Senior Staffy Club, Stafford)

Casper is a very happy chap now that he’s been rescued from the pound. He’s a gorgeous boy who is little and cute and wags his tail continuously. He’s very good with children and seems okay with other dogs though he does like to chase cats. Casper needs only a small space on your sofa … please.

Sally Sally (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Staffordshire)

Sally is looking sad as her previous owners passed away and she misses them. She’s currently living with relatives but needs to find her new owner to love again. Sally is used to a quiet life and could live with a calm, older male dog and children aged 6+, but not cats. Could you offer Sally her new home and make her happy again?

cassie5 (2) Cassie (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Cuddly Cassie loves fuss and is a friendly and affectionate lady. She is fine with children though better with older ones. Cassie hasn’t lived with another dog but is sociable with them. She does not like cats or small furries though. She’s a lovely lady who would be so happy to go home with you.

Molly2 Molly (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Dear Molly is a lovely, lively and affectionate lady who finds herself looking for a home through no fault of her own. She has grown up with children and is good with other dogs though cats are a mystery to her. Molly would make a loving and faithful companion.

SethCDRSFeature Seth (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Tring, Hertforshire)

Seth is an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier who would love to find a new home. He is around 9 years old and is a real little cutie. He is looking for a quieter home and gets on great with other dogs, children and cats. Seth will make a wonderful companion and a loyal and loving friend. Can you give him his forever home?

GilesRSPCAWestNorfolk04 Giles (RSPCA West Norfolk)

Giles is a very beautiful 8 year old German Shepherd who would love to find a home of his own. He has a wonderful temperament and is a very gentle lad. He is looking for a quieter home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He gets on fine with other dogs, so may be able to live with another quieter dog, but has not been tested with a cat. Could you give this lovely lad his forever home?

MollyVigilGSDRFeat Molly (Vigil German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Kennelled Surrey)

Molly is a beautiful 7 year old German Shepherd who would love to find a home of her own. She is a real sweetheart who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. She is looking for a quieter home where she can enjoy pottering about in the garden. Could you give this gorgeous girl a loving home?

FredSRS01 Fred (Saving Romanian Strays Rescue, fostered Kent)

Fred is a very sweet crossbreed boy who would love to find his forever home. His is approximately 9 years old and loves plenty of fuss and cuddles. He gets on great with other dogs and cats and will make a great addition to your household. Can you give Fred a loving new home?

KingSRS01 King (Saving Romanian Strays Rescue, Bedfordshire)

King is a gorgeous 9 to 10 year old GSD who is looking for a loving new home. He was brought over from a Romanian shelter and is very underweight. He needs lots of TLC and plenty of love and affection which has sadly been lacking up until now. Can you give this lovely lad his new home?

DobbyAARRFeat Dobby (All Animal Rescue and Rehome, fostered Essex)

Darling Dobby is a gorgeous 8 year old crossbreed lad. He is a sweet boy who has a very calm and gentle temperament and would love a quieter home where he can enjoys lots of cuddles. He gets on great with other dogs and could live with older children over 12. How can you resist his beautiful face!

CassieSitGrassCrop Cassie Shepherd Foot-warmer! (Oldies Club, fostered Gloucester)

Cassie is a beautiful German Shepherd who loves to receive affection and tummy rubs. Cassie can be nervous of new people but is a truly lovely girl once she has settled in. Cassie loves to play with dogs, can live with children aged 10+, and doesn’t mind being left on her own for a few hours. Could Cassie lie by your feet please?

ozzie Ozzie (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Boston, South Lincs)

Ozzie is a friendly, loving chap who likes meeting new people. He can be unsure around other dogs, however, so would like an owner who can help build his confidence. Poor Ozzie is feeling quite stressed in kennels and would love to find a forever sofa to share with you!

missy odotw cyril Missy (Grinshill Animal Rescue, Shropshire)

Missy has been in rescue a long time. She was with her pal, Cyril, and they were inseparable, but Cyril has now died and poor Missy is left on her own, still waiting for a home :( Could you offer this lonely little girl a quiet, adult home where she is your only dog?

DottieSitSmile Dottie (Hilbrae Rescue Kennels, Shropshire)

Dottie is a pretty mixture, with a Dalmatian ancestor lending her some very attractive spots! She’s a favourite with Hilbrae’s dog walkers and is great fun to be with. Dottie needs an experienced owner as she becomes protective of her home and doesn’t want to let visitors in. Poor Dottie has been waiting ages. Could you offer her a quiet home where she will have company most of the day?

deefa2 Deefa (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Brands Hatch, Kent)

Delightful Deefa is a stunning, medium-sized Siberian Husky lady who has all the character of a Husky but does not need to be on the go all day. She loves her walks followed by a nap. Deefa does not mind other dogs but would prefer to be the only pet in the home where any children are teenagers.

KaiserRSPCAESW03 Kaiser (RSPCA Essex South West)

Kaiser is a 9 year old Dogue De Bordeaux and one of the nicest dogs you are ever likely to meet! He would love to find his new family and is looking for a fairly active home. He gets on fine with other dogs and children and will make a great companion. How can you resist this gorgeous boy!

jack patterdale Jack (Animal Rescue Charity, Hertfordshire)

Jack is an adorable, active and fun-loving little boy who is a real pleasure to walk and cuddle. He is only partially sighted, but he gets along very well with his super-sensitive nose and has a real zest for life! Jack would so love to be someone’s cherished companion in a loving home.

SpiritSmile Spirit of Siberia! (Oldies Club, fostered Hertfordshire)

Stunning Siberian Husky Spirit needs a new home! He had to be left for long hours on his own in his previous home and was very unhappy. Spirit has lived with dogs but he would enjoy being an only one if his owner was around a lot to take him for good walks. Spirit is great on the lead and good in the car. Isn’t he irresistible?

CillaSafeRescue04 Cilla (Safe Rescue, fostered Stowmarket)

Beautiful Cilla Black is a very friendly 8 year old Labrador cross who would love to find her new home. She is a gorgeous girl who gets on with everyone. She is great with other dogs and children and will make a fantastic companion. Can you give this lovely girl her forever home?

RosinaAmiciiDogRescue01 Rosina (Amicii Dog Rescue, fostered Peterborough)

Rosina is a very beautiful black Poodle cross. She is 9 years old and would love to find a new home where someone is around most of the time. She is a really sweet girl who would be best as an only pet and is not used to children. Can you give this very sweet little girl her forever home?

RexBallCropped Rex (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, fostered Nottinghamshire)

Cute Rex is a clever, playful and active little chap who will do almost anything to get your attention. He is great with dogs but thinks cats are made for chasing! Rex enjoys a trip out in the car, a good walk, and he also loves a swim. Could you offer Rex a fun-filled retirement?

bethany Bethany (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Derbyshire)

Bethany is a sweet little lap dog who just loves a cuddle. She is seeking a quieter home with someone who can spend lots of time with her. She needs to drop a few pounds so her new owner will need to be able to help her with this. She is a real sweetie!

bez Bez (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered South Birmingham)

Bez is a friendly boy who is happy to have a cuddle and fuss once he gets to know and trust you. He is seeking an experienced, confident owner who can help him get over his fears and allow him to blossom into the confident dog he should be. Are you Bez’s special someone?

mex and fly Mex and Fly (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Redditch)

Mex and Fly are such a sweet-natured and loving pair. They get along with other dogs and adore human company. They love each other very much, despite their size and breed difference and need to find a home together. If you have room for two gorgeous oldies, please find out more about them.

bobby yorkie Bobby (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Chelmsford, Essex)

Little Bobby loves being around you, but would like to inform you that he not a lap dog, despite his diminutive size. He is an easy boy to have around, is sharing his foster home with other dogs and cats and enjoys snoozing his days away. Can this little cutie share the sofa with you?

olga2 Olga (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Olga is a very sweet and gentle lady who would love to be shown that the world is not such a scary place. She can live with other dogs and children, but no cats please. The way to Olga’s heart is through treats .. can you help her?

lady odotw jrt Lady (Wythall Animal Sanctuary, West Midlands)

Darling little Lady has been waiting a long time for her perfect home. She is a very pretty Jack Russell Terrier lady who is seeking a quiet home as an only dog with someone who can be around a lot to spend time with her. She doesn’t look or act her age and would love her new owners to be experienced with terriers like herself.

marley senior 2 Marley (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester)

Marley is a cheeky, happy and loving little chap who gives the best kisses! He absolutely adores people and will hop up in your lap for a cuddle. Marley can live with older children. He still has plenty of life in him and he loves going for walks.

alice Alice (The Edward Foundation, Hampshire)

Dear Bulldog Alice has had a horrible past being bullied by other dogs and is now looking for a comfortable, quieter, pet-free home where there are no young children and a nice garden to potter in. She loves attention and would like to sit on your knee. It’s time she started to enjoy her life.

lucie Lucie (Adopt a Dog North East, Durham)

Lucie is a lovely Lurcher whose owner sadly passed away. She is hoping to find a relaxing retirement home with lots of home comforts. Lucie can live with children and is good with other dogs. She has not been cat tested but it could be arranged. Can you help this lovely lady?

norman leash Norman (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Adorable little Norman would like to show you his little song and dance routine he likes to do at feeding time! This sweet boy has had a sad life so far so needs a calm, quiet home where he can get lots of TLC. He is fine with other dogs and is doing very well in his foster home. Can little Norman come and live with you?

BaxterHoundsFirst3 Baxter (Hounds First Sighthound Rescue, fostered Lincolnshire)

Beautiful Baxter was rescued from a stray pound. He was underweight and his coat was in a terrible state. He’s working hard on relaxing and putting on weight at his foster home and he loves a trip out in the car to take in the sights. Baxter likes his own space when he’s sleeping and eating so might grumble, but is otherwise fine with laid-back dogs.

MerlinHoundsFirst Merlin (Hounds First Sighthound Rescue, fostered Wales)

Merlin is a gorgeous boy who needs a home where he will have another dog for company and an owner who is home for most of the day. He loves nothing more than snoozing on the sofa and cuddling up to you demanding constant stroking! Could you offer Merlin his ideal forever home?

bill1 Bill (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcester)

Red Staffy Bill with his frosty face was thankfully saved at the last minute from the pound. He’s a nervous and scared boy at the moment but will form a bond quickly once he knows and trusts you. Bill would prefer a quiet, adult home without any other pets, though he’s okay with other dogs when walking. He would love to be back In a home with owners he loves and trusts.

hoshi Hoshi (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

If you are a single woman looking for love, look no further! Hoshi loves one-on-one affection and she prefers women to men. She is a little wary are first, but is the most amazing and gentle girl once you get to know her. Hoshi would like an owner who is used to bigger breeds like herself and she will devote herself to you. Please don’t keep this gorgeous girl waiting in kennels much longer. She really needs a warm fireside to call her own.

syd 2 Syd (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Syd is a typical terrier who loves going for walks, keeping busy and exploring. He is used to having his home comforts and is sadly not having a lot of fun being in kennels. He hopes a terrier-loving family is reading this and has room in their hearts and home for a little dog like him!

alfie danaher Alfie (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Aflie is a fun-loving, playful boy who has plenty of Staffy spirit! He loves playing and going for walks, but also chilling out on the sofa with you having a fuss. He loves everyone with the exception of cats and will make a great family dog.

hattie 2 Hattie (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Gorgeous Hattie just oozes happiness and her tail never stops wagging! She is a super friendly and loving girl who enjoys shorter walks and just snuffling about. She is going to make an amazing companion for a very lucky person.

martha danaher 2 Martha (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Sweet Martha is seeking a calm, understanding home. She is deaf, but gets along fine; she just needs owners who are able to communicate with her in ways other than sound. Martha is fine with other calm dogs, cats and sensible children. She will make a wonderful family member.

sydney3 Sydney (Arundawn Dog Rescue, West Sussex)

Sweet, lovable Sydney charms everyone he meets and is a true gent. He’s looking for a quieter home where he can enjoy his walks and a comfy retirement. Sydney loves people, ignores cats and could live with a calm dog. He’s a star on the lead and brilliant in the car; quite the perfect gent.

SadieSitFace Large Lady Sadie! (Oldies Club, fostered Hampshire/West Sussex)

If you love your dogs on the large side, Lady Sadie could be the girl for you! A Great Dane x Mastiff, she has won the heart of her foster carer, but sadly isn’t compatible with the resident cats. Sadie is good with dogs and a dream to walk off lead. Could you offer this special girl a lovely home?

nero sbt Nero (Dogs Trust Basildon, Essex)

Nero is a fun-loving, playful little chap who has lots of energy. He would like to find Staffy-loving owners who will enjoy his company as much as he enjoys theirs. He is a cracking little lad who is looking for a home to match! Is that yours?

buster terrier Buster (Dogs Trust Basildon, Essex)

Buster is a sweet boy, but is nervous and worried about new people and situations so he is looking for an owner who will be patient and understanding as he gets used to his new life. Once you gain his trust, he will make the most loving of companions. Buster would prefer a quiet, adult home, but he is happy to share with another dog.

HollyHappyEndings Holly (Happy Endings Rescue, Kent)

Holly is a beautiful German Shepherd who arrived in rescue extremely underweight and is looking for a loving new home. She is great with other animals, could live with dogs and cats, and walks well on the lead. Could you offer this special lady a fresh start?

brady 4 Brady (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Brady is a typical Staffy, playful, cheeky and loving. He is a happy boy who loves exploring and playing with his beloved toys. Brady is finding kennel life stressful and would love to enjoy his home comforts again. He will make the most amazing companion and he has so much love to give.

mango 2 Mango (Safe Rescue, fostered Cambridgeshire)

Mango is looking for a very special owner. He was badly injured in a traffic accident and left to fend for himself. Once he was finally treated, he was sadly left incontinent. Now that he is in a loving foster home in the UK, this fantastic, loving and friendly boy cannot stop smiling! He is a wonderful dog who is well worth the trouble. If you are the special person who can help him, you will have a loving friend for life.

RockyLiverpool Rocky (RSPCA Liverpool Branch)

Poor Rocky is with RSPCA Liverppol after being the victim of cruelty. Despite this, he is the happiest, most affectionate boy you could wish to meet! He could live with children aged 12+ and also with a friendly dog, given a slow introduction. Could you provide the happy ending to Rocky’s sad tale?

StarskySmile Starsky (Dogs Trust Manchester)

Starsky has spent far too much of his life in rescue and he is asking if you are a sensible, experienced dog owner and could offer him a loving, adult-only home. Starsky gets worried by people he doesn’t know, so his care needs a little extra thought, but you will be rewarded with the most wonderful companion.

HarveyPawCrop Harvey (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

After a long wait, cuddly Harvey thought he had found his new home. But it was in the countryside, and Harvey was so scared of the loud bangs of the bird scarers that he couldn’t settle. Poor Harvey! He needs a home with someone who is active and strong enough to walk him, and who will be happy to spend lots of time cuddling him on the sofa! Do you live in a quiet place that you’d like to share with Harvey?

bobby Bobby (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Dorset)

Dear Bobby is recovering in foster care after being dumped, neglected, skinny and full of sores. He is great in the home, loves his walks and is finally getting his fur back. Bobby truly deserves a new life to enjoy for the rest of his life.

BarneyDown Ball-mad Beagly Barney (Oldies Club, fostered West Midlands)

Cute, intelligent Barney would play ball and tug-o-war all day, and he also knows a trick or two. He’s an energetic oldie who needs active owners who will take him for fun walks. He can live with dogs, but he ignores dogs he meets on walks. He’d enjoy living with children who are old enough to play ball with him. Who could resist Barney?!

sonic Sonic (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Super Sonic is a little Fox Terrier who is looking for either a family home where any children are 10+, or a retirement home where he can still enjoy some walks. Sonic gets on well with dogs and may be able to live with a cat. What a lovely lad!

TacoAAR01 Taco (All Animals Rescue, Fostered Essex)

Gorgeous tiny Taco is a lovely 7 year old Chinese Crested who is looking for a new home. He is such a sweetheart who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and loves to sit on your lap. He gets on great with other dogs and wants a home where there is another dog to keep him company. Could you give this loving boy his forever home?

lottie Lottie (Southern Lurcher Rescue, fostered Isle of Wight)

Whippet X, Lottie used to be a much loved lady but, sadly, is back in rescue through no fault of her own. She is child friendly and is used to living with other dogs, but no cats please. Lottie just wants lots of love, some walks and a quiet life … it’s not much to ask for.

SandyProDogsDirectfeat Sandy (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Kent)

Stunning Sandy is a beautiful 10 year old Golden Retriever who would love to find his forever home. He is an active lad who would like a home where someone is around most of the time. He needs to be the only pet and enjoys lots of exercise. Could you give this gorgeous boy his new home?

stewart Stewart (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincs)

Stewart is a happy, affectionate and playful boy who has so much love to give to his new family. He is great with other dogs and he loves being with people. Stewart is an amazing little character who deserves the best. Can this smiley boy live with your family?

lennox 2 Lennox (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Lennox is a playful, affectionate boy who would like a peaceful home so he can enjoy his retirement with you by his side. He is a good, well behaved boy who still enjoys his walks and playing with his toys. Lennox needs to be your only dog as he likes having all of your attention and he will make a wonderful, faithful friend.

skipper Skipper (with Sabre, Teddy and Thor) (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Darling little Skipper has a trio of younger GSD companions with whom he would like to find his forever home. He is a quiet, wee chap who is no trouble at all. Skipper and his friends are used to the quiet countryside with lots of space to roam. It would be ideal if they could find a similar home. They really are a wonderful pack of dogs!

doris leash 2 Doris (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Doris is a gorgeous Crossbreed girl who is around 16 years old. She is a very sweet and loving girl who would now love to enjoy a quiet retirement. She is looking for a home without children, but may be fine to live with another quieter dog. Could you give this lovely girl her new home?

cassie2 Cassie (Staffie Smiles Rescue, Central Scotland)

Young at heart Cassie loves to play and give cuddles. She’s a very sweet and loving girl who likes to please. Cassie would flourish in a calm home and could live with another calm dog, but she would probably prefer to be the only pet. She is fine to live with older children and truly deserves a loving family of her own.

dail Dail (Angels Without Wings, Cambridgeshire)

Sweet little Dail urgently needs a calm, quiet and loving retirement home as he is stressed in his busy foster home. He can be a little nervous of men at first, but is fine once he gets to know you. Poor Dail hasn’t had a great life so far so he needs someone who can offer him all the love and care he has missed out on. Is that you?

ben Ben (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Brands Hatch, Kent)

Ben is a super sweet gentleman who is always happy to see you and has a spring in his step. He’s looking for an energetic household where any children are teenagers. Ben is okay with dogs but would like to be the only dog for all the attention, though he may be able to live with a cat.

KennyADMFeat Kenny (All Dogs Matter, London)

Kenny is a very sweet 9 year old Mastiff who would love to find his forever home. He is a real gentle giant who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. He can live with children over the age of 10 and may also be able to live with another female dog. Can you give this gorgeous boy his new home?