Asha (Rescue Remedies, Surrey)

27/6/13 – Sad news from Rescue Remedies: ‘So sorry to have to tell you that Asha went to Rainbow Bridge today. Sadly he had a mass on his upper front leg and he was struggling to walk. The vet agreed it was better to let him slip away without pain. Thankfully he had 10 months before he died in a wonderful foster home.’

Ben (Stray Dogs Sanctuary, kenneled Devon)

16/5/13 – We just had this sad news about Ben: ‘I’m afraid I have sad news about Ben. He has been on two courses of antibiotics for an infection, but they have not worked ,so the vet has carried out further tests and found that he has bone cancer, so has decided that the kindest thing to do is to put Ben to sleep.’

Glen (Barley Kennels, Essex)

12/10/13 – Just had this sad news about Glen: ‘Very sadly Glen died last week bless him. Its such a terrible shame he didn’t find a home he was such a lovely dog, but at least he was happy in kennels and one of the volunteers was very attached to him and spoilt him as much as possible.’

Little laid-back Lucy (Oldies Club, fostered Tyne & Wear)

8/10/12 We are very sad to update with the news that little Lucy became very unwell at the weekend. She saw the emergency vet, and scans revealed that she had tumours on her kidneys, liver and windpipe. There was no hope for Lucy and the kindest thing was to let her go. Our thoughts are with Lucy’s dedicated foster carer who has cared for Lucy so very well.

Connie (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

C14/5/12 – We just had some very sad news from South East Dog Rescue – ‘Connie had a home lined up for this week but, devastatingly, she died today on the way to emergency vet of bloat. I’m absolutely devastated. Thank you so much for putting my beautiful girl on your site.’ Run free, Connie.

Charlie and Cain (PARRT, North East)

30/4/12 – We just had the sad news that poor Cain had to be put to sleep due to health issues. His sister Charlie will be staying in long term foster and is sure to be well take care of in her sorrow.

Curly Blue – Rapunzel Rottie (Oldies Club, fostered Plymouth)

18/2/12 We are extremely sad to report that after a short period of serious illness, Blue has sadly passed away. He had tests and scans that were inconclusive but the vet was certain that Blue had a hard to detect form of cancer. This news is especially devastating as Blue had recently had a wonderful home offer and we were all looking forward to him finally going to a permanent home. Our thoughts are with his adopter-to-be and, of course, with his wonderful foster family who loved Blue so very much and would have kept him if only their garden had been easier for Blue to manage.

Sleep tight Curly Blue – we will never forget you, special boy. :(

Jess Springer – Loving and cuddly (Oldies Club, fostered Dundee)

20/1/12 Tragically, after a number of weeks in her foster home with no sign of having fits, Jess has tonight suffered a massive fit. The vet managed to bring her round briefly but she started fitting again and the only option was to let her be at peace. We’re so sorry for Jess and for her lovely foster family who have taken such good care of Jess and are now devasted. :(

Cute Casey Cheekygirl (Oldies Club, fostered Suffolk)

26/5/12 After a period of illness, Casey has sadly had to be put to sleep. Our thoughts are with her lovely foster carer and also with Casey’s former owner who has been following Casey’s progress since sadly having to part with her.

Sleep tight beautiful Casey.

Jemma (Liverpool Dog Rescue 1990)

3/6/2012 Sad news from Liverpool Dog Rescue – Jemma had a growth on her leg which was getting progressively worse so her family made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. Jemma was being rehomed by Liverpool Dog Rescue, but was fortunately still with her family and therefore with people she knew and loved. Sleep tight Jemma :(

Rambo (Blue Cross, Scotland – fostered Ayrshire)

3/9/2011 – We just had the sad news that Rambo was pts. Here is what his carer said about him:

Sadly Rambo died yesterday but he had a brilliant foster home and was a happy dog right up to the end. We’re going to miss his great character and how much he made us all laugh but I’m glad he got to spend his last months so contented.

Sleep tight, sweet boy.

Joey (Animal Care, Lancaster)

18/12/11 We’ve heard the very sad news that Joey’s seizures increased to the point that they were happening constantly and so the sad decision was made to let him go. Sleep tight Joey. :(

Jakey (Animals in Need, Northamptonshire)

4/1/14 – Sad news from Animals in Need: I’m sorry to inform you, sadly Jakey passed away about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately he developed a tumor on his heart and we had to have him put to sleep. Thankfully he spent his last months living in our on site mobile home with a member of staff so at least had some home comforts and companionship before he left us. Run free, Jakey.

Bruce (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

31/8/11 – We have just received the sad news that Bruce has been put to sleep. Here is what his carer had to say about him:

Sadly, we had to have our lovely Bruce put to sleep over the weekend :( He suffered a series of strokes and went downhill very rapidly. Despite living rough and being mistreated in his past he was such a happy boy with us and his tail was wagging right to the end.

Sleep tight, Bruce.

Gracie (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

26/8/11 – We are sad to hear that poor Gracie had to be put to sleep. Here is what her carer at Rain Rescue said about her:

With a heavy heart I need to tell you that poor Gracie was pts yesterday. She was originally with us for 6 months then returned by her foster carers 3 months ago and we were all very attached to her. RIP beautiful girl.

Tiny (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

18/8/12 Sad news from South East Dog Rescue … It is with the heaviest of hearts that I tell you that Tiny, our beautiful big bear Rottweiler, has gone to the rainbow bridge. Tiny was adored here and he knew how much he was loved as he went to sleep without awakening. :(

Poppy (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

2/4/11 Very sad news about Poppy. She was off colour so was taken to the vet and he suspected a growth. A scan showed a large tumour affecting several organs and the only option was to put Poppy to sleep. Rest in peace now lovely girl.

Boston (RSPCA, West Norfolk)

20/1/11 – Tragically Boston had to be put to sleep this morning. He was unwell and the vet found a tumour on his kidneys. The kindest thing was to let him go. Sleep tight, Boston.

Bonnie (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

4/7/10 Very sad news about Bonnie. She recently became unwell and was found to have a very aggressive tumour and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. Rest peacefully, Bonnie.

Arctic (Private rehoming, Northamptonshire)

29.6.10 We have just heard the sad news about Arctic. The family who rescued her had decided to keep her as there had been very little interest but very sadly Arctic died last week. At least she had love and care for the last part of her life. Run free, Arctic.

Tye (Dogs Trust, West Calder, Scotland)

6/12/09 Such sad news from Dogs Trust today – It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that poor Tye has passed away. He spent several weeks under the care of our local vet hospital for specialist treatment and while he seemed to be improving he sadly deteriorated overnight and passed away this morning.