BILL Bill (Labrador Rescue South East and Central, Herts)

Bill is a lovely Labrador who is looking for a quiet home with no small children or boisterous dogs, though he would be fine with older, gentle ones. He doesn’t need long walks, just regular, gentle ones to keep him mobile. Can you offer him his perfect, forever home?

BeasleySmile Beasley (Dogs Trust, Manchester)

Beasley loves to spend a sunny day in the garden and will make a great companion for his new owner. He can be wary of strangers and would like an adult home with someone who will be happy to help him settle. Beasley enjoys learning new things in return for tasty treats. Could he be your new best friend?

benji2 Benji (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

Beautiful Benji is a very laid-back, undemanding gentleman. He is a tiny fellow who enjoys his food and snoozing. He likes other dogs but would prefer to be the only one in an adult home. Benji is a lovely, cuddly and loyal boy who would be a perfect companion.

BrettBall Brett (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)

Brett is a playful, fun-loving American Bulldog with an adorable cross-eyed look! Brett has waited far too long in rescue, and with having arthritis, he really deserves to have a warm, comfortable home. Birch Hill are offering to pay for Brett’s arthritis medication and age-related medical bills. Could you be the lovely person to offer Brett the home he’s been waiting for?

Sox Sox (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Poor old Sox is in rescue as his owner has sadly died. He’s a gorgeous small-medium sized lad who loves a cuddle and being told how handsome he is! Sox will make a true loyal friend to his new owner – could that be you?

hooch 3 Hooch (Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, fostered Liverpool)

Hooch is a chilled-out boxer boy who has plenty of love to give. He is an enthusiastic, fun-loving lad who deserves a second chance at happiness after being picked up as a stray. This big boy can’t live with very young children, but he could possibly share his home with another dog. Can you help Hooch?

ArrowSRfeat Arrow (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Arrow is a gorgeous medium sized German Shepherd cross who would love to find his new home. He is approximately 7 years old and could live with another dog. He is such a sweet boy who loves people and enjoys plenty of fuss and cuddles. Could you give this lovely boy his new home?

buster boxer Buster (Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, Lancs)

Poor Buster is desperate for a home and a loving family after being found in a terrible state. He is a mellow boy who still has a boxer-like love of playtime and fun. Buster would like to be an only dog. He just needs someone to love him and offer him some home comforts.

millie boxer Millie (Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, Lancs)

Millie is a darling girl who loves being the centre of attention. She is still quite active and loves to play and run about. Millie would prefer to be an only dog, although she may be able to share with a calm male dog. She is not happy in kennels and hopes she will be enjoying the sofa with you soon!

Patch Patch (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Darling Patch has his ears opened waiting for the sound of his new owners! He is a friendly, playful and engaging boy who will make the perfect companion for a retired person or couple. He is dog friendly and just wants to hang out on the sofa with you and play with his toys.

RioSSC09feat Rio (via the Senior Staffy Club, Tamworth)

Rio is a beautiful 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who would love to find his forever home. He is an active lad who loves going for walks and playing with his toys. He adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and would prefer somewhere where someone is around most of the time. How can you resist this gorgeous boy!

ZackSSC06feat Zack (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Staffordshire)

Zack is a sweet little Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is 9 years old. He would love to find a quieter new home where he will get plenty of walks. He could live with children over 10, but would be best as an only dog. Could you give Sid his forever home?

SidSSCfeat Sid (Senior Staffy Club, Kennelled Staffordshire)

Sid is a beautiful 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is such a gorgeous lad who adores plenty of cuddles. Like most Staffy’s, he adores people and always wants to come up to say hello! He would love an active home and would be fine with children over 8 years old. What a lovely boy!

BellaSSC04 Bella (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Bristol)

Bella is a beautiful 11 year old Staffie who would love to find her forever home. She is such a sweetie who loves people and just wants to be your friend. She would be fine with children over 8 and at present is being tested with other dogs and cats. What a gorgeous girl!

DollySEYRR01feat Dolly (South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue)

Dolly is a gorgeous 9 year old Springer Spaniel who would love someone who is around most of the time. She is a very loving girl who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. She would prefer and adult only home, but could live with another dog. Could you give this beautiful girl her forever home?

sheikh Sheikh (Greyhound Rescue West of England, Somerset)

Sheikh has only three wishes: Lots of love and TLC, some lovely walks and another doggy to share his home. He is a lovely greyhound boy with a huge zest for life! Sheikh can live with children and just wants a new family to call his own after losing his beloved mum. Can you help him?

alf Alf (RSCPA Danaher, Essex)

Poor Alf has had a hard life and has a slight limp. His running days might be over, but he still would like to chase a rabbit! Alf is seeing a quieter home where he can stretch out and relax on the sofa with you and have a couple of gentle walks a day. He can live with children and other dogs and is a very sweet boy.

chance 3 Chance (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

Playful and loving, Chance will make a terrific companion. He loves to play, especially with his toys and he also likes having lots of fuss and walks. Chance gets along with other dogs and can live with older children. Can this bouncy, playful boy move in with you and bring his toys along?

max odotw 5 Max (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Max is a fetch-loving boy who is gorgeous to boot! He is also a bit insecure and nervous and needs patient, firm owners to help him cope with new situations and give him the structure he needs. He will make the most amazing and loving friend to the right person as he develops strong bonds with the people he loves. He has been waiting for a long time for that person. Is it you?

daisy rovers Daisy (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Chelmsford)

Daisy is reserved subject to homecheck
Adorable little Daisy can be a bit shy when she first meets you, but once she gets to know you, she is very affectionate and sweet. She prefers the quiet life and would love to move into a calm, quiet home where she can relax and get lots of cuddles in her retirement.

rose 2 Rose (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Rose is a superb example of the Akita breed. She is loving and loyal and is sure to devote herself to her family. Rose is used to children, but she wants to be your only dog. She is playful and loving and will make a terrific companion.

MaxRSPCALiverpoolfeat Max (RSPCA, Liverpool)

Max is a gorgeous 7 year old Crossbreed boy who would love to find his forever home. He is a bright lad who may be able to live with a female dog. He loves people and enjoys plenty of fuss and cuddles. How can you resist this lovely lad!

JenNorthEast Jen (Adopt a Dog North East, Durham)

Jen is a sweet, mild-mannered lady who just wants to chill out and relax with her forever family. She only needs moderate exercise and is seeking a quieter home. Jen can live with children and another calm dog. Can she move in with you?

star husky 2 Star (Stars Rescue, North East)

Star is ready to be the leading lady in your life! She is a beautiful, calm girl who can live with another calm dog and children. Star loves going for walks and chilling out at home. Do you have a place for this gorgeous lady?

SamsonIsleRescuefeat01 Samson (Isle Rescue, Doncaster)

Samson is a very handsome Boxer. He is 10 years old and would love to find his new home. He is a very gentle and quiet lad who gets on fine with other dogs and could live with children over 10. Could you give this beautiful boy a loving new home?

boycie 2 Boycie (RSPCA Essex South West)

Boycie may not be conventionally handsome, but his inner beauty shines through and makes him adorable! His tail never stops wagging and his bum wiggles in pleasure to see you. Boycie is such a happy, playful and loving boy who deserves a dog-loving family who won’t pass him over for something younger and cuter. He can live with other dogs and children and is guaranteed to bring joy to your life!

suzie 3 Suzie (Rovers Dog Rescue, Essex)

Suzie is a fantastic little girl who loves and cuddle and to snuggle on your lap. She has lived with other dogs and cats and is just a great all rounder for someone who is looking for a sweet and loving little companion.

JonesyNAWTTumrub Jonesy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Jonesy is a fabulous, affectionate German Shepherd x Terrier boy who is looking for an active home. He’s a clever lad who would love his new owner to continue his training and teach him new things. Jonesy loves cuddles and tummy rubs too! Could you offer him a fun home?

JetNAWT Jet (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Jet is a cute boy, but he needs an experienced, sensible owner who will treat him as a dog and continue his socialisation and training. He will also need you to continue the physio and limited exercise he is having at NAWT until his cruciate ligament has healed. Can you offer Jet the pet-free, child-free home he needs?

JedStands Jed (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Poor Jed is back in rescue as his recent adopter has sadly died. Poor Jed! This cute old lad loves a cuddle and still enjoys having fun, but he only needs gentle strolls and a garden to play in. Could you offer Jed a quiet home where he will be your very best friend?

izzy pro 3 Izzy (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Basingstoke)

Sweet little Izzy has been used as a breeding machine and is getting used to living in a home for the first time in her life. She is a little nervous, but her sweet nature is shining through. Izzy would like owners who will be around most of the time and another dog for company if possible. She is a real little cutie!

BenjiARCFace Benji (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Handsome Benji gets worried about other dogs so would like a rural home where he won’t need to meet lots of dogs. He’d like his new owner to be home a lot of the time and give him loads of cuddles. Could you offer Benji and his soulful eyes a quiet pet-free home and a settled routine?

cyril and missy odotw 3 Cyril and Missy (Grinshill Animal Rescue, Shropshire)

If you can’t decide between big and small, try one of each! Cyril and Missy come as a pair and offer twice the love and affection. Despite their ages, they are active and love going for walks. They would prefer a quieter, adult home where they can be your only dogs. Cyril and Missy are also available for foster. They just want a loving home with a nice garden for sunbathing.

sweep 3 Sweep (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Sweep will steal your heart with his gentle, loving nature. This sweet, calm boy has had a hard life so far and really deserves to be someone’s cherished companion. He just likes to be with you and will nuzzle you for cuddles! You will fall in love with lovely Sweep!

timmy akita 3 Timmy (RSPCA Essex South West Branch)

Timmy is a wonderful dog, with a loving, friendly nature. He loves having fuss and cuddles and would like to be a lap dog, even at his size! Timmy would suit most homes, although he would do best with older, calm children. He loves to play and go for walks, followed by a nice cuddle and snooze with you on the sofa. He is a real teddy bear.

SandyTTowel URGENT: Sandy, tea towel transporter! (Oldies Club, Worcestershire)

Sandy needs to move from his foster home ASAP. We have no suitable foster homes available. Could you offer Sandy a quiet, pet-free permanent or foster home?
Sandy is a big lovable Lab whose owner sadly died. Sandy will make a wonderful companion and would love to potter with you in the garden. Possibly due to recent upheaval, Sandy gets worried when visitors leave the house, so needs a quiet home with someone who will diligently shut him away before people leave. Could gorgeous Sandy be your special boy and transport your tea towels?

zeus akita Zeus (Dogs Friends, Somerset)

Zeus has such a gentle, laid back personality. He loves to lie in the sunshine outdoors and going for short, gentle strolls. Zeus loves people and other dogs and has no behavioural issues as all. Akita lovers are going to love this gentle big boy!

maggie may Maggie May (Dogs Friends, Somerset)

Sweet Maggie May loves having lots of cuddles, affection and belly rubs! She is seeking a quiet, loving retirement home with a staffy-lover where she can have lots of the above. Maggie May would prefer to be your only dog. She enjoys the quiet life and will love relaxing with you.

talida Talida (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Talida is a stunning girl who has sadly not had the happiest of lives so far. She is a very friendly, laid-back lady who doesn’t need much exercise. Talida can share her home with other dogs, but should not live with children or cats. Can you make this pretty girl happy for the rest of her life?

AlfiePDD03 Alfie (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Aldershot, Hampshire)

Alfie is a gorgeous 8 year old Poodle cross Papillion who would love to find his new home. He is a very loving boy who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and would like to find someone who is around most of the time to keep him company. He loves people and would be best homed as an only dog. Can you give this lovely boy his new home?

MollyArkSmile Molly (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire coast)

Molly is wonderful girl who would fit into most homes. She’s a friendly, amenable little staffy who needs a new home as her owners are moving to pet-free accommodation. Molly lived with a dog and young children previously and doesn’t seem bothered about cats. Could you offer her a forever home?

PrincessSophiaWAS02 Sophia (Waifs and Strays, fostered East Sussex)

Princess Sophia is a very beautiful little girl. She is 8 months old and is a Beddlington cross Saluki who is both blind and deaf. She is looking for a very special owner who will give her the love and care this wonderful girl deserves. She needs someone who is around most of the time and loves other dog, cats and children. Could you give this gorgeous girl her forever home?

PhilDogsTrustLiverpoolFeat Phil (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Gorgeous “laid back” Phil is a really sweet 8 year old Greyhound. He is a very loving boy who is looking to find his new home and would like someone who is around most of the time. He gets on great with other dogs and will make a wonderful companion and a loyal and loving friend.

Fit for a goddess, here is Venus relaxing  in her newly decorated kennel Venus (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Attention ladies! If you are looking for a loving, playful and cuddly companion to share your sofa and snuggle with you in bed, Venus is ready to hear from you. This staffy goddess of love has plenty of charisma, affection and playfulness to go along with her good looks. Venus loves giving lots of kisses and playing with her ball. She would like a female owner and to be your one and only. Please don’t let this beauty get any older in kennels – she so deserves a loving home!

RomeoRSPCA Romeo (RSPCA Essex South, Southend & District Branch)

Romeo was raised in a family home but was sadly passed to someone who kept him in a crate and used him for breeding. Poor Romeo! Now in rescue he’s feeling very ‘woo-hoo freedom!’ and is such a happy, friendly boy. He’s been neutered and just needs a loving home. He can live with kids aged 10+ and possibly cats too.

markus1 Markus (Halfway Home Dogs Rescue, Notts)

Happily, Markus was saved from the pound and now has a chance for a good life. Markus is only 1 year old and is deaf, so he is looking for a special home with someone around a lot to help him settle and gain confidence. He’s fine with children and would benefit from another calm dog in the home to show him the way. He surely deserves a chance.

MaxRSPCALiverpoolFeat Max (RSPCA, Liverpool Branch)

Max is a very handsome 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. He is a gorgeous lad who is very loving and playful. He would love to find his new family and could live with children over 10. He could also live with another dog and is great with cats. What ever are you waiting for!

RedRSPCALiverpoolFeat Red (RSPCA, Liverpool Branch)

Red is a gorgeous 8 year old brown Saluki girl. She has such a lovely nature and is now looking to find her forever home. She gets on fine with other dogs, but cannot live with a cat. She will make a great addition to your household and can live with children over the age of 12. How can you resist this beautiful girl!

LizzyRSPCALiverpoolFeat Lizzy (RSPCA, Liverpool Branch)

Lizzy is a gorgeous 10 year old Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is a very loving girl who adores people of all ages and loves plenty of cuddles. She would suit most homes and could live with children over the age of 7. Could you give this sweet little girl her forever home?

jess2 Jess (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Jess is a cute little Jack Russell who would make a great companion for the right person. Once she knows you, she is affectionate and loves a fuss. She would prefer to be the only pet in a home where any children are older.

katie2 Katie (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Katie is a very sweet, quiet lady who is looking for a home that’s not too exciting as she likes the quiet life. She loves her walks and attention but not too much play. Katie can live with children and other dogs, but no cats please.

WillfredSafeRescue05 Wilfred (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Wilfred or “Wilfy” as he is known is a very affectionate 8 to 9 year old Collie Cross boy. He adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and will make a wonderful companion. He would love to find a caring owner who will give him his forever home

MillieSafeRescue01 Millie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norwich)

Millie is a really sweet 8 year old crossbreed who is looking to find her new home. She is a loving girl who is fine with other dogs and has a lovely nature. She enjoys plenty of fuss and cuddles and will make a loyal companion to the right person. How can you resist those gorgeous eyes!

MeganSNDogs Megan (SNDogs, fostered Gloucestershire)

Isn’t Megan beautiful? She is sweet and affectionate too, yet she’s been waiting two years for a new home of her own! She is quiet and clean in the home, can be left for up to 4 hours and can live with children aged 10+. Could you be the person Megan is waiting for?

ralph foal Ralph (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Poor Ralph hasn’t had the best of lives so far and he is feeling unsure of himself. What this boy needs is a special, understanding owner who will help him settle into his new home. Ralph really needs his home comforts! Can you help this sweet, sad boy?

RedBuster Red Buster (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester)

Red Buster is a very attractive Staffy chap who would enjoy a home with children. His owner sadly could no longer care for him properly. He is in kennels at the moment and is looking forward to being back in a proper home. Isn’t he lovely?!

maxi Maxi (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Bournemouth)

Maxi is a fantastic little boy who is full of character, fun and love. He is a strong-willed terrier type who is looking for owners who love the breed. Maxi is happy to share his home with another female dog and can also share his home with cats and rabbits!

MaxTessAHCrop Max and Tess (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Max (right) and Tess are gorgeous Saluki Crosses who have never known much in the way of home comforts, and as Max is 13, he really needs to be in a comfy home. His pal Tess is only 5, but they are the best of friends and would like to stay together if possible. They are good with kids and dogs and they love a cuddle. Who could resist them?!

BrunoLoveUnderdogs2 Bruno (Love Underdogs, Warwickshire)

Bruno’s past has made him a very shy boy and he needs a kind person to offer him a quiet, understanding home where he can continue to gain confidence and learn that life can be fun. Could you be the lovely person that Bruno needs?

OscarWesleyJerryGreen01 Wesley and Oscar (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Lincolnshire)

Wesley and Oscar are two gorgeous crossbreed boys who are looking for a new home together. Wesley is 13 and Oscar is 10 years young and they are the best of friends. Oscar is a right character who is still full of fun and loves to run around, while Oscar is a bit more laid back and prefers to have a little mooch about. Could you give these two boys a loving home?

MikeyAWOW02 Mikey (Angels Without Wings, Cambridgeshire)

Mikey is a very sweet 7 year old little crossbreed boy who is looking to find his forever home. He is an active lad who loves to play and enjoys exploring the world around him. He who loves meeting everyone and gets on fine with children, dogs, and cats! How can you resist this loving boy.

willow1 Willow (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, fostered North Yorkshire)

Willow is a lovely Lurcher who is currently in a foster home with other dogs while hoping to find a retirement home. She’s extremely well behaved and enjoys her walks, but also loves to sleep on the sofa. Willow would prefer an adult-only home with no cats. She also likes to talk to you!

sadie1 Sadie (Pound Puppy Animal Rescue, fostered Dorset)

Beautiful Sadie is an intelligent lady who loves to be with people and enjoys lots of fuss. She is only 7 and is a strong, lively girl, so needs an active owner who will be able to keep up with her. Sadie enjoys playing with her toys and has good recall. She is happy to live with older children and other dogs.

peppq1 Peppa (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester )

Peppa is a lovely lady who’s fun and bouncy. It’s hard to believe she’s spent the last 2.5 years in rescue. She’s very small and loves nothing more than a cuddle and a tummy rub. Peppa would prefer to be the only pet in the home to get all the attention and could live with children aged 14+. Peppa loves people and just wishes someone would love her back.

lady odotw 5 Lady (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

Gorgeous Lady is a laid-back, loving and cuddly teddy bear of a dog. She loves to have cuddles and lounge on the sofa with her canine friends. Equally she enjoys having a nice brisk walk! She is such an easy girl, a real diamond, who should not still be waiting for a new home since being rescued as an unclaimed stray many months ago. Can you let this sweet, beautiful girl into your heart and home?

benson calder 3 Benson (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Benson is a loving and loyal boy who loves going for walks and playing with his toys. He is a big, strong lad who is seeking someone who is used to large breeds who can spend lots of time with him! Benson would like to be your only dog because he wants all of your attention for himself.

grand duke 3 Duke (RSPCA Essex South West Branch)

XXL Duke is a soppy boy who loves having cuddles, belly rubs and giving kisses. He is such a gentle, friendly boy who only needs minimal exercise. Duke is fine with other dogs and can live with older children. He just wants a place to call home and a family to love.

jacob 2 Jacob (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Jacob is such a calm, gentle and well mannered boy. He enjoys stretching his legs both on and off the lead, but at home all he wants is a nice comfy bed for snoozing. Jacob would do best as an only dog in a cat-free home, but he is great with children and likes being hugged by them!

thomasrev1 Thomas (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcester)

Thomas is a lovely, sweet-natured boy who was saved from the pound. He’s a little lost and bewildered but growing in spirit and confidence daily. Thomas does not react to dogs but it’s unknown how he is with cats. He could live with children aged 8+ years. Be prepared to fall in love with him!

plodder 2 Plodder (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Plodder is a calm, gentle boy who is a dream to walk. He loves having a fuss and will make a wonderful companion. Plodder is good with other dogs and can live with children, but he does like to chase cats and small furries!

freddie Freddie (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Darling little Freddie can be quite nervous when he first meets you and is seeking patient, understanding owners who can give him lots of reassurance as he adjusts to his new home. He is a sweet, fun little boy who loves going for walks and playing ball. He would like a quieter, adult home, but he is great with other dogs!

sasha2 Sasha (Senior Staffy Club, Berkshire )

Sasha is an affectionate, loving lady who is looking for a new home as she is being left for long hours. She loves tummy tickles and her toys and is living with a 6 year old and teenager. Sasha would prefer to be the only pet as that is what she’s used to. She loves company and travels well.

???????? Sox (Adopt a Dog North East, fostered Durham)

Even though Sox came into rescue as a cruelty case, he is a playful, loving gent who is living in foster care with other dogs and cats. He can also live with children aged 10+. Sox loves his home comforts and walks. He truly deserves a loving home to call his own.

KyeDunroaminK901 Kye (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, fostered Derbyshire)

Kye is a amazing fella who is looking for find his forever family. He is a gorgeous lad who is 8 years old and still has plenty of life left in him. He loves going for walks and playing with his toys. He loves being with people and also is fine with other dogs. How can you resist this wonderful boy!

milo se 2 Milo (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Milo is a sweet loving boy who will initially need lots of reassurance as he gets used to you and his new home. Once he trusts you, he will be your new best friend. Milo is looking for a quieter home with someone who can spend lots of time with him. He is great with other dogs, but chases cats!