trigger Trigger (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Stafford)

Trigger would be the perfect addition to most homes as he can live with older children, dogs and cats. All he wants is cuddles! He’s a very friendly boy, good at the vets and in the car. He enjoys his walks too and treats too. He deserves his own loving home.

MaxSit2 VERY URGENT! Max needs a foster home! (Oldies Club)

Max is a very loving, intelligent German Shepherd boy who needs a foster home urgently. He would enjoy being part of a fun, active family. It would be ideal if you have GSD experience, and you will need to be physically fit as Max is a big strong boy. He also gives the best cuddles! Could you help Max?

venus odotw 5 Venus (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Pretty Venus arrived at West Calder in 2007, pregnant and scared. She was a wonderful mum to her 11 puppies and watched them all go off to happy homes, but no-one wanted Venus and she has waited and waited to no avail. Please, please, are you the person Venus is waiting for? She would like an adult home with a lady owner (she is wary of men) and although fine with dogs out, wants to be your only one at home. Please?

libby1 Libby (Arundawn Dog Rescue, West Sussex)

Libby is a lovely Plummer Terrier who finds herself in emergency boarding and looking urgently for a foster or forever, adult, pet-free home. She is most likely blind and deaf but still enjoys a bit of a walk or sniff around and she does love her food. Can you help Libby enjoy the rest of her life?

poppy waif Poppy (Waifs and Strays Dog Rescue, East Sussex)

Are you a single lady looking for a loving companion? If so, please consider Poppy! Poppy is a sweet lady looking for a calmer home where any children are older. She is nervous around men, but with time and patience, she will adjust. Poppy gets on with other dogs, but she doesn’t like cats!

pippa and heidi 3 Pippa and Heidi (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Devoted pair Pippa and Bella offer you twice the love and fun! They are sweet-natured little ladies who are very attached to one another and they hope there is someone out there who will fall in love with them and offer them a loving home where they can get lots of love and attention.

bella bull 3 Bella (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Bella is a fun-loving, active lady who loves to play with a ball and have a cuddle! She is very sweet natured and happy to share her home with older children and a calm male canine companion. This snowy white beauty will bring her new owners lots of love and happiness.

HoochADMfeat Hooch (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Hooch is a cuddly Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who would love to find a happy retirement home. He is such a gentle soul who loves people and just wants to be your best friend. He adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and likes going for walks. He may be able to live with another calmer dog, but cannot live with a cat. He would also be fine with children over 10. He will make a wonderful companion and a loyal and loving friend, so what are you waiting for?

SashaHULAfeat Sasha (HULA Animal Rescue, Bedfordshire)

Beautiful, cuddly Sasha is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who would love to find a new home. She has such a sweet and gentle temperament and will make a wonderful companion. She would be best as an only pet, but would be fine with children over 7. How can you resist this gorgeous girl.

DaveHULAfeat Dave (HULA Animal Rescue, Bedfordshire)

Bouncy, fun loving Dave is a gorgeous black and white Jack Russell Terrier who would love to find a new home. He is a sweet lad with a great little character who loves life and having plenty of fun. He may be able to live with another female dog, but most of all he wants a loving new owner who will be his best friend for life!

Jonesy Jonesy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Jonesy is a fabulous, affectionate German Shepherd x Terrier boy who is looking for an active home. He’s a clever lad who would love his new owner to continue his training and teach him new things. Jonesy loves cuddles and tummy rubs too! Could you offer him a fun home?

MissyPrivateBaby Missy (Private rehoming, Kent)

Missy is a beautiful Shar Pei girl who loves children and is used to living with another dog, but she can’t cope with being left on her own and is very unhappy. Could you offer Missy a loving home where she can be your constant companion, or where there is always someone home?

PaddyNAWTfeat Paddy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Somerset)

Paddy is a gorgeous Beagle who is looking to find his forever home. He needs someone who is around most of the time to keep him company. He is quite an energetic chap who enjoys playing with his toys and having a game of fetch. He enjoys his walks and walks well on the lead. He is looking for an adult only home where he will be the only pet. Could you give this beautiful boy a loving retirement home?

SaskiaSSCfeat Saskia (via Senior Staffy Club, Merseyside)

Gentle cuddly Saskia is a wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a new home. She is fine with other dogs and could happily live with another older dog, but cannot live with a cat. She is fine with children and loves playing with her toys. She enjoys going for walks and walks well on the lead. She is a gorgeous girl inside out and will make a fantastic companion companion and a loyal and loving friend.

PiggyAARandRfeat Piggy (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, fostered Thurrock, Essex)

What can you say about perfect Piggy! She is gentle, loving, calm, cuddly, beautiful and just a big old softie! She would love to find a quieter new home where someone is around most of the time. She enjoys going for walks and gets on great with other dogs. She has so much love to give and will make a wonderful and loyal companion.

BarneyYes Barney (Yes Spaniel Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Barney is a gorgeous Springer who would love an active home where he will have long off-lead walks and lots of fun. He could live with compatible dog and he is used to living with children. Could Barney be your new best friend please?

penny Penny (Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

Cute, little Penny is a sweet lady who loves to jump into your arms! She needs an adult home with her people around most of the time. Penny is used to living with cats and small animals but does not like other dogs. She would make a very loyal and loving companion.

geaham1 Graham (Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

Graham is a very sociable gent and a real advocate for his Staffy breed. He likes a few short walks and loves his tennis ball to bits, dropping it into your lap for a game. He would like to live with a calm, female dog and any children should be over 8 years. What a lovely boy.

sadie bath 2 Sadie (Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

Sadie is a Labrador/Staffy cross who exhibits the people-loving traits of both breeds! She is a lovely, golden-coated girl who loves to play. Now that she has slimmed down a bit, she has plenty of energy to chase her favourite tennis balls. Sadie is worried by other dogs, but she loves people, including children, very much. She is like a ray of sunshine!

Vincent 2 Vincent (Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

If you are looking for a lap dog who also enjoys a good game of tug, look no further! Vincent is a sweet, charming little chap who is guaranteed to brighten your life. He is looking for owners who can spend lots of time with him and make him their only one. He promises to give you all his love in return.

Tara 4 Tara (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Tara’s luck is on the upswing. From bleak beginnings she’s now a bright and loving girl ready to cast off kennel life and be the doting companion to an experienced, kind owner. Being the only pet in a home of her own will make this beautiful girl’s spirits soar.

TotoSmile1 URGENT! Could you be Toto’s new mum? (Oldies Club, fostered Bucks.)

HELP! – We need to move Toto urgently. Could you offer him a new home?
Toto’s beloved owner went into a home and he spent weeks in kennels. He is a sweet, timid dog and needs a kind person to devote himself to, who won’t leave him on his own for long. His foster carer goes out to work and he is so sad. He would prefer a female owner. We would like to move him straight to a permanent home, but foster home offers will be considered. Thank you!

Tarka2Thumb Chocolate Terrier Tarka! (Oldies Club, fostered Devon)

Tarka is a cute chocolate terrier who loves to play ball. He could live with children aged 8+ but would like to be your only pet. Tarka is fine to be left on his own and could live with a working family. He’s good in the car and OK on the lead. Could you offer Tarka a loving home and lots of fun?

SallyAWOWfeat Sally (Angels Without Wings, Cambridgeshire

Darling little Sally is a beautiful 10 year old Chi x Yorkie. She is a cuddly sweet natured girl who would love to find a home of her own where someone is around most of the time to keep her company. She loves people and will make a wonderful companion. Do you have room in your heart and space on your lap for this gorgeous lady?

monty jerry Monty (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincolnshire)

25/6/16 Monty is reserved!
Monty is a lovely boy who likes to have a nice lean in to you for a cuddle! He is a happy, good-natured boy who enjoys the company of both people and other dogs. The only thing he really doesn’t like is loud noise! Monty is going to make someone a smashing companion.

jack safe Jack (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Sweet little Jack has had a hard life so far and all he wants now is a quiet, comfy home and a loving family around him. Jack is 90% blind, but he gets along fine, preferring to be walked in quieter places where he can relax and enjoy himself. This dear little lad will make a loving and loyal companion to anyone who can open their heart and home to him.

valentin Valentin (Safe Rescue, fostered Dersingham)

Valentin is such a gentle and placid little soul and it is such a shame that he spent his life in a Romanian shelter when he deserved to have a loving family around him. He is the sweetest little boy who never has a bad word for anyone. Can you give Valentin the happy life he deserves?

cocobean Cocobean (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Pretty Cocobean is a quirky and comical little lady who can still be a bit nervous around people. She will run up to you for a fuss, but then hesitate and become submissive. Her desire to be cuddled though always wins out! Cocobean gets along with other dogs and is a very special lady who deserves an equally special home!

MarthaSOSTerriersfeat Martha (Terrier SOS, fostered Norfolk)

Martha is a beautiful little Border Terrier Cross who would love to find a new home where someone is around most of the time. She is such a sweet little lady who is full of fun and right little character. She adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and also enjoys going for gentle walks. She gets on fine with other dogs and will make someone a great little companion.

DancerDogsTrustMerseysidefeat Dancer (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Pretty Dancer is a beautiful 8 year old Greyhound who would love to find a new home of her own. She is a gorgeous lady who loves companionship and needs a home where someone is around most of the time to keep her company. She would be best in a pet free home and without children. She will make a loyal and loving friend the the lucky person who gives her a new home.

Scooby 5 Scooby (Senior Staffy Club, Bradford)

Supremely soppy Scooby is about 7 years old. He’s a typical Staffy in that he loves all humans. He doesn’t need much exercise, just copious cuddles. A more devoted companion would be hard to find.

ben ah Ben (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Sweet old Ben is a proper oldie who just wants a nice comfy bed and to snuggle up beside you in his twilight years. It has been hard on him coming into kennels at his age and he desperately needs a home where he can feel safe and loved. Ben is a wonderful old boy who will reward your care with infinite love and loyalty.

Digbyratsfeat Digby (Rehoming Animal Telephone Service, Hertfordshire)

Digby is one of the gentlest boys you are likely to meet. He is an extremely sweet crossbreed lad who is looking for a quieter new home where he can enjoy his twilight years. He enjoys keeping you company and going for gentle walks. He adores lots of fuss and cuddles too and will make a wonderful and loyal companion.

BenDogsTrustMerseysidefeat Ben (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Ben is a wonderful crossbreed chap who is looking for a loving new home. He would love a home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He is fine with other dogs that he meets so may be able to live with another companion, but needs a home without children. He loves going for walks and walks well on the lead. He adores lots of cuddles and just wants to be your friend. Do you have a comfy sofa he can snuggle up next to you on?

murphy Murphy (Pups Needing Homes, East Sussex)

Liver and white Springer Spaniel Murphy is a truly lovely boy, as well as being very handsome. He loves his tennis ball and is good with other dogs, but no cats please. As there is no history, Murphy should live with older children. Who can resist that lovely face?

BennyAnimalRescueCymrufeat Benny (Animal Rescue Cymru)

Benny is a gorgeous Labrador Cross who is desperate to find a loving new home. He is such a sweet boy who is very loveable and would love a new home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He would prefer a fairly active home where he is the only pet. Could you give this adorable boy a loving new home?

nero1 Nero (Isle Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Stunningly handsome Nero is a real people dog and is very gentle and friendly. He’s okay with other dogs outside but would prefer to be the only pet In the home and cannot live with cats or small furries. He is fine to live with slightly older children. What a handsome boy.

quinn Quinn (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Gentle, affectionate and easy-going sum up this lovely boy Quinn. He’d love a quietish home with someone around a lot of the time, but is okay to be left for short periods. He gets on well with other dogs but probably would prefer to be the only pet so that he can have all the attention. Any children should be over 12 years. Quinn promises to be a loving companion.

Valerie 4 Valerie (Friends Of The Animals RCT, fostered, Cornwall)

Mild-mannered Valerie has a gently radiant presence. She needs a quiet home with a calm, loving person or two who are around most of the time AND she needs a laid back doggy companion to help her feel safe. She does not need much exercise as she’s still quite scared of the world beyond the garden. She’s very affectionate with those she trusts but shy and sensitive due to her life experience before now. Cuddles, kindness and a canine pal are what Valerie’s looking for. Can you help her?

Millie 2 Millie (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered, Cardiff)

Cutie girl Millie is looking for peace, love and the chance to express her quietly friendly nature. She doesn’t need much exercise. All she wants is a human or two of her own, who’ll give her the TCL she deserves. In return she’ll be a devoted companion, always attentive and loving. Or just plain adorable if she’s asleep!

jake uk gsd 2 Jake (UK German Shepherd Rescue, kennelled Lancashire)

Jake is a stunningly handsome boy with a loving, friendly personality to match. He has lived a sheltered life and is just learning about the outside world. He is also learning that life can be fun! Jake is a sweet lad who has so much love to give. Can you give him the loving home he deserves?

benji uk gsd 2 Benji (UK German Shepherd Rescue, kennelled Lancashire)

Benji is a wonderfully handsome and good natured boy who has a lot of life to catch up on! He didn’t go out much previously, but he is learning to love to meet new people, especially if they want to play fetch! Benji should settle in easily in most homes and can share his home with other dogs and older children.

keyna Keyna (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Stafford)

Keyna is an energetic and loving lady who fits perfectly on a lap! She loves cuddles more than anything and is such a sweet, friendly and affectionate girl. Keyna can share her home with another dog and with older children. She has so much love to give.

Roxy Roxy (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, kennelled S. Yorkshire)

Beautiful Roxy is a nervous lady after being surrendered to the dog warden and is looking for an experienced, loving home with someone who can patiently build up her trust. In return, she will make a life-long, loyal friend. Roxy needs an adult home and could live with a calm, submissive male. Could you be Roxy’s special person?

TeefaMorganBench2Crop Pomtastic! Teefa and Morgan! (Oldies Club, fostered Nottinghamshire)

Teefa and her son Morgan are delightful little dogs who need a new home together. Being young oldies they are very energetic and need fun walks with a chance to run off-lead. They love snuggles on the sofa and want a home where they won’t be left for too long, especially while they’re settling in. If you love walks, cuddles and fun times, they could be the dogs for you!

_DSC7062 Crystal Crystal (Leicester Animal Aid)

Crystal is an adorable character who loves everyone she meets. She’s large and lively so an adult home is required. It’s not known if she could live with another dog as she likes to be in charge, but no cats or small furries please. She would love to be your loyal companion.

Milo 2 Milo (Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Buckinghamshire)

Milo is a big, friendly snuggle-seeker. Gentle by nature, he loves meeting people and is great with other dogs. His large, flollopy frame is a reassuring presence and his keenness to please makes him a delightful companion. Giant cuddles anyone?

tyson1 Tyson (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Tyson is a wonderful, dinky Staffy boy who is full of love and will make a lovely friend. He’s placid and well-behaved, good on the lead and with recall. Tyson is fine with other dogs but needs to be the only pet in the home. He’s used to visiting children and is great with them.

Popeye Popeye the Shih Tzu man! (Oldies Club, fostered West Sussex)

Popeye is a well-behaved, active and friendly little Shih Tzu boy who only has one eye. He is good with dogs and has the potential to live with cats but he isn’t used to children. He would like a calm home where he will have two or three good walks per day. Could Popeye curl up on your slippers?

katie Katie (Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Suffolk)

Sweet little Katie is a laid back lady who just wants someone to love and to be loved in return. She just needs gentle walks and a bit of play time please. Katie likes to have all of the attention for herself so would like to be your only dog. Isn’t she a cutie?

Tia suffolk Tia (Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Suffolk)

Tia might be an older lady, but she still loves her toys! She is a loving, outgoing girl who loves to meet new people and explore new places. She would prefer to be your only dog, but is happy to share her home with children, especially if they give her lots of cuddles!

JennaEstaPoised Jenna & Ester (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Jenna Collie X and her best friend Esta Terrier X are the sweetest, loveliest dogs you could wish to meet. All they ask is for a kind person to offer them a comfortable home together. They enjoy walks and a game of ball, and they can live with other dogs. Could they come to live with you please?

daisy Daisy (RSPCA Essex South West)

Sadly, Daisy arrived in care via Social Services so not a lot is known about her past. She’s coming along in leaps and bounds and is looking for a caring, terrier experienced home. Daisy needs a pet-free and adult-only home but will make a loving and entertaining companion once she knows you – she can even get treats from fastened pockets!

KaneOxUp Kane (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Kane is a handsome Lab x Staffy boy who is looking for a quiet home where he will have nice walks of up to half an hour so that his old joints don’t get too stiff afterwards! Could Kane come to live with you please?

ReggieOxTongue Reggie (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Two of Reggie’s favourite things are paddling and cuddling. He doesn’t like the vet’s though! He needs an adult-only home with folks experienced with big dogs and he’d like to be your only pet. Could this handsome Great Dane X be your new best friend?

MiaOxBed Mia (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Mia would be perfect for someone wanting a chilled companion that doesn’t need much walking. Mia loves relaxing in her bed, and in the summer she loves a play in her paddling pool and then snoozing in the sun to dry off. She is deaf, but makes her way to where you point, and doesn’t like being on a lead, but happily follows you along. Bless her!

DieselOxPaw Diesel (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Diesel is so fed up of being in kennels and he’s hoping that a Staffy-loving person will spot him on the Oldies Club website and offer him a home. He doesn’t want to live with children or other pets, and takes his time to get to know you, but once he does, he makes a great companion and loves belly rubs. Please consider Diesel!

alfie amicii Alfie (Amicii Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Sweet little Alfie is looking for a new home because he has sadly lost his beloved owner. Alfie is a friendly, loving boy who has been well cared for all his life. He has settled in nicely at his foster home and will be no problem at all! He is still very lively for his age and he loves people and other dogs! Sound perfect, doesn’t he?

SammyOxonSmile Sammy (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Sammy is a gorgeous big lad who will make a fabulous addition to a dog-experienced family home. He is fine with children aged 5+ and could live with a compatible canine friend. He’s a strong lad who loves cuddles and playing ball. How can you resist?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pippa and Milly (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Pippa and Milly are cute, small Spaniel crosses whose owner has sadly passed away. They are lovely, friendly girls from the same litter and have lived together all their lives. Pippa and Milly are great with dogs and cats and still enjoy a long walk. What a perfect pair.

Tyson1 [10098511] Tyson (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Tyson is a lovely gentleman who is good on the lead and fine with the other dogs he’s met. He loves showing his basic commands, especially where there is a treat. Tyson his fit, heathy and active and would enjoy playing tennis with you.

Archie 3 Archie (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Little Archie has a lot of character. In a good way that is! He’s friendly to all, including other dogs and he could cuddle for Britain. He’s the ideal compact companion to brighten up your life.

pixie staffy Pixie (Senior Staffy Club, Worcester)

If you like having lots of cuddles and kisses, Pixie is your girl! She is the most happy and bouncy little lady who has just been released from a sad life of breeding and neglect. And she plans to live life to the fullest! Pixie loves people dearly and will make a loving and entertaining companion.

Alfie on the left, Elmo on the right URGENT: Elmo & Alfie need a home! (Oldies Club, fostered Devon)

Adorable little brothers Elmo and Alfie need to find a permanent home urgently. They are good with older children and have lived with another dog in the past, but they get over-excited when they see dogs out on walks so need a confident-but-kind, terrier-experienced owner. Could you offer these little cuties an active home with plenty of cuddles and fun?

WesleyLeashofLifefeat Wesley (Leash Of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Wesley is a very handsome crossbreed lad who would love to find his new family. He is around 10 years young and is quiet an active lad. He gets on fine with other dogs and may be able to live with older sensible children, but cannot live with a cat. He is very loving and sweet and is one of the loveliest boys you are likely to meet.

BrynCar Bryn (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcester)

Poor Bryn is 16 and finds his world turned upside down after the death of his owner. He’s been in the same home for 16 years and is so frightened in kennels. Confined spaces make him scared and a bit grumpy. Could you offer this poor lad a child-free, quiet home with lots of experience, patience and love?

GeorgieButtercup Georgie (female) (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

This beautiful girl with the very substantial ears is Georgie. After a life spent mostly tied outside on a farm, Georgie thought she had found a loving home, but her adopter has now fallen ill and so poor Georgie is back in rescue. Georgie loves to play ball and is a loyal companion on walks. She is clean in her kennel and desperately wants to spend the rest of her life in a caring home. Could that home be yours?

Mr Puck Mr Puck (Leash Of Life, Wiltshire)

Peaceable Mr. Puck is a true gentleman. He’s extremely loving, friendly and impeccably well mannered. He gets on well with other dogs. Everyone who meets him instantly loves him. All he needs is his own human or two to fulfil his life’s purpose of being an adoring, steadfast companion. Can you bring the joy back into that noble face?

Harvey Harvey (RSPCA Bryn y Maen Animal Centre, North Wales)

Unloved, locked away in a crate and being fed by a neighbour; after an experience like that, Harvey must feel relieved to be in rescue, waiting for a kind person to offer him a home. Harvey loves walks, toys and food, and is an entertaining, lovable lad who deserves the very best from now on. Could you offer him an adult home as an only dog?

JackSandCrop Jack (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

If you love feisty terriers, you could be person Jack is waiting to meet! He’s a fabulous little traveller and would make a great buddy on trips out. He gets on well with dogs out and about but needs a child-free home. Jack is always busy and is eager to learn. Could you offer him your love and experience of terriers?