annabeth-2 Annabeth (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Annabeth is the cutest, most adorable little dog. Having survived four years in a Romanian shelter, she is now basking in the comforts of a foster home and she loves it! Annabeth has a cute, comical character and always makes her foster mum laugh. She is looking for a quieter home where she can be cherished and adored as she deserves.

belfi-2 Belfie (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Derbyshire)

Is it a baby seal? Is it a teddy bear? No, is Belfie! The cute little Shih Tzu. Belfie only has one eye and that one’s purely decorative, making him completely blind. Not that it stops this intrepid chap from exploring the garden! He just needs help finding his way back in again. He’s great with other dogs, cats and children as he’s very gentle and loving. If you want this fluffy little lap warmer to snuggle up to and can give him the extra bit of attention he’ll need, then you’ll be making this cheery little fellow’s world complete!

roxy-1 Roxy (RSPCA Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire)

Gorgeous girl Roxy loves love above all else! She’s really affectionate, friendly with people and other dogs. She’d be happy to have some doggy siblings at home and nice children over 8 would be fine for her. She’s a gentle, soppy and cheerful girl. Her manners are beautiful. And she’s wonderfully big and squishy!

queenie-1 Queenie (RSPCA Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire)

Queenie gets the crown for the most radiant smile! She’s good with children and other dogs, is very loving and wants a home where she can be with someone most of the time. Love, companionship and plenty of jolly walkies are all Queenie asks of her forever family. Can she come and cast her radiance into your life?

minnie-3 Minnie (RSPCA Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire)

Minnie is a Chocolate Lab in the prime of her lovely Labhood. Still playful and loving but with some wisdom too. She needs company most of the time. Good with children and other dogs, she’s an all round star of a dog. So, if you want her to join your family, we’d advise you to get in there quick!

purdyface Purdy (Old Clayton Kennels, West Sussex)

Purdy is a very pretty Collie x Lurcher girl. Her two sisters went into rescue with her and have already found new homes, so it’s Purdy’s turn now. She would like a fairly active home where she can enjoy regular walks and nice relaxing snoozes. She loves a fuss and can live with dogs and children, but not cats. Does your sofa need a Purdy?

mitzi Mitzi (RSPCA Radcliffe, Nottinghamshire)

Cute little Mitzi is a typical Staffy, meaning she is friendly, happy, outgoing and loving! She is an easy dog to have around and would be suited to most families. Mitzi could share her home with another male dog and children over 8. She is full of fun and has lots of love to give.

benlucyalmosthome Ben & Lucy (Almost Home Dog Rescue, North Wales)

If you love Jack Russell Terriers, take a good look at Ben and Lucy! These little sweeties need to find a new home as they are finding the young child in their current home a bit too much to cope with. They are good with other dogs and have lived with a cat in the past. Could you offer them a new home together?

rusty2 Rusty (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

This gentle, undemanding fellow is called Rusty and he’s a Westie/Collie cross who likes to spend most of the day snoozing, though he also loves his food and walks. Rusty is fine with other dogs and would make a lovely, cuddly and loyal addition to almost any home.

cooper-11 Cooper (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Super Cooper is a super snuggly boy once he trusts you, but that trust takes time to build up. He’s definitely worth the effort because not only is he gorgeous, playful and very affectionate, he’s also extremely bright! He even keeps a diary which you can read a thrilling extract of. The theme neatly summed up when ABBA almost sang, “Sup-p-er Coop-p-per’s love is gonna find him…”

buzz Buzz (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Greater Manchester)

Gentle, youthful, happy and friendly, Buzz is also obedient and loves to play with his ball. He walks superbly to heel and loves going in the car. He has not been socialised with other dogs, preferring to be with his owner, so he is looking for a pet-free home where any children are older. Buzz is assessed as being an absolute delight for anyone looking for a best buddy.

ando-2 Ando (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Carlisle)

Ando is a lovely, handsome chap who is looking for a new home due to being left for long periods. He is used to a quiet life and not used to lots of visitors or children, so is looking for a similar home where he is the only pet. Ando would make a great companion.

poppy-safe-2 Poppy (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Darling Poppy has had a terrible life and has lost one eye due to a severe infection. Despite this, she is very sweet and wants to be loved, even though she is still quite shy. With patience and lots of love, she will make the loveliest little companion.

ferris Ferris (Safe Rescue, fostered Bloxwich)

Ferris is a happy, inquisitive and active boy who loves everyone! He just lights up the room with his presence. He loves his walks and playing with his toys and is going to make you the most wonderful friend and companion.

evie-safe Evie (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Poor Evie has had a terrible life but she is making up for it now upon discovering the luxury of blankets and warm bedding! She is a sweet girl who needs plenty of TLC. She gets along fine on her three legs, although she does prefer snoozing and eating to going for long walks!

benny-snd Benny (SNDogs, fostered Swindon)

Cheerful, affectionate and full of character, did we also mention that Benny is adorable? He is a tiny, sweet little chap who likes an active lifestyle and would suit most homes, as he gets on with other dogs and children. He is such a cute, cuddly boy who shower you with love. What are you waiting for?

flec Flec (Adopt A Dog North East)

Mild-mannered and easy going Flec is looking for a quiet retirement home where he can have a short stroll or stretch his legs in the garden. Flec is a lovely, old boy who is good with other dogs and he can live with children, though no cats please.

tubbs Tubbs (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Following his rescue from the shelter in Romania, Tubbs is proving to be such a delight in his foster home. He has learned the joys of being fussed over and is clean in the home. He is already walking well on a lead. Now all he needs is a lovely home where his awful past is forgotten and life is to be enjoyed.

leyla-1 Leyla (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Leyla’s kisses and cuddles are legendary. Why else would Eric Clapton write a song about her?! She’s got a lovely gentle nature and would be happy to live with children from 8 years old. She’d like a warm bed, sofa or spot in front of the fire and, most importantly, someone to just be with her much of the time. She’s the most genial and affectionate girl you could ever wish to meet, or cuddle!

mike1 Mike (Dogs Trust Newbury)

Mike is a Staffie Cross who loves an active life and training. His favourite game is to fetch tennis balls or toys over and over again. He would benefit from an active, adult home willing to continue his training and needs to be the only pet. Mike will certainly bring lots of fun into your life.

rolo-4 Rolo (Senior Staffy Club, London)

Rolo is a sweetie! Jolly, playful and really, really soppy. He can live with children from 8 years old as he’s a gentle, loving boy but would prefer to be an only pet. He’s very obedient and easy-going. With plenty of energy for nice walkies and the cuddleability of a treeful of koala bears he is an all round very good dog!

lady-ark Lady (The Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Poor Lady is very sad after being abandoned and finding herself in kennels. She is a sweet little girl who will really blossom with a bit of TLC and lots of cuddles! She gets along with other dogs, but would do best in a quiet, calm home where she can settle and feel safe and loved. Are you the one to get her tail wagging again?

jacob-ark Jacob (The Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Jacob is a lovely boy who get along wonderfully with children and is making a good impression at the rescue, despite them not knowing much about him! He is friendly, likes to travel and is mixing well with the other resident dogs. He shows all the signs of making an ideal family pet!

flashangelkitchen Flash and his Angel (Oldies Club, fostered Bedfordshire)

What a gorgeous pair of oldies! Angel, left, is so bright, and Flash is so adorably dim! They love people of all ages and are very happy to give cuddles and kisses. They only need a couple of 15 minute walks per day and are good in the car. They are fine to be left on their own for a few hours too. Could you offer Flash and Angel a home?

loganruns Logan (RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, Surrey)

Loveable little Logan would love to be your best friend and go for fun walks with you. He is good with dogs he meets outside but would like to be your only dog at home. He loves playing with his toys! Logan finds cats a bit too exciting so needs a home without feline neighbours. Could you offer Logan lots of fun times and plenty of love?

rosie2 Rosie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Rosie is a tiny little girl with a typical Jack Russell attitude to life and is now enjoying the comforts of a foster home after a hard life in Romania. She’s jealous of the other dogs in her foster home so would prefer to be an only pet to keep those she loves to herself, which is not surprising after what she has been through. It’s time for this cutie to have her forever home.

ollie-odotw-3 Ollie (Dogs Trust Glasgow)

Handsome Ollie is going to make such a rewarding and loving companion to the right person and he is still waiting for that special someone to come forward. He is still very active for his age, loves playing and learning new things and adores a nice fuss, once he knows you well enough. Ollie enjoys being around other dogs, but at home he wants to be your one and only. He is a sweet, loving soul who has so much to offer. Can he be your new best friend?

rocky2 Rocky (Vigil GSD Rescue, fostered Southampton)

German Shepherd Rocky is simply a real softie … he’s good with people, children and other dogs and is so well-behaved. He walks nicely on the lead and knows his basic commands to sit and give a paw. Rocky is a super boy looking for that super home.

diesel-2 Diesel (Vigil German Shepherd Resue, Bognor Regis)

Diesel has obviously been well loved and sensibly brought up as he’s such a good boy! He’s well socialised and very playful. He’s desperate for a new person or family to love as he’s spending most of the day on his own since his previous owner passed away. For such a bright, emotionally engaged dog he’s not enjoying solitude one bit! Could he come and love you for ever and ever?

winnieah Winnie (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Winnie may be an older Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross, but she still acts like a puppy and enjoys her walks and teasing the kennel staff. She lives happily with her kennel mate but would probably really like to have all the attention from being an only pet and a quiet home without children would best suit Winnie. Could you give Winnie a loving home?

rosie Rosie (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Rosie is a sweetie who just wants some love and plenty of cuddles. She is a smashing girl who will make someone very happy.   She loves being out and about on her walks with her kennel mates and could live with a compatible dog or as an only pet. She has a gentle temperament and will make a wonderful companion.

ellie1 Ellie (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Little cutie Ellie is a lovely and curious Jack Russell Terrier lady. Her favourites are playing with squeaky toys and treats. She loves to go exploring and travels well in the car. Ellie is fine walking with other dogs but would like to be the only pet in an adult home. Who can resist that sweet face?

tess Tess (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Gloucester)

Lovely Tess is a very clever German Shepherd lady who is used to doing tasks for her previous owner who is now not well enough to take care of her. She walks well on the lead and has good recall. Tess can live with children but would prefer a pet-free home to make her own. She doesn’t deserve to be in kennels.

delta387 Delta (Friends of Akitas Trust, Nottinghamshire)

Stunning Delta is a mature Akita lady who is very fit and well and has a zest for life. She’s sweet natured and people friendly. Getting out and about to explore is Delta’s thing and she just loves her walks. She would like to be the only pet in an adult home as she has no experience of living with children. Delta would make a wonderful companion.

mike Mike (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire

Sadly, Mike is another chap who has spent most of his life in kennels in Cyprus and is now hoping to find a cosy home where all his doggy dreams come true. He would like a gentle home where there is another dog to show him the way. Mike is very affectionate once he knows you and would make a lovely companion. He’s just a gorgeous boy.

june2 June (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire)

June is a lovely Pointer/Labrador Cross who has come to the U.K. from Cyprus to find a loving foster or permanent home after years in kennels. She’s a shy, timid lady but once she comes out of her shell, she will make a great companion and pet in a home without small children and someone round most of the time. June needs to live with at least another resident dog to show her how wonderful life can be.

marymtar Mary (Many Tears Animal Rescue, fostered Surrey)

Beautiful Mary has waited 6 years in a rescue in Cyprus, with no sign of a new home. Now in the UK, she feels her home-finding prospects are much improved! Mary loves her walks and is a gentle and confident lady. She is good with children and can live with a friendly dog, but might also be fine as an only dog.

lady-4 Lady (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire)

With not one but two testimonials lovely Lady is clearly a special girl who wins the heart of everyone she meets. She’s really good with other dogs and children. Lady is loving, tactile and cheerful. Friendly with everyone, impeccable manners and ever so slightly cuddlesome! Is she the Lady for you?

frankie-3 Frankie (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire)

Doesn’t Frankie look adorable?! Can you believe he’s been stuck in a shelter in Cyprus for 6 years? Well now he’s in Wales and it’s his time to shine! Frankie’s looking for an active, loving home where he can spend his days frolicking in fields, playing fetch in the garden and then snuggling up with his happy family. Do you need any toys retrieving?

jess-furry-2 Jess (Furry Friends Rescue, Surrey)

Jess is an adorable, loving little lady who is going to bring her owners so much happiness. She loves a fuss and enjoys her walks, although when she is home, she is happy just to have a nice long snooze! Jess can live with cats and older children, but wants to be your one and only dog.

boris-2 Boris (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire)

Big, cuddly Boris is a playful, cheerful boy who will be so grateful to be in a warm house of his own that he’ll repay your love tenfold! He could live with another dog. The ladies are his favourite kind. He’ll do anything for a treat! This and his lovely temperament are perhaps explained by that slight look of Chocolate Lab he has about the face. But with his impressive physique and amusing ears, Boris is a one-off and his new human will be very lucky have him.

lanamtar2 Lana (Many Tears Animal Rescue, Carmarthenshire)

Lana’s sad eyes tell of a life spent mostly in a shelter in Cyprus. She is shy by nature and little bit frightened of the big wide world, but given a patient, loving home, this gentle girl will blossom. A beautiful Labrador x Hound, Lana would like a quiet home with a gentle doggy friend to show her the ropes and give her confidence.

leilafacemtar Leila (Many Tears Animal Rescue, fostered Pembrokeshire)

After 6 years in a shelter in Cyprus, Leila has travelled to Wales in search of a better life. She comes with a glowing reference from her carer in Cyprus. Leila can be shy of some men and would like a quiet home, but she likes children and needs to live with another dog to give her confidence and show her the ropes. Leila has so much love to offer her new family.

penny Penny (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered South Wales)

Gorgeous Penny is the most beautiful, patient, loving, little dog who loves human company and will happily sit at your feet all day. She loves people and being fussed and would happily live with older children plus another dog for company. Due to her age and health issues, the Rescue is looking for a long-term foster home where non-routine vets’ fees will be paid by them if required. Who could resist this little charmer?

candy1 Candy (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered South Wales)

Cute Candy is looking for her own long-term, foster home where she can spend the rest of her days and non-routine vets’ fees will be covered by the Rescue if necessary. Candy is happy with her own company as long as her human is close by and is no lap dog. She is okay with other dogs but would be happy as an only dog and any children in the home should be older. Candy doesn’t need much exercise and is happy pottering in the garden. Can you give Candy a loving home?

cookie-and-chance-3 Cookie and Chance (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Cookie and Chance love a snuggle on the sofa with their human. They’re a bright and active little duo. Cookie likes to play chase and Chance has an arrow-like focus when hunting tennis balls. They’re an entertaining and cheery pair of cuddle monsters. Is your garden overrun with wild tennis balls?

maxmerseyhandsomecrop Max (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Gorgeous Max is intelligent and loyal, but he’s a very sensitive soul, bless him! He likes to take his time to get used to new people and places, and he doesn’t want to be around children or other animals. If you are sympathetic and patient, and live in a quiet area, you could be the person that Max is waiting to meet. And if you want a dog that will snuggle up to you to watch Planet Earth II, Max is definitely your boy!

buster1 Buster (Senior Staffy Club, London)

Buster still thinks he’s a puppy at heart … he’s loves to play and give lots of licks. He’s just a big softy who is affectionate, cuddly and loves a tummy rub. Buster likes some dogs but would be best as the only dog and can live with children aged 12+. He’s a real sweetheart.

mac Mac (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcestershire)

Mac always has a lovely smile to go with his affectionate and cuddly nature. He’s great with children and can live with them aged 5+, but would like to be the only pet with someone who is around most of the time. He simply adores people and would be a great companion.

lucy Lucy (Leicester Animal Aid)

Lovely Lucy is so cute and adorable and everyone who meets her just falls in love with her. She loves her sofa and having her tummy rubbed. Lucy also enjoys her walks and stays close by, ignoring other dogs. She would like to be the only pet in an adult home so she can have all the fuss. Lucy makes a perfect companion.

buddyface Buddy (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcestershire)

If you’re looking for an affectionate canine buddy, then look no further than Buddy! A very handsome staffy lad with gorgeous colouring, Buddy seems to have had a sad past, yet he’s very loving and adores tummy rubs! He’s looking forward to having a fun new home where he’ll get regular walks as he has lots of energy with being cooped up in kennels. Can Buddy be your new buddy, please?

boz Bozley (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcestershire)

Handsome Staffy Bozley is looking forward to a loving home after a bad start in life. He has a loving temperament and could live with children aged 16+ as his background is not known. He walks fine with other female dogs but would prefer to be the only pet in the home. Bozley is lovely with the walkers and even showers the vet with kisses!

sherry Sherry (RSPCA Essex South West)

Sherry is a sweet, chocolate Staffy cross who has been returned to the rescue through no fault of her own. She’s very young-at-heart and is in good health, enjoying her walks. She’s not fond of other dogs but is okay with them out and about, so she would prefer to be the only pet in a home where any children are older. Sherry is affectionate, easy-going and friendly and would make a lovely companion.

harley-calder-3 Harley (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Gorgeous Harley’s heart is as big as he is and he is a big boy! Harley is the gentlest of giants who thinks he is a lap dog. He loves people, going for walks and enjoying his home comforts. He will fill your home with love!

fifi1 Fifi (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Saved from a miserable life in Romania, little Crossbreed Fifi has emerged with a lovely bubbly character. She enjoys a short walk, loves her food, enjoys a cuddle on the sofa and can be left without any problem. Fifi can live with other dogs and older children. She truly deserves a loving, forever place to call home.

riley Riley (Pups Needing Homes, East Sussex)

Riley is a very handsome Setter who was sadly abandoned into the local pound. He’s sociable, affectionate and just a general smiley, happy lad who loves other dogs. He’s used to children but does not want to live with cats. He’s rather irresistible.

montypretty Monty (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Monty loves nothing more than a short walk, a good snooze and loads of cuddles. He also likes to relocate your shoes and slippers, often to the garden! Monty is great with children, most dogs and has lived with cats, but he needs a home where you will reliably shut him away for a snooze when people visit as he has bad memories that don’t fade. Read more about gorgeous Monty, and let’s help him find his elusive forever home…

dillon Dillon (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Dillon is still patiently waiting for a loving home after spending a long time in rescue. He’s an intelligent boy who loves a ball and will sit and give paw and takes treats gently. He has lived with other dogs, but would probably prefer to be the only pet in a home with an older couple and no children. It’s time for his luck to change and be offered his loving home.

rusty-3 Rusty (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Dear little Rusty is showing you her best, gappy-toothed smile hoping that you’ll take her home in time for Christmas. She’s even dressed for the occasion! She’s such a good girl that while in rescue she spends her time being a quiet little companion in the office. They’ll miss her friendly presence when she’s adopted but will be so happy to think of her snuggled up with her new owner in front of the fire. This little lady will give you all the loving affection you could wish for.

tanya-2-cropped Tanya (Essex Greyhound Rescue)

Sweet, sensitive, soppy Tanya is looking for a loving home where she can finally relax in her retirement. She’s been a race dog and been used for breeding but has never known the comfort and companionship of having her own family home! She’s such a loving girl and richly deserves to know what happiness is. Can you show her?

groovy-1 Groovy (Romford Greyhound Homing, Essex)

Groovy the gorgeous Greyhound girl is looking for a quiet, relaxed home with a nice garden. She won’t need a walk every day. She’s a typically gentle, placid and very loving Greyhound. She wants to be the only pet so she can soak up all the love!

summer-8 Summer (Carla Lane Animals In Need, Liverpool)

Summer is all ready to bring some festive cheer into your life. She has a lovely gentle nature and is super affectionate! She’s a very good girl, excelling in her training when cheese is on offer. She loves to meet people and is always up for any game so she’d be happy to live with nice children over 10. Most importantly she wants to shower her owners with love!

jackboxer Jack (Dogs Trust Harefield, London)

There’s something so charming about an oldie Boxer. Jack is a dear boy who hasn’t had an easy life, bless him. He’s finding kennels very stressful and he needs a home ASAP. Jack enjoys being out and about and he loves walks. Could you offer him a quiet, adult home where he can relax and enjoy his retirement years?

milly-staffy-12 Milly (Carla Lane Animals In Need, Liverpool)

Milly is a class act and she’s seeking her soul mate. She’s a very cheerful girl whenever she’s being adored. With such star quality that means she’s happy most of the time. But kennel life is not for her and she longs for her own people to give her fuss and cuddles. Are you the loving human she so richly deserves?

jack-cymru Jack (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Jack is looking very handsome after being groomed to remove his matted coat. He needs a quiet home with an experienced owner as he has strong views on his food and toys being all his, and he can be wary of strangers. Jack needs to be the only pet, and he needs a home where he won’t come into contact with children. Are you the special person Jack is waiting to meet?

harold-3 Harold (Manchester Dogs Home)

Chirpy little Harold is a fun and friendly boy who is desperate to get out of kennels. He wants to be the only dog at home but he’s fine with meeting other dogs on walks. He will take his new human on plenty of lovely walks as he’s still lively. Playing with toys is a must too. A tug of war or a game of fetch in the garden brings out his bouncy nature. If you want a cheery, loving companion look no further than Harold!

rosa-2 Rosa (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

Rosa is a beautiful, clever girl who is full of fun and energy! She adores people and will make a loyal and loving friend. Rosa enjoys her daily training sessions and hopes to continue her education in her new home. She can live with children over 12, but prefers to be your only dog. Rosa has so much to offer. Can you make her dream come true and open your heart and home to her?

ollie-yorkie Ollie (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Ollie is a cute, fun-loving little dog who loves his home comforts and his toys. He is not, however, a lap dog! He likes having his own space and needs a patient, quiet home with people who will enjoy his quirky little character. He is going to make a fun companion for the right person!

nelson_chl Nelson (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Lincolnshire)

Sweet, gentle and looking very dapper in his jazzy sweater, Nelson is an English Bull Terrier Cross who would love to have a forever family and a comfy sofa. He adores lots of cuddles and spending time snoring the day away. Nelson would like to be the only pet in the home though he ignores other dogs out and about, and any children in the home should be older. Who could resist Nelson?

henry-and-ben-4 Henry and Ben (Mutts In Distress, Essex/Herts border)

Chocolate Lab Alert! Henry the chocolate Lab and Ben the happy Staffy are available to adopt together as they’re very strongly bonded. They keep each other entertained and cheerful all the time. They’ll keep you cheerful too! They’re laid-back, affectionate boys looking for a settled home filled with love. Jolly walkies are a must! These two dogs are much more fun than just one!

tyson Tyson (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

Tyson loves to snuggle and he makes an excellent foot cosy! All he wants is someone to love and to love them in return. Tyson could possibly live with another calm dog and older children. His number one priority is to have human company, at all times if possible!

lady-godstone-3 Lady (RSPCA South Godstone, Surrey)

Lady is dreaming of a home and family to call her own. She is a sweet natured girl who loves lots of human company. She is seeking a quieter home where she can relax and enjoy her retirement. She is happy to live with older, respectful children but she does want to be your only dog! Can you make Lady’s dream come true?

skip-2 Skip (RSPCA Bryn-y-Maen, North Wales)

Strokable Skip is a gorgeous, loving Crossbreed boy who’s technically about 10 years old but, with his hybrid vigour, he acts like a mere 7 year old. Bouncy but sensible. He could live with older children as he’s a light-hearted fellow but wants to be the only pet so he can soak up all the adoration. He’s very affectionate and bright as a button. He really is adorable!

elleandhilly1124 Ellie and Hilly (Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue, Worcestershire)

Ellie and Hilly were found in a dreadful state after their owner passed away and are looking for a very special person to take them home for the comfort they truly deserve. They are two elderly ladies with health problems but are loving and devoted to each other. They can live with dogs, cats and older children. It’s a big ask, but could you be their saviour?

poley3 Napoleon (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

A better natured or more loyal dog would be hard to find than Poley, as he’s known to his friends. He’s a Beagle-type Crossbreed who is looking for a special home as he hates to be left alone. He needs a friendly, doggy companion and someone around most of the time. He’s good with resident cats and is used to living with children. His perfect home is out there … with you?

bessieface Bessie (NAWT, Berkshire)

Bessie loves humans and she loves to learn new things. This cuddly girl will make a fabulous companion to her new owner. She would like to be your only pet but can live with older children. Could you offer Bessie a life filled with fun walks, playtime and cuddles?

rangernew Ranger (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Ranger is 14 years old and he should not be in kennels at his age! He is a lovely, good-natured boy who still enjoys his walks and is seeking a quieter home, possibly with another calm female dog for company. Ranger is also available to foster; the important thing is that he gets out of kennels and into a loving home as soon as possible!

baxtersitkennelscrop Baxter (Hilbrae Rescue Kennels, Shropshire)

Poor Baxter has been in kennels for ages, overlooked simply because he’s a big lad. But just look at that handsome face and cuddly, stripey body. Who could resist him?! He’s an adorable Mastiff Cross who can live with children aged 10+ and might be able to live with a female dog. Let’s help Baxter find a home in time for Christmas. Please share his page…