poley3 Napoleon (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

A better natured or more loyal dog would be hard to find than Poley, as he’s known to his friends. He’s a Beagle-type Crossbreed who is looking for a special home as he hates to be left alone. He needs a friendly, doggy companion and someone around most of the time. He’s good with resident cats and is used to living with children. His perfect home is out there … with you?

malik Malik (Finding Furever Homes, fostered Shropshire)

Dear Malik is a fabulous chap who is friendly, loves a good fuss and will make someone a lovely companion. He lives for his walks and will remind you if necessary. Malik is looking for an active home and is the perfect all-rounder as he is fine to live with older children, dogs and takes no notice of cats, though he would prefer to be the only dog. Can you give him lots of fuss and some sofa space?

bessieface Bessie (NAWT, Berkshire)

Bessie loves humans and she loves to learn new things. This cuddly girl will make a fabulous companion to her new owner. She would like to be your only pet but can live with older children. Could you offer Bessie a life filled with fun walks, playtime and cuddles?

gizmo Gizmo (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

Little, lap-dog Gizmo is a gorgeous Chinese Crested boy who loves nothing more than cuddles and snuggled up all day .. almost anyway! He’s a very sweet and low maintenance type of guy who is in foster care with lots of other dogs and gets on well with them. Gizmo can also live with children aged 13+. Can you offer him a lap to snuggle on?

ranger Ranger (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Ranger is 14 years old and he should not be in kennels at his age! He is a lovely, good-natured boy who still enjoys his walks and is seeking a quieter home, possibly with another calm female dog for company. Ranger is also available to foster; the important thing is that he gets out of kennels and into a loving home as soon as possible!

jade-6 Jade (RSPCA East Lancashire)

Genial Jade is a people person! She loves meeting new people and likes to sit next to them for fuss. Being leaned on by a lovely, solid Rottie girl who wants shoulder rubs is a very cheering thing! Jade is beautifully behaved and full of love for everyone. She wants to be an only pet as she’s used to being the apple of her owner’s eye. Do you need some Big Love in your life?

sally-rats Sally (Rehoming Animal Telephone Service, Hertfordshire)

Sally is a super-friendly and pretty crossbreed lady who just loves being with people! She can live with older children, but would prefer a quieter home where she is the only dog. This lovely girl has got a lot of love to give. She will make a terrific companion to her lucky new owners.

carl2 Carl (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Typical Beagle Carl loves his long walks and sniffing with his nose very close to the ground. He’s fit and active and likes to play with his toys too. He’s a very affectionate lad and should be fine to live with dog-savvy children aged 8+ and friendly dogs like himself. All he wants is to be home again.

lexi-1 Lexi (Leicester Animal Aid)

Lexi is a Shar Pei with a soft centre. She loves a cuddle, once she gets to know you. She’s a playful girl, when the mood takes her. Like many mature ladies, she likes to sunbathe whenever possible. She’s as cute and characterful as she looks!

baxtersitsupa Baxter (Hilbrae Rescue Kennels, Shropshire)

What more does Baxter need to do to get noticed? Just look at that handsome face and cuddly, stripey body! He’s a friendly Mastiff Cross who has been in kennels for ages. He gets overlooked simply because he’s a big lad, but, certainly when it comes to Baxter, big is beautiful! He can live with children aged 10+ and might be able to live with a female dog. Can Baxter go home with you please?

foxyfreshfields Foxy (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Foxy is lucky to have been taken from her abusive owner, who was then prosecuted and found guilty. Foxy now deserves a home full of love and kindness. She is a loving, amazing girl but is frightened when left on her own. Poor Foxy has also just had a mast cell tumour removed. Everyone is hoping that Foxy’s luck has changed and she has lots of time left, to finally enjoy her life. Foxy deserves some special. Is that you?

rusty Rusty (Leicester Animal Aid)

Big, soft, gentle giant Rusty is a true gentleman and loved by all he meets. He loves human companionship, walks and his toys. Rusty could live with another compatible dog and would enjoy the company of older, teenage children. All he needs now is his own family to shower with fun and love.

susie-1 Susie (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Available for local foster as well as adoption.
Soppy Susie is a cuddlesome Staffy lady who’s usually very cheerful, when she’s not in kennels! She could live with another calm dog and sensible older children. Not that she’s always so sensible herself. Away from the kennels her inner clown comes out and, as you can see, she’s fond of her dapper hat! Do you have a sofa with this snuggly girl’s name on it?

baxter-4 Baxter (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Available for local foster but would rather be adopted.
Handsome Baxter is an easy-going, cheerful Collie who likes nothing better than a good cuddle! He’s also keen on chasing a ball followed by lounging on a sofa. He could live with another dog as he’s an amiable chap, getting on with the other dogs he’s met in rescue. Children aged 8 or over should be fine for him. He’s looking for someone or a family he can devote all his loving affection to and have plenty of fun times with. Are you Baxter’s new best friend?

ollie-collie-2 Ollie (Animal Rescue Cymru, Cardigan)

Ollie is a real sweetheart who is used to having lots of love and human attention. He would prefer a calmer, quieter home which he could possibly share with another laid-back dog. Ollie loves a fuss and a walk but mostly he loves being with people. If you have the time to spend with this lovely boy, he would love to hear from you!

friday Friday (Irish Setter Breeders Club Rescue)

Young at heart Friday is a very stunning Irish Setter who would make a wonderful companion in his forever home. He is used to children and can live with other dogs, though probably prefers to be the only one or with a friendly female. He enjoys long walks and lots of playtime. Isn’t he just gorgeous?

percival-5 Percival (Leash Of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Percival is a beautiful boy who’s come all the way from Romania to find his perfect person. He would love to live in the countryside and would be happy to live with other dogs and cats. New people are a bit alarming to him at first but he soon wants a fuss from them once he knows they’re friendly. With his very own person he will be a loyal, constant companion and will want copious cuddles! Are you Percival’s soul mate?

marley-and-flo-1 Marley and Flo (Adopt A Dog North East)

Available together or separately.
Marley and Flo are placid, loving girls looking for a home where they can have some short, off lead sprints followed by lots of cuddles and loafing on the sofa. They are extremely easy-going. Extravagantly relaxed at times. They have wonderful manners and would be happy to live with children. Do you have sofa space for one or both of this cheerful pair of sweeties?

bohug Bo – female (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Boxer Cross Bo’s owner could no longer look after her and she is so sad and confused to find herself in kennels. As soon as she is out of her kennel, Bo is a happy, kissy and cuddly girl. Bo is fine with dogs and can live with children aged 10+. Could you make Bo happy again and offer her a home?

luke-2 Luke (Grinshill Animal Rescue, Shropshire)

Happy-go-lucky Luke is a sweet and friendly chap whose tail never stops wagging! He is a lively, but gentle boy who craves lots of love and cuddles. He loves a fuss, a nice walk and then a good snooze in his heated bed. Luke could possibly live with a calm female sighthound and he is used to children. He is going to bring a lot of love and joy to his new family!

marleysmilelooksup Marley (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Marley is a gorgeous boy and is desperate to be out of kennels, in a loving home living life to the full. He could possibly live with another dog and can live with kids aged 10+. Waggy-tailed Marley loves you to speak to him and he thinks all visitors to the kennels are there to see him, but sadly, so far, none of them have been. Please could you be the person to light up Marley’s life and offer him a home?

bruce Bruce (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Cocker Spaniel Bruce is a special old chap who desperately needs a warm and loving new home. He is blind and so needs kind, caring owners who will help him gradually map out his new home and surroundings. Then he will be ready to get on with enjoying his new life! Bruce could live with gentle dogs, kind older children and possibly cats. Could you help blind Bruce?

murphy-1 Murphy (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

(22/10/16) Murphy is reserved! Our fingers are crossed for you Murphy!
Murphy’s affectionate nature is irrepressible! He will leap for love! He’s looking for a happy home with a Murphy-oriented routine. He wants to be the only pet of the household and could live with dog-savvy children aged 12 or over. Lots of love is the most important thing to this dear little boy!

piglet-3 Piglet (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Piglet has matured to perfection. She’s such a good girl! She deserves the best things in life for her retirement… cuddles, a bit of a play, sleep, treats and maybe some more cuddles. Sofa cuddles especially!

sky-jrt-2 Sky JRT (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

(22/10/16) Sky is reserved! Good luck girl!
Sky is a little cutie pie and bright as a button! She’s extremely affectionate! She’s a stealth kisser and little snuggler. Being an only pet would suit her best, to soak up all the love. She wants company most of the time and is an entertaining little girl so she’ll make a wonderfully jolly companion!

bess-1 Bess (Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter)

This sweet natured Trailhound is called Bess and she enjoys getting out for walks and mooching about. She likes meeting new people and curling up on the sofa for a cuddle. Bess is looking for a quiet home with a nice garden and where she is the only pet. Her perfect home would be with a family who is around most of the time. Could she come home with you?

bruno Bruno (Leicester Animal Aid)

Handsome Bruno is a striking boy who has plenty of life in him. He enjoys his walks and playing but equally likes the sofa and his special person close to him. Bruno would prefer to be the only pet in the home to get all the fuss but he gets on with other dogs out and about and walks well on the lead. Bruno would be so happy to find his loving home, or even a foster home until it comes along.

ollie-lab Ollie (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

Beautiful Ollie is a delightful and well behaved boy who gets along with other dogs and is happy to share his home with children. His hearing is starting to go, but his nose works just fine! Ollie likes spending his days playing with his toys or just snoozing. He is going to bring lots of joy to his lucky new owners.

stella-staffy Stella (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

Stella is such a pretty, sweet and sensitive little girl. She has sadly missed out on the love she deserves and is looking for a calm and patient owner who will lavish her with all the affection she needs. Stella is anxious around other dogs and would like a quiet home with older children only. She just wants to curl up and snooze beside you on the sofa.

maddieangelswowfeat Maddie (Angels Without Wings, Fostered North Lincolnshire)

This pretty little lady is Maddie. She is shy and beautiful crossbreed who would love to find a home of her own. She is looking for a quieter new home where someone is around most of the time. She gets on great with other dogs and cats and is one of the sweetest girls you could wish to meet. She enjoys her walks and adores plenty of fuss and cuddles too. Is she the girl for you?

harveyandshayleyredppsfeature Harvey and Shayley Red (Pineapple Pet Sanctuary, Worcestershire)

Harvey and Shayley Red are beautiful Bearded Collies who are looking for a new home together. They are very loving and as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside. Harvey is 10 and Shayley is 5 and they are very close. They could live with children over 8, they love their walks and adore lots of cuddles and fuss. They are good with other dogs and cats too. Whoever gives them a loving new home will be very lucky indeed.

polar Polar (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Kent)

This handsome German Shepherd is looking for a home through no fault of his own. He is a quiet gent who has been well trained and responds to treats or a ball. Polar is used to living with another dog and could live with older children, but no cats please. Please consider adopting him and giving him the company he craves for.

tia-senior Tia (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcestershire)

Tia is an adorable, chatty little staffy who still has plenty of life in her! She enjoys a good walk, seems to get along with other dogs and is happy to share her home with older children. She is full of love and she will make a fantastic companion. She loves giving kisses!

ollie-jrt-2 Olly (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Olly is a real sweetheart who is guaranteed to make you smile with his cheeky antics. He is dog friendly and seeking a quieter home where he can snuggle on the sofa with you and have lots of cuddles. Is your sofa missing an Olly?

bigsy-6 Bigsy (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Bigsy is available to foster or adopt.
Super loving Bigsy is a big friendly Greyhound who’s always happy to see…everyone! All humans are Bigsy’s new best friends and probably want to fuss him. Other dogs are great too. Food is good, sleep is amazingly good. In fact, everything in Bigsy world is super fun! Apart from not currently having his very own person or family to give his endless supply of love to. Care to remedy that for him?

Banjo 1 Banjo (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Banjo thought he had found his new home, but he’s sadly been returned. This big-hearted boy is easy-going, affectionate and bright as a button. He loves to run about with doggy friends or potter about checking that all smells right with the world. He’s happy and loving by nature. Could you offer Banjo his forever home?

monty3 Monty (Four Paws Animal Rescue, fostered Caldicot, South Wales)

Handsome Greyhound Monty is simply a star – he loves everyone he meets, is very polite and is a very well-behaved boy. He spends most of the day asleep but does like to play with his toys and loves his walks. Monty can live with children and other dogs, but not cats or other small furries. He would make a wonderful companion to anyone lucky enough to take him home.

sam-jrt-2 Sweetie Sam! (Oldies Club, fostered South Wales)

Sweet little Sam is an affectionate, friendly Jack Russel who loves lap cuddles! He wants a quiet home where he is the centre of attention (deservedly so!) and he has his person with him most of the time. He likes short walks and a game of fetch before the really serious business of the day…lap time!

jazztreat Jazzy boy Jazz! (Oldies Cub, fostered Middlesex)

Adorable Jazz is excellent in the home and his fosterers cannot praise him highly enough. Jazz had a terrible experience in the past and is now nervous of off-lead dogs. He is improving thanks to the work of his fosterers, but needs forever people who are committed to continuing this. Jazz is very intelligent and a delight to work with. He’s excellent on the lead and in the car too!

jen-1 Jen (Adopt A Dog North East, Durham)

Jolly Jen is a gentle, affectionate and consistently well mannered girl. If you like large breeds you will love Jen as she’s soppy enough to enjoy bear hugs! She loves all people, including children, as well as all types of fuss. Especially leaning on you for shoulder scratches! If you’re the one lucky enough to bring this loving girl home you’ll be singing, “Jen, the two of us need look no more. We both found what we were looking for…”

cocobatterseadogshomefeature Coco (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, London)

There are so many words you could use to describe Coco – Handsome, loving, affectionate, polite, cuddly to name by a few. He is a gorgeous medium sized Staffie cross who would love a quieter home away from the city. He gets on great with everyone that he meets and would prefer to be the only dog in the home even though he is good when he sees them whilst out and about. He is good with children too and could live with older dog savvy children over 12. He may also be ok to live with a cat. He enjoys going for walks and loves to play with his toys. Is Coco the boy for you?

hester Hester (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Hester is a lovely, happy lady who was abandoned and now finds herself looking for a forever home, or even a foster home while she is waiting. She’s a clever girl with lots of love to give and she can live with older children aged 10+. Hester could also possibly live with a calm, male dog, but no cats please. She will make a wonderful addition to a lucky new owner.

mo Mo (All Dogs Matter, North London)

No-one can understand why Mo wasn’t reclaimed by his owner after he was found as a stray. He’s a sweet, affectionate lad who typically just loves being around people and is rather sad to be alone in kennels. Mo can live with children aged 10+ and possibly a calm female dog as he gets on with dogs out and about. This friendly boy needs a loving, cosy home.

michelle Michelle (Bark Inn Kennels, West Midlands)

Michelle is a beautiful, loving girl whose tail never stops wagging! She is always happy to see you and to be with you. Michelle loves going for walks and will make a terrific companion. Can this loving girl come and live with you?

laurie2 Laurie (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered South Wales)

Cute, cuddly Laurie is an ex-breeding Yorkie who is slowly beginning to enjoy life in true doggy style. He is looking for an experienced home where any children are teenagers and there is at least one other dog to help show him what fun is all about. Laurie really deserves a forever home where he can live life to the full and be spoiled rotten.

diesel-2 Diesel (RSPCA Macclesfield, fostered Congleton)

Diesel has so many wonderful qualities – adorable, handsome, affectionate, loving, playful, energetic and cuddly, and this is just to name a few! He is very people-oriented and can be a bit of a ham, especially when he wants attention, and he loves his belly rubs! He’s good with dogs and has lived with cats, but does not want to live with young children. Diesel thoroughly enjoys his walks and his toys while they last and he has plenty of life left in him. Come and see for yourself how scrummy he is.

hatchsscfeature Hatch (Senior Staffy Club, kenneled Worcestershire)

Hatch is a gorgeous brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier who would love to find a new home. He is a bit of a character who is full of fun who is looking for an active new home. He loves going for walks and walks well on the lead. He loves his human friends and may be able to live with older children over 12. He adores plenty of cuddles and is very affectionate and friendly. Do you have room in your heart and space on your sofa for this beautiful chap?

cassiesscfeature Cassie (Senior Staffy Club, kenneled Worcestershire)

This wonderful older lady is Cassie, a pretty white Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is looking for a fairly active new home and could live with older children over 12 as she has such a sweet nature. She would love to be rehomed with her son Hatch if at all possible and may be able to live with another companion after careful introductions. She loves her walks and cuddles are a must. Could you give this beautiful lady her new home?

ronnie-1 Ronnie (Adopt A Dog North East, Durham)

Update 17/10/16: Ronnie is reserved!

Reliable Ronnie is a black Lab who’s looking for companionship, short walks and love. He gets on really well with other dogs, cats and children as he’s always placid and loving. A true gentleman at all times he’s the epitome of lovable Labhood.

candyjerrygreenfeat Candy (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincolnshire)

Beautiful Candy is a happy lady who is now looking for a quiet retirement home. She is really friendly and affectionate and adores lots of cuddles and fuss. She would like a home without children and may be able to live with another calmer canine companion. She enjoys going for gentle walks and walks well on the lead. Do you have room in your heart for this gorgeous lady?

sammy3 Sammy (Animal Adoption International, fostered Rugby)

Adorable Sammy is a loving, quiet, laid-back and sweet lad. He loves to eat, sleep and steal food … understandable after life in Romania. He could live with other dogs and dog-savvy cats and any children over 15 years. He surely deserves a permanent, loving home now.

louis-2 Louis (Adopt A Dog North East, Durham)

Cheerful, handsome Louis is all about love and fun! He loves walkies and spending quality time with his human. He’s a well behaved, gentle boy who could live with children, cats and other dogs. Can this happy little fellow devote himself to you?

sky-staffy-big-2 Sky (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Beautiful Sky is a wonderful lady who is looking to find her new family. She is very loving and adores plenty of cuddles and fuss. She also likes her ball and loves to play her favourite game of fetch. She enjoys her walks and walks well on the lead. would fit into most households as she is such a good all round girl, but would prefer a home where there are no other pets. Could you give Sky a loving new home?

ruby-1 Ruby (Senior Staffy Club, Stafford)

5/10/16 – Ruby is reserved!
Cute and cuddly Ruby is a real gem. With a cheerful outlook and gentle manner, she seems to be a favourite with the staff at her kennels. She’s very friendly and affectionate, even at the vets! Such a good girl!

winston-9 Winston (Senior Staffy Club, Stafford)

Winston is available to foster or adopt!
Wonderful Winston is a super loving Staffy. He loves all humans, including small ones. He wants to be an only pet so that all cuddles and play time can involve him. He likes to have a sit down, chat and snuggle with his owner just as much as he likes his walkies, which is a lot! Can this fun, affectionate boy come and brighten up your life?

roxynew Roxy (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, South Yorkshire)

This absolute beauty is Roxy, a 10 year old GSD granny-puppy! Roxy has sadly been overlooked and isn’t doing well in kennels, poor girl. She urgently needs a kind German Shepherd lover to offer her the comfortable home she is dreaming of. She hates going back in her kennel after walks and is desperate for someone to love. Could you help Roxy?

honeybatterseadogshomefeature Honey (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, London)

This amazing lady is Honey a huge Shar pei cross who is looking for a new home she can enjoy a long and happy retirement. She is very affectionate and loves having lots of cuddles. She would like a home without any other dogs, but would be fine with older children over 12. She may also be ok with a cat. She may be slightly on the larger side, but don’t let that fool you as she is just a big old softie really!

princessbatterseafeature Princess (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, London)

Please meet gorgeous Princess who is a beautiful white and black Staffie who is looking for a new home. This lovely girl adores people and is looking for a quieter new home where she can enjoy her twilight years. She is very affectionate and loves plenty of cuddles and fuss. She is looking for a home without any other pets and would be fine with older teenage children. She enjoys her walks and just wants to be loved.

elissabatterseadogshomefeature Elssa (Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, London)

If you are looking for a beautiful active companion, then look no further as Elssa is certainly the girl for you! She is a gorgeous Collie cross who would love to find a new home of her own. She loves her walks and walks well on the lead. She loves a game with her ball too. She is looking for a home where she will be the only dog and have you all to herself. She could live with older teenage children, but cannot live with a cat. How can you resist her lovely smiling face!

vikinganimalhelplinefeature Viking (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Viking is a loving German Shepherd who is looking for an equally loving new home. He is so sweet and gentle and would love a quieter new home. He may be able to live with a quieter companion, but needs a home without children and cannot live with a cat. He loves going for walks and enjoys plenty of cuddles and fuss. Whoever gives this beautiful chap a new home will be a very lucky indeed.

bob-gsd-gloucester Bob (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Gloucester)

Bob is stunningly handsome and he has a great personality to go along with his good looks! He is a calm, friendly boy who enjoys a lively game of fetch. He is good with other dogs and likes horses and cows too! Can Bob join your family? He promises to give you all his love and loyalty.

socks-3 Socks (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Sweet and snuggly Socks is a typically loving Staffy. Everyone she meets is her new best friend and her very own human will be the most loved person in the world. She’s a gentle, playful soul who only ever wants to please. Game of fetch anyone? Or a cuddle?

papillion-2 Papillion (Leicester Animal Aid)

Beautiful Papillion is a very special girl in need of a very special home. She has almost no vision but is extremely intelligent so she still lives life to the fullest. Loving, loyal and playful, Papillion wants a settled life where she always feels safe and can get on with the important things in life – love and fun!

busterssc04 Buster (via The Senior Staffy Club, London)

Buster is a gorgeous tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a loving new home. He is an active boy who loves going for walks and making friends with his favourite humans. He is looking for a home without other pets, but would be fine with older children. He is very affectionate and loves plenty of cuddles & lots and lots of tummy rubbs. Could you give this wonderful boy a loving new home?

freddiesmilecrop Freddie (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Little Freddie doesn’t want to be a lap-dog, but he does want to have fun playing with his ball. Once he gets to know you, he loves being fussed over, but Freddie doesn’t like loud noises or crowds, so needs a quiet home. He’s fine to be left alone for a few hours and he’s a good little boy in the car. Are you a terrier-loving person looking for a Freddie?

fudgebirchhill Fudge (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)

Fudge is a lovely, affectionate lad who is very unhappy in kennels. He used to be fine with other dogs, but since being attacked he is now very frightened. He needs a special someone who will carefully resocialise him with dogs or who can offer him a home with lots of space so that he can exercise and have fun at home. Could you help Fudge?

maisie Maisie (Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue, kennelled Surrey)

Beautiful Maisie has spent most of her life in kennels and she really needs and deserves a loving home for the rest of her life. She has so much love to give and has a legion of devoted volunteers who walk her and give her lots of attention and love. Maisie would prefer to be an only dog, but she can live with older children. She is no trouble at all and will make the most devoted and loving of companions. Are you the one to bring her home forever?

Cooling off! Gordon (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Are you a single person looking for someone who will devote themselves to you and make you the most special person in their life? If so, you must meet Gordon! He is a sweet, loyal and loving little sweetie who is seeking an understanding owner as he gets nervous in new situations. He loves having lots of attention and he will shower you with love and affection if you decide to take him into your home. If you think this describes you, please consider this sweet, adorable little boy!

fajita-2 Fajita (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Fajita is a lovely, pretty and special girl who is seeking special owners who can help her adjust to her new life. In return, she will shower you with love and loyalty. Fajita is deaf and has some problems that make it difficult for her in new situations, but is otherwise a sweet, friendly and loving girl. Are you Fajita’s special someone?

paddy-8 Paddy (Private rehoming, Greater Manchester)

Perfect Paddy is a big softy. Quiet, obedient, a true gentleman. He’s good with older children being such a loving and patient boy. Just don’t ask him to hurry. He likes a gentle pace to life. If you need a constant companion who gives big cuddles, look no further than Paddy!

sasha-3 Stylish Sasha (Oldies Club, fostered Bedfordshire)

Sweet natured Sasha is a gorgeous 10 year old Akita. She can live with other dogs, cats and older children. She wants to be near her human almost all the time and she absolutely loves her walkies! Loyal, respectful and sometimes silly, Sasha wants to be your constant companion and she’ll add a touch of class to your home.

zak merlin Zak (Merlin Animal Rescue, North Wales)

Darling Zak has still got plenty of zest for life and he is a fun-loving and affectionate boy. Zak will be no trouble at all; he just wants to love and be loved. He gets along with other dogs and will make a terrific companion.

EddiePose Effervescent Eddie! (Oldies Club, fostered Kent)

Cute little Eddie is so bubbly that most people mistake him for a puppy! He loves his walks and can take endless cuddles. He’s a wonderfully cheery, cheeky and affectionate boy. He’s looking for a quiet home, with someone there most of the time, where plenty of sofa snuggles are on offer. Are you looking for a small dog with a big heart?

Benangelswithoutwingsfeat Ben (Angels Without Wings, kenneled Essex)

Gorgeous Ben is a loving black and white Collie who is looking to find his new family. He is a gentle boy who is very affectionate and adores plenty of cuddles and fuss. He would suit most households as he is good with older children and is fine with dogs also. So if you are looking for a loyal and loving companion, then look no further as Ben is the chap for you!

gunner Gunner (Stray Dogs Sanctuary, Devon)

Gunner is a cute, energetic and loving lad who has just lost the only family he has ever known. He loves playing with his tennis ball, is great with other dogs and children and has loads of love to give. If he can join your family, he would love to hear from you!

benji Benji (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Benji is a well-behaved boy who would make a wonderful companion given the chance. He can be wary of strangers and needs an experienced owner who will give him chance to settle. He’s fine with dogs but needs a child-free home. He loves to be cuddled and to play and is one loveable lad.

BarryHulafeat Barry AKA Baza (Hula Animal Rescue, Bedfordshire)

Cuddly Barry aka Baza is a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a new home. He is 7 years young and very friendly and affectionate. He is an active chap who is looking for an equally active new home where he can enjoy plenty of walks and exercise. He would be best as the only dog in the home and could love with older children. Could you give this gorgeous boy his new home?