GeorgeFoalFarmfeat George (Foal Farm, Kent)

George is a very handsome 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a quieter retirement home. He is a gorgeous boy who loves people and always wants to stop and say hello! He is used to children and could live with another dog. So if you are looking for a cuddle monster, then George is definitely the boy the you!

LuckyRSPCADerbyfeat Lucky (RSPCA Derby)

Lucky is a gorgeous black and white Border Collie who is 10 years old and would love to find his forever family. He is an fairly active lad who is looking for a quieter home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He enjoys going for walks and playing with his ball, but most of all he adores plenty of cuddles!

Mika, left, and Cookie, right Mika & Cookie (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Mika and Cookie are an adorable pair of sweet-natured staffy girls. They are so close that they love to curl up on top of one another in the same bed! These affectionate ladies are really missing their home comforts. Could you offer them a new home together?

MurphRSPCAWHfeat Murph (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Murph is an adorable white and tan Jack Russell Terrier who is 13 years young and beautiful in every way. He is looking for a quieter retirement home with someone who loves giving plenty of tummy rubs! He is fine with other dogs and children, but cannot live with a cat. Could you give gorgeous Murph a loving new home?

CharlieAADNEfeat Charlie (Adopt A Dog North East, fostered Durham)

Charlie is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is looking for a new home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company. He is 7 years old and is a very loving boy who enjoys having a gentle stroll every day. He is fine with other dogs, but needs a home without young children. How can you resist this adorable boy?

Cleo on the left and Gilly on the right Gilly (boy) & Cleo (girl) (Whittingham Kennels, Essex)

Handsome boy Gilly and pretty girl Cleo find themselves back in kennels after 3 happy years in a home, through no fault of their own. They’ve been waiting a few months now and are desperate to find a home. They are used to living with young children and are such a sweet pair of middle-aged dogs. Please could you help them?

Morgan on the left and Teefa on the right Teefa Pom and Morgan Part-Pom! (Oldies Club, fostered Notts.)

Teefa and her son Morgan are delightful little dogs who need a new home together. Being young oldies they are very energetic and need long walks with a chance to run off-lead. They love snuggles on the sofa and want a home where they won’t be left for long, especially while they’re settling in. If you love walks, cuddles and grooming, they could be the dogs for you!

Betty 1 Betty (Save Ancas Dogs, fostered, Oxford)

Brave Betty is a 7 year old, woolly cuddle-monster. She loves people, other dogs and ignores cats. She could enhance almost any type of home but prefers napping in the sun to charging about. A quiet, loving home is what she’s looking for, with someone or a family to shower her with the affection she deserves.

MissyNew2Crop Missy (Staffie and Stray Rescue, East Dorset)

Let down by humans, Missy had a poor start in life and has had many owners. Despite this, she is a complete sweetheart who is very gentle and absolutely loves children. All Missy wants is your love and to be treasured. If you are in the Dorset/Hampshire area, could you offer Missy her happy ending?

BusterBoxersandBulliesSavioursfeat Buster (Boxers and Bully Saviours, fostered Worcestershire)

Buster is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is around 10 years old. He is such a sweet lad who would love to find his new family. He gets on fine with children and is also ok with other dogs and may be able to live with another female companion. Could you give this wonderful lad his new home?

Rosie 1 Rosie (Animal Action Trust, fostered, Essex)

Regal Rosie is like a glamorous princess who loves everyone she meets. Humans of all ages, dogs and even self assured cats bring out Rosie’s joyous, affectionate nature. She’s looking for someone who will take her to the groomers reguarly. If you want a dog who’s cheerful, loving and makes people stop and say “wow!” then Rosie’s the girl for you.

EllaAID Ella (Animals in Distress, Devon)

Great Dane Ella has been waiting in rescue since September, and although she enjoys dozing in the paddock in the sunshine there, she really would prefer the comforts of a loving home! Ella is very sweet girl who loves attention from people, but she would like to be your only pet. Could you offer Ella a fabulous home?

Alfie 2 Alfie (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered, Northampton)

If you’re looking for industrial sized cuddles but only short walkies then look no further than awesome Alfie. This big, love bundle wants a quiet retirement home with someone who can help him stick to his diet. Someone who will appreciate his solid, reassuring presence and fulfil his snuggling needs.

BobbyDTNfeat Bobby (Dogs Trust, Newbury)

Bobby is a gentle soul who would love to find a quieter new home. He is an extremely handsome lad who would love a new owner who will give him lots of cuddles and fuss. He is fine with other quieter dogs, so may be able to live with a calm female. Could you give this wonderful gent his forever home?

Riley, left, and Scrappy, right Scrappy and Riley (Adopt-a-Dog North East, Durham)

Shih Tzus Scrappy and Riley need a new home – they must stay together! They are good with dogs but don’t want to live with kids or cats. They are loving companion dogs and don’t want to be left for prolonged periods. They’re young oldies so need at least one good on-lead walk each day.

Rocket Rocket (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Attention Vizsla fans! Rocket is very unhappy in kennels and is waiting for the right person to take him home. He’d like an adult home where he is the only dog, and he would like you to be with him most of the time please. Are you the person for Rocket?

Lexie Lexie (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

Lexie is the cuddliest, softest, most obedient Staffy girl you could ever wish to meet. She would make a sweet companion for an older person seeking a dog that enjoys cuddles. Lexie enjoys her walks and a game of ball and she just needs a sofa to call home!

Valerie 4 Valerie (Friends Of The Animals RCT, fostered, Cornwall)

Mild-mannered Valerie has a gently radiant presence. She needs a quiet home with a calm, loving person who’s around most of the time. She does not need walking as she’s currently too scared of the world beyond the garden. She’s very affectionate with those she trusts but shy and sensitive due to her life experience before now. Cuddles, tranquility and kindness are what Valerie’s looking for.

GeorgieNew1 Georgie (female) (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

25/4/16 We are delighted to hear that after her Old Dog of the Week appearance, Georgie is now reserved!
This beautiful girl with the very substantial ears is Georgie! After a life spent mostly tied outside on a farm, Georgie truly deserves a wonderful future. She loves to play ball and makes a loyal companion on walks. Georgie is clean in her kennel and is looking forward to at last experiencing life in a loving home. Could that home be yours?

tia staffy 3 Tia (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Tia is a loving and affectionate lady who love to make friends! Even though she only has three legs, she is still very lively and loves to play. Tia would love to be part of a family again. Can she join yours?

nellie rovers 3 Nellie (Rovers Dog Rescue, Chelmsford, Essex)

Nellie is a beautiful and affectionate lady who describes herself as a real people poodle! She is well behaved, gets on with other dogs and loves having an off lead run. Nellie would love for her new owners to be around a lot to keep her company and will make a terrific companion.

freddie jrt 4 Freddie (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Freddie is such a cute wee chap who loves his home comforts. He is looking for a quiet home where he can snuggle up on a nice bed and watch the world go by. Freddie adores people but would prefer to be your only dog. He is such a sweet boy.

PatchesFace Patches (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered West Midlands)

Little Patches was taken to the vet to be put to sleep, but thankfully he is still with us! He’s a lovely lad who will make a fabulous companion. He needs a few short walks a day rather than one long one, and he loves cuddles! Patches would prefer to be an only dog and needs a home without cats.

HoganCefni Hogan (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, Notts)

Hogan is a handsome teddy bear and he has a lovely nature. He needs a new home as is owner is struggling to afford to feed both herself and Hogan. He could live with calm, friendly dog, and is used to children aged 7+. Could you be Hogan’s new family?

TiggyKennel Tiggy (1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, Buckinghamshire)

Cuddlesome Tiggy loves tummy rubs and affection! She will make the most devoted companion and would love a home where she can be with her owner most of the time, although she is fine to be left for a couple of hours. Her cuddling talents are being wasted in kennels, please could you offer her a home?

EllieDID1New Ellie (Dogs in Distress, Teesside)

Ellie is an affectionate girl who has lived in a family home previously and is very upset to find herself in kennels. She is giving up hope and the light is fading from her eyes. Could you offer poor Ellie either a foster or permanent home, as soon as possible?

mildred Mildred (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Mildred is a delightful, adorable little princess who was sadly neglected by her former owners. Despite this, she still has a real zest for life and is happy to meet about anyone, be they canine or human (she doesn’t know what to make of cats). She is an easy-going girl who just wants to curl up on the sofa or on your lap.

Lexi 2 Lady Lexi (Senior Staffy Club, kennels, Worcester)

Lively and loving, Lady Lexi adores all people, even tiny ones. She’s looking for some sofa cuddles, happy walks and people to play fetch with. She needs to be the only dog and doesn’t like cats. She’ll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step given the chance.

Sheba 3 resized Sheba (UK German Shepherd Rescue, kennels, Wales)

Cheeky Sheba has a fun character and a lot of love to give. Sadly she’s in kennels now and her best friend passed away. In spite of her situation she still adores everyone she meets. She can live with other dogs and older children. Can you give her a home and set her free?

Gerrard Gerrard (UK German Shepherd Rescue, Essex)

Gerrard is a very handsome boy who hasn’t been socialised much with other dogs, but is basically a friendly lad. He is a good boy in the home and after an initial bark he will take his toys to visitors for them to play with him. Could you offer Gerrard a new home?

millie 3 Millie (UK German Shepherd Rescue, Yorkshire)

Millie is a sweet and affectionate lady who has sadly been neglected. She loves meeting people however and is quick to learn and eager to please. Millie would love an understanding owner who could give her all the love and attention she has been missing. Can you help this beautiful lady?

kaiser2 Kaizer (UK German Shepherd Rescue, Merseyside)

Lovely and handsome, Kaizer, would like to find his forever retirement home with his pal, Inga. He has the most laid-back, wonderful temperament and is sociable; he loves attention. He has always lived with another dog but is not used to cats. He is used to visiting children and could live with older ones.

inga2 Inga (UK German Shepherd Rescue, Merseyside)

Inga is an adorable German Shepherd lady who has a lovely, calm, laid-back nature. She enjoys a fuss and can live with older children. She has always lived with Kaizer, but tends to ignore dogs out and about and she is not keen on cats. She would make a lovely companion, especially with her pal, Kaizer, if possible.

FloydBedCrop2 Floyd (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Floyd’s view of life has been shaped by a puppyhood of mistreatment and being tormented by the 8 children of the family. He is a loving and affectionate boy, but has waited 8 years in rescue for a very special person, we’re calling them Floyd’s angel, to come along and offer him the routine, experience and dedication he needs. It’s a big thing to hope for, but we’re hoping very hard!

angel Angel (Adopt a Dog North East, fostered Durham)

Angel has the perfect name as she is just that. She is a very sweet Border Terrier/Yorkshire Terrier cross who gets on well with small children, dogs and cats. She would love a couple of short walks a day but doesn’t ask for much other than a loving home.

chester and oscar Chester and Oscar (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Chester and Oscar are looking for someone with a heart as big as their home. These two brothers are inseparable and need to find a home where they can be together for always. They are big loving teddy bears who will reward your love with devotion and loyalty.

smartie 2 Barnaby (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Cute little Barnaby is a sweet chap who prefers the quiet life. He is very loving and loyal with the people he trusts but he prefers not to have too many visitors! Barnaby also loves his treats and they way to his heart is through his stomach! He also enjoys just being beside you and being cuddled.

robbie 2 Robbie (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Robbie is a very handsome Springer Spaniel who is seeking a loving home where he can enjoy the quiet life away from thee hustle and bustle of the city. He could potentially live with another dog, but would be quite happy on his own too. He is still an active lad with a typical spaniel personality, loving and loyal.

albert1 Albert (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

Albert is a very sweet and friendly boy who is looking for a calm home with someone home a good part of the day who can give him a walk and time for cuddles. Albert can live with other dogs but prefers a child-free and cat-free home. After life in Romania, he now deserves his own loving home to enjoy at last.

RubyandBlueADM03 Ruby and Blue (All Dogs Matter, London)

Ruby and Blue are two gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are looking for a new home together. They are both 10 years young and are a very sweet and affectionate pair. They are looking for a quieter home and could live with older children over 10. They could also live with another dog, so what are you waiting for?

ChayADMfeat Chay (All Dogs Matter, London)

If you are looking for a loving companion who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles, then look no further as this wonderful girl is the girl for you! Gloria is a beautiful Staffy cross who is 8 years old. She is looking for a quieter home and could live with children over 10. Could you give this sweet girl her new home?

GloriaADMfeat Gloria (All Dogs Matter, fostered London)

Gloria is a gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who is looking to find her forever home. She is 8 years old and is a very gentle soul. She is looking for a quieter adult only home without any other pets. Could you give this beautiful girl a loving home?

max Max (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Max cheers everyone up with his beaming smile … he’s so happy to be in a foster home after years in a shelter in Romania. Max is good with cats, dogs and children and everyone he meets falls for his charms. All this perfect boy needs now is his forever home.

MaxDogsTrustMfeat Max (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

If you are looking for an adorable companion who enjoys watching nature documentaries, then look no further as Max is the boy for you! This lovely lad is around 8 years old and is a collie cross who would love to find a special someone to call his own. He is looking for a quieter home without children and where he will be the only pet. What are you waiting for!

Krissy Krissy (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Poor Krissy is in her 5th year in rescue and is so hoping someone can help her and take her home. She needs a calm home with either a single person or couple and no children. She gets on with most dogs but not cats. Krissy is extremely loyal and deserves her own special place to call home.

missy foal Missy (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Missy is a darling, sweet girl who adores being with people. She is still quite fit and enjoys her walks very much. Missy prefers the company of people to other dogs and will make someone a very loving companion.

snoopy foal Snoopy (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Snoopy is a teeny tiny Staffy boy with a big personality and heart. He loves being with people and playing with his toys. Snoopy loves people and would like to be your only dog. He is also available to foster!

MillieDogsTrustMfeat Millie (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Millie is a beautiful white Labrador cross who would love to find a new home of her own. She is 11 years old and is a gorgeous girl inside and out. She enjoys going for walks and loves to be with you. She would love a home where someone is around most of the time to keep her company, could that be you?

LexiDogsTrustMfeat Lexi (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Stunning Lexi is a 9 year old Dalmation/Labrador cross. He is looking for a new home with an experienced active owner. He would be best as an only dog and without children. He would love a home where someone is around most of the time to keep him company and where he will get plenty of exercise. Could you be the special person to give this wonderful boy his forever home?

jaz Jaz (RSPCA Liverpool Branch)

Can you help lovely Jaz? She’s become a bit of a favourite with the staff and volunteers in the rescue and is always happy to see you – her whole body wags from head to tail. Jaz is active and enjoys her daily walks and squeaky toys. She can be rehomed with children aged 7+ and would prefer to be the only pet, though she is fine with other dogs out and about. She will make a great addition to your home.

binky Binky (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Stafford)

Dinky Binky is an adorable, fun loving little lady who is getting tired of kennels and wants to move in with a family who will love her as she deserves to be. She is very energetic for her age and full of life and character! Binky could live with children and another calm dog. Isn’t she cute?

Tarka7 Cheeky Choccy Tarka! (Oldies Club, fostered Devon)

Tarka is a super-cute terrier who loves to play ball. He could live with children aged 8+ but needs to be your only pet. Tarka is happy to be left on his own for a few hours. He’s good in the car and OK on the lead. Could you offer Tarka a loving home and lots of fun?

harvey Harvey (RSPCA Bryn y Maen Animal Centre, North Wales)

Harvey is a lovely older gent who has had a sad life so far. Despite this, he’s a funny boy who will keep his new owner entertained with his antics. He just loves his food and walks. Harvey would like an adult-only home as the only pet please and will make a fantastic companion.

Precious on the left, Reg on the right Reg and Precious (RSPCA Essex South, Southend & District)

Reg and Precious were found wandering the streets and no-one came forward to claim them. They are friendly, devoted little dogs who need to stay together. Precious can be adopted but Reg has an inoperable tumour so there is the option to permanently foster Reg if you can attend the vet in Southend. The tumour isn’t affecting his enthusiasm for life, bless him! Reg and Precious are great with other dogs.

jake2 Jake (Kent Greyhound Rescue)

Lovely old boy Jake likes the lazy life and is looking for a slow pace home. He much prefers cuddling on the sofa to walks! Jake is in a foster home with children and he gets on fine with other dogs, though he does not like cats. He will make a wonderful companion.

TivaRolls Twinkly Tiva Sleepytoes! (Oldies Club, fostered South London)

This twinkly star is Tiva, a sociable, cuddly girl who really loves her sleep. Tiva isn’t a morning dog, so just a quick walk please before you leave her in peace to snooze while you go to work. She’d like a little break at lunchtime, and then a big, fun walk in the evening! Tiva can live with cats and is good with dogs and older children. She also enjoys a bus or train journey and a trip to the pub!

sidney Sidney (DogsFriends, Somerset)

Sidney is cute, affectionate and clever, but has sadly been waiting a long time for his dream of a home and family to come true. He is a real darling who is used to being a loved family pet and so wants to be part of a family again. Can he move in with you?

OlliePFTfeat Ollie (Pawz for Thought, Sunderland)

Ollie is an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier who is looking to find his new home. He is such a sweet little boy who would love to find a special someone who is around most of the time so he can keep you company. He gets on fine with other dogs and enjoys going for walks. All in all he is a good all round boy who will make a fantastic companion.

Henry 2 [2962556] Henry (Safe Rescue, fostered South Lincolnshire)

This handsome chap is Henry and he’s quite a mix of breeds but with some Springer Spaniel in there. Henry has lot of life in him and would like a doggy companion and exercise. He’s also good with cats. Henry has brilliant recall off-lead and just wants to be with you. His new owner will be well rewarded with lots of affection.

Malibu1 Mallie (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)

Mallie hasn’t had the best of lives and is feeling very depressed as it must seem that all she has to look forward to is seeing out her days in kennels. Mallie is a sweet and loving girl who just wants home comforts and someone to love her. She is brilliant with children. Could you offer Mallie a happy future?

HollyWonky Holly (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered South Birmingham)

Poor Holly’s world fell apart when her elderly owner went into hospital. She would love a home where she is someone’s treasured companion again. She needs an experienced home where she is the only dog. She wouldn’t want to live with children or cats. Could you help Holly?

Jack 1 [2732238] Jack (Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Hastings)

Lovely, big, yellow Jack sadly came into rescue terrified after being badly beaten. Now, he loves pretty much everything and everybody and he is basically a very large, happy clown though it takes time to overcome his fears. Jack is looking for a local, rural home, ideally something like a stable yard. He adores other dogs and is also happy around cats and livestock. After all he’s been through, Jack deserves the best ever home.