lucky and penny 2 Lucky and Penny (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Bonded sisters Penny and Lucky are sweet, gentle souls who are blossoming in a foster home after being found in a state of neglect. It is almost as if they are getting younger every day as they enjoy running about in the fields, relaxing at home or pottering about the garden. They love people and are good with other dogs and cats. They will bring you double the joy and love if you have space for two!

ida Ida (Blind Dog Rescue UK, fostered Herefordshire)

Despite having had a hard life in Romania, Ida still loves people and adores lots of attention and fuss. She is sadly missing both of her eyes, but she gets on well and just wants a comfortable, secure and loving home where she can enjoy your company and snooze in the sun.

roxy1 Roxy (Stray Dogs Sanctuary, Devon)

Poor Roxy is lost and confused now that her owner is too ill to care for her. She is a beautiful Collie and is good with other dogs. She’s fine with children but would prefer a quiet home to spend her retirement years. She’s a lovely lady.

Otto 4 Otto (A Better Life, fostered North Yorkshire)

Stunningly gorgeous Otto is a Golden Retriever with a soft, loving nature. He can live with another amiable dog and is good with cats and other small animals. He’s looking for a quiet life in the countryside or by the sea. Most of all, he wants to be safe and loved.

ZackSadEyes Zack (Senior Staffy Club, fostered Fife)

Zack is a clever, entertaining staffy who loves to do high fives. He will do almost anything for a treat, and he even likes vegetables. Zack loves meeting people and enjoys a trip out on the bus, taking in the sights. Could you offer this fabulous lad the permanent home he’s been waiting for?

piper safe Piper (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Piper is a beautiful girl who is seeking a very special owner. She suffered unspeakable horrors during her time in Romania and still carries physical and mental scars from her previous life. She is learning to trust again and is improving every day, but her new owners will need to take it slowly with her. Are you the kind-hearted, special person who can care for Piper for the rest of her life?

gunner Gunner (Stray Dogs Sanctuary, Devon)

Gunner is a cute, energetic and loving lad who has just lost the only family he has ever known. He loves playing with his tennis ball, is great with other dogs and children and has loads of love to give. If he can join your family, he would love to hear from you!

astra1 Astra (Senior Staffy Club, at home in Yorkshire)

Astra is a truly loving lady who just adores cuddles and people. She’s very gentle and walks well on the lead. Astra is living with a male dog and gets on very well with him. She is also used to dog-savvy cats. Astra can live with children but would prefer them to be aged 10+ as she does like her peace and quiet. What a little star she is.

MistySheltieResfeat Misty (Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club, Breed Rescue, kennelled Scotland)

Pretty Misty is a beautiful Sheltie who is looking for a new home. She is a very loving laid back girl who is looking for a quieter new home where someone is around most of the time. She would be best as an only dog and without young children. She enjoys going for walks and loves plenty of cuddles and fuss. Could you give her a loving new home where she can enjoy a long and happy retirement?

ShadowRSPCAWNfeat Shadow (West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre)

This gentle giant is Shadow or the B.F.G as he is known. He is a lovely chocolate brown Labrador cross Great Dane who is looking to find his new family. He so friently and adores his human friends and loves just to be with you. He is looking for a home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He is fine with other dogs and could live with older children over 10. How can you resist this amazing boy!

maxfendy Max and Fendy (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

This cute boy and girl duo make a lovely pair and are looking for a home together. Their tails never stop wagging and they just love human attention. Max and Fendy can live with children and other dogs, but no cats please. What an adorable pair.

HarveyRSPCAWNfeat Harvey (West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre)

Beautiful cuddly Harvey is a gorgeous chocolate brown Labrador who is looking for a new home. He is a fun loving lad who loves to play and is looking for a fairly active new home where someone is around most of the time. He would be best as an only dog in the home and could live with older children over 10. He is one of the sweetest lads you could with to meet and if you are looking for a loving companion, then Harvey is the boy for you!

benji Benji (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Benji is a well-behaved boy who would make a wonderful companion given the chance. He can be wary of strangers and needs an experienced owner who will give him chance to settle. He’s fine with dogs but needs a child-free home. He loves to be cuddled and to play and is one loveable lad.

BarryHulafeat Barry AKA Baza (Hula Animal Rescue, Bedfordshire)

Cuddly Barry aka Baza is a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a new home. He is 7 years young and very friendly and affectionate. He is an active chap who is looking for an equally active new home where he can enjoy plenty of walks and exercise. He would be best as the only dog in the home and could love with older children. Could you give this gorgeous boy his new home?

oscar1 Oscar (Dogs Trust Basildon, Essex)

Oscar is a lovely Labrador cross who is looking for his “pawfect” retirement home. He just loves food and will do a fantastic sit for treats. Oscar is okay with calm dogs out and about but would like to be the only pet in an adult home. He just wants to chill with his special person.

FrankSmile URGENT: Could you foster Frank? (Oldies Club, kennelled Kent)

We’re appealing for a foster home for Frank. He’s a loving boy and wants to be your very best friend, but he needs a home with no other animals and without children. He would be happiest in a home with a large, secure garden for him to wander and relax in so that he doesn’t have to go out for walks. If you have bullbreed experience and think you could be the person to help Frank, please get in touch.

lexi1 Lexy (Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gloucestershire)

Lexi is a beautiful, older lady with a lovely temperament and personality to match. She loves receiving affection and is very friendly with everyone she meets. Lexi is looking for retirement home where any children are older. She can lives with other dogs but not cats. Could you offer this sweet old girl her loving retirement home?

Auburn 1 Auburn (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

Auburn is a beautiful Retriever cross who can live with other dogs, cats and dog savvy children. She is wonderfully unique and will need a very special home. Her awe-inspiring story will explain why. It’s compelling stuff and not a tear jerker. So, are you sitting comfortably?…

Melvyn 6 Melvyn (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

Melvyn is a big friendly giant. He’s amiable with everyone, including other dogs and children. He’s a settled sort of dog who has a lovely gentle nature and an optimistic outlook on life making him a cheering companion.

buster2 Buster (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

Buster had a tough start in life .. thrown in the bin .. then a lovely life until the ill health of his owners. He just wants a home and finds kennels a hard place to be. Buster can live with school age children and suitable dogs, but not cats. He surely deserves happiness again.

Jimbob 1 Jimbob (Homeless Hounds, Lancashire)

Joyful Jimbob is a 10 year old Staffy who doesn’t act his age. He’s a playful and very loving boy. Well behaved when out and about. He’s a good all-rounder with a definite soppy side. Want to see his tennis ball trick in person?

shadow2 Shadow (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Shadow is just one big bundle of fun. He loves his balls and will do anything for them, so he’s really easy to train. He’s looking for an active home where any children are 12+ as he can be bouncy in his enthusiasm. Shadow could possibly live with another dog but is not a fan of cats. He’s a lovely lad who will give you lots of love and cuddles.

Lennie JR 1 Lennie (Hairy Hounz, Southampton)

Lil’ Lennie is a star. He’s bright, funny, playful and loving. He’s 10 years young and loves his walkies. He’s good with other dogs so he’s a joy to take out. At home he adores his fuss, a game or two of fetch and plenty of time to meditate on things… or nap. Do you have space in your life for a small boy with a big character?

mika 3 Mika (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Mika is such a beautiful girl. She is well behaved, extremely affectionate and just a general all round good girl! She is a placid dog, that loves to sit at your feet and have a good cuddle. She is good with other dogs and can share her home with older, sensible children. Mika loves her home comforts and would enjoy nothing more than a loving home with a big comfy bed to sleep in.

cookie freshfields Cookie (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Cookie is such a fun-loving, open hearted lady who is getting stressed in kennels. She really needs a loving home where she can enjoy the love and care of a family again. Cookie can live with older children and is used to other dogs. She has a wonderful personality and so much love to give!

sherry and brandy Sherry and Brandy (Rovers Dog Rescue, fostered Chelmsford, Essex)

Meet the original Golden Girls! Sherry and Brandy are loving, easy dogs who just want someone to cuddle with for the rest of their lives. They promise to be no trouble at all. All they want at this time in their lives is a lot of love and attention and the occasional short stroll. Do you have space in your heart and home for these beauties?

Lennie 1 Lennie (NASSL, Durham)

Cheery Lennie is a friendly, affectionate Greyhound. He’s good with other dogs and has a lovely, gentle nature. He’s much loved by the staff at his kennels because he’s always so happy to see everyone! Could you make Lennie even happier?

Jess 2 Jess (NASSL, Durham)

Pretty Jess is a lovely, 9 year old Lab cross Lurcher. She’s a well behaved girl with a lot of love to give. She’s very sad now to find herself in kennels after her owner passed away. Could she devote herself to you?

missy norfolk Missy (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Missy looks and acts like she is half her age! She is a happy, playful and energetic girl who is seeking an active family with whom she can play ball and go on lots of fun walks in the countryside and beach. Missy loves human company and can share her home with children and with other dogs. She is a fun-loving, beautiful lady!

max cdrs Max (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Hertfordshire)

Max is just gorgeous! He is a big, furry loving boy who has simple needs. He just wants some short walks, a space large enough for him to stretch out and get comfy and some good tummy rubs! Max would prefer to be your only dog and he would like a nice, quiet country home that has plenty of space for him.

MickyJRTSmile Little Micky Russell! (Oldies Club, fostered West Midlands)

Micky is an endearing and intelligent little chap who loves to sit on your lap for a cuddle but also loves a good long walk. He would enjoy an active home with plenty going on and perhaps with a doggy playmate. Micky needs a very secure garden as he loves the challenge of trying to escape – just for the fun of it you know!

hazel Hazel (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Devon)

Hazel is a beautiful girl who has had a sad past. She really loves human companionship and meeting other dogs and is still quite active out on her walks. Hazel just wants a special someone to go on walks and to curl up on the sofa with. Can you be the one to give her sad story a happy ending?

bob Bob (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Old Tyme Bulldog cross Bob is one very smiley and happy boy. He’s full of life and love and is very affectionate. Bob loves his walks, so he’s looking for an active home where any children are 8+. He could possibly live with a calm, female dog but not cats. Bob just wants to be near you.

RexSweet Yorkshire Terrier Rex! (Oldies Club, fostered Nottinghamshire)

Rex is an energetic and mischievous little Yorkie lad who is looking for a quiet home with an active owner. He promises to be an entertaining and cheeky companion! Rex is fine with dogs outside but would like to be your only dog. He doesn’t want to live with young children or cats, but he might climb on your kitchen table!

cassie1 Cassie (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Cassie is an affectionate Rottweiler cross who just loves a fuss being made of her. She likes her walks and being out and about. Cassie can live with children 10+ and possibly a calm, male dog, but she is not used to cats. She’s a very sweet lady.

lulu Lulu (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Loving Lulu is a happy lady who constantly smiles. She’s sweet and affectionate and will make a great companion for that lucky someone. Lulu is good with dogs out and about and could possibly live with a calm, male dog, but no cats please. She also can live with children aged 10+. Such a loving lady deserves the very best home.

jackjill1 Jack and Jill (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Jack and Jill are sweet, cuddly Jack Russell Terriers who are looking for a home together as they are brother and sister. They are affectionate lap dogs who really enjoy a cuddle and they like their walks too. Jack and Jill are good with dogs when out and can live with children aged 10+, but no cats please. Double the love and cuddles .. perfect.

lottie matter Lottie (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Poor Lottie was found abandoned after being used for breeding. She really deserves some happiness and love now and for the rest of her life. Lottie is a sweet and affectionate girl who loves humans and gets along well with other dogs. She can live with children and has so much love to give, despite her sad past.

olly Olly (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Sweet Olly is used to living in a family environment and he is looking for a new family to share his love and cuddles with! Olly is good with children and with other dogs. He has a sweet, friendly nature and is very eager to please. Can he move in with you?

tia matter Tia (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Tia is a happy, affectionate lady who greet everyone with a waggy tail. She loves having a fuss and snuggling up on your lap. Tia is good with other dogs and loves people of all ages! This pretty girl really deserves to have a happy life with a family who loves her. She will love you right back!

BeauNAWT Beau (NAWT, Berkshire)

Beau is a lovely Yorkie Cross who finds himself in rescue through no fault of his own. He’s a happy boy who is affectionate and still young at heart. Could you offer Beau a new home?

matilda Matilda (NAWT, Berkshire)

Matilda is a beautiful Tibetan Terrier who is looking for an experienced terrier home to enjoy life. She is a very sweet girl who enjoys lots of attention and nice walks. Matilda would love an adult home where she is your only dog but she is fine to live with cats. Is Matilda the one for you?

BaileyApsoGrass Beauteous Bailey Apso! (Oldies Club, fostered Suffolk)

If you are looking for a gentle companion that only needs slow walks, look no further than Bailey! He’s a sweet boy who would particularly enjoy a quiet home with a calm, kindred-spirit oldie dog friend. He likes his walks to be on grass, and he needs a garden to mooch around in and for regular wee breaks. Could you offer Bailey his ideal home?

Barney 5 Barney (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Yorkshire)

Gentle, quiet Barney has a lot of love to give. Walks, cuddles and a comfy bed for plenty of nappy-naps are what he’s looking for. He’s a peace-loving, cheerful boy by nature but he’s very fed up with kennel life right now. He’s available to foster or adopt. Can you open your heart to this loving boy and set him free?

Archie 1 Archie (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Yorkshire)

Please meet Archie-what-a-good-boy! He’s a Border Collie, 8 years old and will make the best, most doting companion imaginable. He wants a quiet retirement with plenty of gentle walks and love. Available to foster or adopt he’d love for you to come and meet him to see what a special boy he is!

Rolo 3 Rolo (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Yorkshire)

Rolo’s nature is as sweet as his name suggests. He feels things very deeply. He’s available to foster or adopt. He loves people and gentle walks. Having his very own people and a quiet home of his own will cheer him up immensely!

JackDTPawCrop Jack (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

All collie people know that collies are special, and, being a collie, Jack knows that too! He’s a fabulous lad who will be a gentle and intelligent companion. He is OK with dogs outside, so long as they don’t get in his face, but he’d like a quiet home where he is your only pet. Jack can be left for short periods and is a well-behaved, clean boy. Could you be Jack’s new mum or dad?

Lillie-1 Lillie (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

Lovely Lillie is a very sweet lady with people and she just loves to run. She would prefer a pet-free home where there are no children as she can be boisterous. If you would like a running companion, then Lillie is the girl for you.

Digby-3 Digby (The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary)

This handsome Shar-Pei is Digby. He’s looking for an experience home as he’s a sensitive lad who can be wary of strangers. Digby could live with older children aged 16+ but needs a pet-free home. He likes to play with people rather than toys and just loves his treats.

gino 3 Gino (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Cute little Gino has had a hard life so far and all he wants now is a peaceful, comfortable home where he can feel safe and loved. Gino is still a little nervous, but he is a darling wee boy who is full of life and character. He would possibly share his home with a dog of a similar temperament and with older children.

bam 3 Bam (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Handsome Bam is a big boy with an equally big character! He is seeking an adult home, preferably one where his new owners have experience with his breed. Bam is a clever boy who sometimes displays a stubborn streak, but in the right environment, he will make a loving, loyal companion.

jake norfolk Jake (West Norfolk RSPCA)

15/8/16 – Jake is reserved!
Jake is a sweet, affectionate boy who loves being part of a family. He can live with other dogs and children and possibly even a cat! Jake has such a happy, playful nature and he so deserves to be surrounded by a loving family. Can he join yours?

Storm 3 Storm (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Storm is a big, beautiful Malamute of 11 years. He’s affectionate but not at all needy and likes plenty of time to stop and think…or sleep. He enjoys a gentle walkies and is a friendly, jovial chap. Want to be able to brush that luxuriant coat?

Ice 7 Ice (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Ice is a playful, happy 7 year old Malamute. He loves his toys and a good run around. He’s looking for a home with experience of his or a similar breed and, if possible, he would like his son to be adopted with him. Can you help this fluffy, gentle giant?

Erik 11 Erik (Safe Rescue, fostered, Suffolk)

Cuddly Eric is an extremely loving boy. He can live happily with other dogs. He can also sleep for Britain! He’s only 7 so still likes a nice walkies but home is where his heart is and sleeping is his favourite pastime, after snuggling on the sofa. You can’t have too much love – is Erik’s motto!

Peggy1 Peggy (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Peggy is a lovely, short-coated German Shepherd lady who was found as a stray. She’s such a good girl with people though a little reserved and bewildered after finding herself in kennels. Peggy needs a pet-free home where any children are older as there is no history for her. Could you give her a loving, experienced home?

Bailey 10 Bailey Girl (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Bailiey is a beautiful German Shepherd cross who is very sweet and gentle and is looking for a quieter new home. She gets on fine with other dogs and may be able to live with older dog savvy children. She adores plenty of fuss and cuddles and loves to play with her toys. She will make a fantastic companion, Is Bailey the girl for you?

BiscuitCarer Biscuit – female! (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Biscuit is a pretty, pointy-style girl who has been waiting years for a new home. 🙁 She can be a little shy at first but she soon becomes friends. Biscuit doesn’t like to be left on her own. She needs a quiet home with people who are around most of the time. She’s housetrained and loves a trip out in the car. Could you be the person Biscuit has been waiting for?

Jess Jess (UK German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Kent)

Lovely and laid-back, this gentle German Shepherd lady is looking urgently for a new home. She has excellent training and can live with older children, dogs and possibly dog-savvy cats. Oh and Jess just loves her teddies almost as much as people.

KAIRI cropped Kairi (GSDR, Essex)

Urgent! Could you foster Kairi?
Beautiful Kairi is in urgent need of either a foster home or, preferably, a forever home. She can live with children and other dogs but not cats. She’s a very gentle, loving girl. Beautiful inside and out. Can you help lovely Kairi?

? Dandy (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Dear Dandy is looking for a quiet but active home where he can get lots of love and give lots of kisses. He is very friendly and intelligent and really enjoys his walks and playing with his toys. Dandy is not used to children so would prefer an adult home, but he is fine with other dogs. His tail never stops wagging!

BonnieAADNEfeat Bonnie (Adopt A Dog North East, fostered Durham)

Cuddly beautiful Bonnie is a gorgeous black and tan crossbreed girl who is looking for a quieter new home. She would suit most homes, but would prefer a home where someone is around most of the time to keep her company. She is used to children and could also live with another quieter dog. She is also fine with cats. She is very affectionate and will make a fantastic companion. Could you give her a loving new home.

woody greyhound Woody (Essex Greyhound Rescue)

Poor Woody has lived in kennels all his life and has never experienced the comforts of a home or the love of a family. He is such a sweet, gentle-natured boy and he really deserves to be someone’s cherished companion for the rest of his life. Woody can live with children and other large dogs like himself. He will make the most loving and loyal of companions.

Luna 1 Luna (Soi Dog Foundation, fostered, London)

Lovely Luna is a very sweet natured girl of 8 or 9 years. She’s good with children and ok with other dogs, having lived happily with one for many years. She loves fuss, play time and especially walkies! Do you have a sunny garden she can lounge in?

SophieADADNEfeat Sophie (Adopt a Dog North East, fostered Durham)

Beautiful Sophie is a lovely fawn crossbreed who is looking for a quieter new home. She is so affectionate, sweet and gentle and an absolute joy to have around. She gets on fine with other dogs, cats and children. She enjoys going for gentle strolls and walks well on the lead. Could you give this gorgeous lady her new home?

Benson Benson (RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Branch)

Adorable Benson sees a friend in everyone and has the happiest, sunniest personality. His goal in life is to receive as much fuss as possible. Benson is looking for a quiet retirement home where any children are over 5 years. He will be happy to live with a calm dog but no cats please. Benson is simply a delightful, sociable chap.

OttoSmile Otto (Safe Rescue, kennelled Norfolk)

Otto was rescued from a sad and pitiful existence in Romania. He’s a handsome chap who is a quick learner and has the potential to live with other dogs, with a steady introduction. He doesn’t like cats though! Otto’s been waiting a while now. Could yours be the lovely family he’s waiting for?

ElvisTerrierSOS01 Elvis (Terrier SOS, fostered Wales)

Please meet adorable little Elvis. He is a handsome little Welsh Terrier who would love to find a new home where he can enjoy his twilight years. He would like a quieter new home where he will have a secure garden he can enjoy. He is a right little character who adores plenty of cuddles and fuss. He will bring so much joy to the lucky person who gives him his new home.

Petula 4 cropped Petula (Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue, Worcestershire)

Petula The Beautiful is surprisingly low maintenance for one so gorgeous. She does need to live with a dog friend but is otherwise undemanding, affectionate and playful. She’s a gentle and happy girl who attracts admiration wherever she goes which she returns with joyful soppiness. Want to be the envy of the dog park?

BaileyPrivateStandsCrop Bailey (Private rehoming, Lancs/Yorks border)

Bailey is an affectionate Lab x Beagle who has sadly been in kennels since February, following a bereavement. He’s a friendly boy who used to live happily with older children. He enjoys his walks and is extremely fit and strong for his age. Could you offer Bailey a fun and active home where he will be your only dog?