Scampie (Bath Cats & Dogs Home)

30/5/2012 Sad news about long-stay boy Scampie – he was put to sleep on Monday. He had been struggling to breathe and had collapsed over the weekend. It was considered it was kindest to put him to sleep. He will be missed very much.

Tiny (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

18/8/12 Sad news from South East Dog Rescue … It is with the heaviest of hearts that I tell you that Tiny, our beautiful big bear Rottweiler, has gone to the rainbow bridge. Tiny was adored here and he knew how much he was loved as he went to sleep without awakening. :(

Poppy (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

2/4/11 Very sad news about Poppy. She was off colour so was taken to the vet and he suspected a growth. A scan showed a large tumour affecting several organs and the only option was to put Poppy to sleep. Rest in peace now lovely girl.

Boston (RSPCA, West Norfolk)

20/1/11 – Tragically Boston had to be put to sleep this morning. He was unwell and the vet found a tumour on his kidneys. The kindest thing was to let him go. Sleep tight, Boston.

Matthew (Maxicare Dog Rehoming, Northamptonshire)

3/5/12 Very sad news today from a Maxicare volunteer: “Handsome Matthew passed away today in the arms of Maxicare Staff who were his family and his friends. He was fighting cancer but unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. So devastating as he spent almost his whole life with them. Run Free” :(

Wag (Oldies Club, fostered Hertfordshire)

18/9/10 We are very sad to report that Wag suddenly became very ill and after having tests and a scan was found to have an enlarged liver, a mass in his stomach, and a problem with one of his kidneys. The vet advised that there was no hope of improvement and as Wag was not at all well, he sadly had to be put to sleep. Rest in peace little Wag.

Alfie (Lizzie’s Barn Animal Sanctuary, South Wales)

20/6/10 – After the good news of Alfie finding a new home, we have some very sad news. Yesterday afternoon, Alfie was out pottering in the sunshine in the sanctuary garden when he suddenly collapsed and died. Fionna was with him and couldn’t do anything to save him. They suspect the poor little man had a massive heart attack.

The Sanctuary people are absolutely devastated, as are the wonderful family who were due to be homechecked for him today and hoping to bring him home next weekend.

Sleep well, little one.

Ben (Linton Boarding Kennels, Ceredigion, Wales)

18/10/2011 Sad news – poor Ben was found to have bone cancer and the rescue decided it was kinder to let him go. Ben never found his forever home, but had some happy months and enjoyed his regular walks with volunteer dog walkers. Run free Ben :(

Bonnie (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

4/7/10 Very sad news about Bonnie. She recently became unwell and was found to have a very aggressive tumour and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. Rest peacefully, Bonnie.

Arctic (Private rehoming, Northamptonshire)

29.6.10 We have just heard the sad news about Arctic. The family who rescued her had decided to keep her as there had been very little interest but very sadly Arctic died last week. At least she had love and care for the last part of her life. Run free, Arctic.

Evie (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

1/4/2010 Poor Evie didn’t make it to a new home. We’ve had this sad update from Rescue Remedies … Sadly Evie’s tumour worsened and her health deteriorated. We had to make the decision to put her to sleep. She was loved by us all and the kennels she was in was owned by a Rottie fan who made her last days with us very comfortable. Run free Evie :(

Midge (Ardley Rescue Kennels, Oxfordshire)

9/6/10 – We just had the sad news that Midge was put to sleep as the pain was just too much for the poor boy anymore. He had a good last couple of months with his new family and at least his last memories were happy ones.

Sheba (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

29/10/2011 Some sad news from Dogs Trust – Sheba collapsed yesterday and sadly there was nothing that could be done for her. We are so, so sad to lose our lovely girl as she has been like one of the family for so many years! Sleep tight Sheba :(

Rosie (Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue)

5/11/09 We’ve had this very sad update from EGLR … It is with great sadness that I have to write that Rosie was put to sleep on Monday. She had a wonderful 2 months in her foster home and was loved so much. She will be greatly missed.

Sally (NAWT, Berkshire)

30/7/09 Sally was taken seriously ill yesterday and sadly had to be put to sleep. She had been with NAWT a long time and will be sadly missed.

Max – (Oldies Club, fostered Berks)

19/8/09 Max has very sadly had to be put to sleep. Oldies Club and his fosterer tried very hard for him, but poor Max never really recovered from the loss of his beloved owner. He suffered terrible Separation Anxiety and was constantly stressed. Rest in Peace now Max.

Josie (Dogs Home, Manchester)

21.1.11 Beautiful Josie enjoyed two fun filled years with her loving new family. Sadly, she then developed an inoperable liver tumour and the decision had to be made to let her go to sleep peacefully and with dignity. Sleep tight, little Josie xx

Super Scamp (Oldies Club, fostered Plymouth)

3/11/09 Sadly poor Scamp has been suffering from dementia recently and has had to be put to sleep. He had a wonderful loving home, as you can see from his rehoming story here on the website. He will be greatly missed by his family. Sleep tight Scamp.

Maggie (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Bucks)

17/01/09 Maggie went to live with a foster family and had a wonderful few days with them, but she unfortunately became unwell. Sadly, Maggie was put to sleep yesterday with kidney failure. CDRS have sent their thanks to everyone that offered to help Maggie…