Big Bruce (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Super-sized Bruce has a heart as big as he is! Even after living a sad existence, he still loves people and is the most gentle, sweet-natured gentleman around. Can you make his dream come true and love him for the rest of his days?

Basil (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

Cuddles galore await you if Basil moves in with you! He is a cuddle monster who will devote himself to you if you show him the love and care he wants and needs. You will have a loyal and loving friend for life if you choose to bring him into your home.

Barley (West Hatch Animal Centre, Somerset)

Barley is as sweet and gentle as he looks. He’s more of a worrier than a warrior. He’d be happy to live with another dog and sensible, older children. Most of all, he wants company and a settled life which includes sofa snuggles!

Lana (Safe Rescue, fostered Hampshire)

Attention all Collie lovers! Your luck is in… Lana the collie cross is available for endless fuss, interesting walks and generally being the best of best friends you could wish for. She’s a great listener. Just look at those ears!

Deano and Sadie (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

Deano and Sadie are delightful dogs who have so much to offer. Being young-at-heart, they enjoy life together and playing with balls. But more than anything else, they love cuddles and require lots of them please. The reason you have two hands is so you can stroke two dogs!

Duke (West Hatch Animal Centre, Somerset)

Rottie Duke’s unusual look is due to vitiligo, a harmless phenomenon that just makes him extra special and is a talking point if you want to get chatting in the park! Duke’s good with dogs, cats and children and loves curling on your lap for a cuddle. What a star!

Brave (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Brave was shot by his owner, which isn’t good, but it does mean that he is now safely out of Romania. He’s recovered from his ordeal and, remarkably, he loves people, especially children. He also likes dogs. Could you offer this Brave boy a loving home?

Butch (Love Underdogs, Essex)

Gorgeous, golden Butch is an affectionate boy, brimming over with goodness! He’s looking for an adult only home for a peaceful retirement of lovely walks, quite a lot of lounging and lots and lots of fuss. Love and nice times are what Butch is all about. Please share his page to help him find his forever home!

Amilia (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Amilia The Lovely is a sweet natured lady who gets on brilliantly with other dogs! Despite being timid, she really loves a cuddle and fuss. She’s good with sensible children and an all round pleasure to be with. Is there space beside you on the sofa for lovely Amilia?

Victor (Animal Helpline, fostered Cambridgeshire)

This cute Patterdale boy is called Victor and he would make someone a wonderful companion. He is living with other dogs in his foster home with no problems but would like an adult retirement home without cats. Victor loves his walks followed by a good snooze. He’s a great little dog.

Storm and Blizzard (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Storm and Blizzard are a gorgeous pair of siblings who are looking for an outdoor, active life. They are typical Huskies full of energy and happiness. They are looking for an adult, experienced home with someone who has time to exercise them. They can live with dogs but no cats please. What an adorable pair they are.

Toffee (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Toffee is a sweet 10 year old crossbreed girl who enjoys long walks in the woods. She’s a little nervous, but has a waggy tail for the people she trusts. Toffee would like a quiet relaxed home where she can settle at her own pace, and she’d really benefit from sharing with a confident canine partner.

Ruby (Isle Rescue, Doncaster)

Whoever adopts lovely Ruby will be a lucky person indeed! She is an active, bouncy lady who loves going for long walks and having a good sniff-around. She is also dog and child friendly!

Taz (Isle Rescue, Doncaster)

Handsome Taz has all the good qualities you are looking for! He is friendly, playful, affectionate and he loves a cuddle. He is also dog and child friendly. Who doesn’t want to take this sweetie home?

Annie (RADAR Dog Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Annie thought she had found a home but it sadly wasn’t to be. She is an active Shepherd Crossbreed with lots of love to offer. She’s friendly with everyone and would enjoy playing with children aged 12+. Annie’s fine with dogs but would prefer to be the only pet in the home and have lots of cuddles.

Ozzy (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

08/12/2017 – Ozzy is reserved! 😉 Ozzy is an all round terrific boy. He is friendly loving and good with other dogs and children. He would like to grace you with his lovely presence most of the time and to enjoy his favourite thing – human companionship.

Fern (Leicester Animal Aid)

Cute little Fern is and adorable Yorkie who loves life. She would be so happy to settle down in a cosy and homely environment, possibly with another similar doggy companion and enjoy the interaction of children aged 10 years and above. Fern was recently rehomed but came back into rescue through no fault of her own.

Jerry (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

06/12/2017 – Gorgeous Jerry is reserved! 🙂 Meeting people and making new friends are just two of adorable Jerry’s favourite pastimes. He’s so affectionate and is good with other dogs. He’s happy to live with older children and cats too, perfect boy that he is. Jerry is just looking for someone to love and to spend the rest of his life with. Could that be you?

Chyna (RSPCA Derby & District Branch)

Sweet Chyna is a calm and relaxed older girl who loves tummy rubs. She likes other dogs and is so gentle that she can even live with younger children. Could you offer this gorgeous lady a nice warm home?

Jamba (East Anglia Dog Rescue, fostered East Anglia)

23/11/2017 Unsurprisingly, handsome Jamba is choosing from lots of home offers and is now reserved.
Jamba is a stunning, short-haired Pointer who loves the outdoor life. His perfect home would be on a farm or with a man who works outside. Jamba is happy to live with other dogs, older children and dog-savvy cats. Not much fazes this handsome fellow.

Zoli (Hungarian Vizsla Welfare, North Ayrshire)

Zoli is gorgeous, charming and extremely bright… and he knows it! He’s looking for an adult only home and would be happy to live with other dogs. Intellectual though he is, he will tie himself in knots to be good for a treat. Walks, company and food are his bliss!

Bilbo (Forest Of Dean Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Little Bilbo has a lot to smile about these days, since being rescued from his previous life of neglect. Bilbo has put all that behind him and is now a cheerful, fun-loving fellow waiting to start the next chapter of his life. Bilbo loves meeting people, enjoys his walks and is very friendly with other dogs.

Lucy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

06/12/2017- Gorgeous Lucy is Reserved- Fingers crossed for her! 🙂 Lovely Lucy is a very friendly lady who loves her cuddles. Sadly, she was abandoned by her owner and finds herself looking for a loving family to call her own. Lucy can live with children and possibly share with another dog, though she is not used to cats. She’s small in size but still energetic!

Tyson (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Compact and companionable Tyson is offering you his undying affection! He wants to be with you most of the time and some cuddles would be nice too. He enjoys playing and going on adventures, but what his soul longs for the most… is love! Please share his page to help him find it.

Graham (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Graham loves people so much he’s getting stressed in kennels. He’s very affectionate and lively and looking for an older family home with garden access. He’s good with dogs and may be able to share with a female, though no cats please. Children should be 12+ due to his exuberant nature.

Beau (Ardley Rescue Kennels, Oxfordshire)

Beau is a lovely, handsome Rottweiler who loves nothing more than a good cuddle and lots of fuss. He’s a very affectionate boy who is good with all people, including children. He can be unsure of male dogs but is fine with females. Beau could definitely be someone’s special beau!

Bryson (RSPCA Derby & District Branch)

Bryson is a calm and thoughtful chap who isn’t interested in playing games, but he would enjoy sitting with you companionably, simply watching the world go by. He’s good with children and quite friendly with dogs he meets, but might prefer to be your only dog.

Max (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

Max is a straight forwardly friendly boy. He gets on with other dogs, cats and children alike. He could slot happily into most households because he’s such a well behaved, jolly soul. He will optimistically bring you his tennis ball so you can play with him!

Benson (Dogs Trust Merseyside)

This wonderfully saggy-faced fellow is Benson and despite appearances, he’s the most cheerful, friendly, affectionate boy ever! He loves meeting people and is good with other nice dogs. He’ll be the perfect, loving companion to someone who only wants short walks and who loves a cuddle as much as him!

Wilma (Dogs Trust Merseyside, fostered Merseyside)

Poor Wilma is a bit overwhelmed by all the recent change in her life, so she’s hoping to find a cosy retirement home very soon. She can be shy, but loves a cuddle or two once she knows you. Wilma can live with older children, and she’d really love to share her new home with other dogs. Do you have room on your sofa for Wilma?

Bailey (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire coast)

White-toed Staffy x Collie, Bailey needs a home where he can spend all day with you. He’d be perfect if you have horses and love the outdoors. He’s good with dogs and can live with children who are big enough to not be knocked over when he’s feeling bouncy. Bailey is desperate to find a special person to love. Could that be you?

Roxy (Dogs Trust Merseyside, fostered Merseyside)

Young at heart Roxy loves to play tug-of-war and with her toys. She’s an active lady for her 11 years and looking for someone to be her constant companion. Roxy would be happy to live with other dogs and children 10+. She’s a beautiful lady.

Daisy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Poor Daisy was mistreated in the past, so needs an owner who will give her the time to build up her trust in you. Once she loves you, she is an absolute delight. Daisy hates being cold, so she would really love to move into a warm and comfy foster or permanent home before winter comes.

Kenny (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Kent)

Kenny is a fun-loving, bird noise making goof who is sure to make you laugh. He is a fun-loving, affectionate boy who wants an energetic family to entertain and to provide him with cuddles. Will someone give this silly boy a chance?

Cindy (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, fostered Essex)

Soppy Cindy is rather at a loss to find herself back in rescue due to her owner’s ill health. She’s absolutely adorable and has a very kind and loving heart. She just wants to please and is brilliant with other dogs and children. This gorgeous-natured girl just wants somone to love her and will make a wonderful family pet.

Radley (Last Chance Animal Rescue, Kent)

Sweet, calm, placid Radley wants a love and comfort filled retirement. He likes to play with other dogs and he likes to have the occasional short sprint but what he mostly likes to do is relax, knowing you’re nearby for all his fussing needs.

Shadow and Cici (RSPCA Liverpool Branch)

Shadow and Cici are young at heart and love meeting new people despite coming into rescue as a cruelty case. They are brother and sister and would love to find a loving home together if possible. They can live with other dogs, children aged 7+ and possibly friendly cats. They have so much love to offer and now deserve to be spoiled rotten.

Todd (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

Although he can be a bit of an escape artist, Todd’s favourite place is home, beside you or in a warm comfy bed. He is a total sweetheart who doesn’t even flinch when a mean cat swats him. This gentle boy is going to make a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Levi (Forever Hounds Trust, Somerset)

Levi has discovered a love for his toys since retiring from racing in 2013. Sadly, he’s been waiting for his forever home since then and regards all new experiences with wonder. Levi is looking for a quieter home where children are older and a calm canine companion. It’s time he went home.

Baba (Leash of Life, fostered Wiltshire)

08/12/2017 – Gentle Baba is now reserved 🙂 Baba is a sweet, gentle girl who is looking for a quiet home after being rescued from Romania. She is good with other dogs and can live with gentle children aged over 10. Could you offer Baba a lovely new home?

Billy (Ashbourne Animal Welfare, Derbyshire)

22/11/17 – Brilliant news for Billy! After being featured as our Old Dog of the Week, he had lots of enquiries from people who had seen him on the Oldies Club website, and now he has happily moved to his new home. Wonderful result!

Turca (The Fairy Dog Fosterers, Manchester)

Turca has spent most of her life in a crate, used as a breeding machine and hunting dog, then taken to be killed when she produced no more puppies. Turca is 11, but still very active. She’s playful and affectionate and deserves a happy retirement to make up for those lost years.

Milo Dinky Legs! (Oldies Club, fostered Notts)

This ruggedly handsome, sunny-natured fellow is looking for a cosy home where he’ll have someone for company most of the time. He could live with another small friendly dog. He likes to take his owner for 2 or 3 walks a day, interspersed with lots of lounging in his lovely warm bed!