Nelly (Enfield Dog Rescue, North London)

Nelly is an amiable lady who would be happy to share her home with another friendly dog. She’s a warm-hearted, engaging companion who will make sure you get out there in the fresh air and sunshine. She’s like a preloved steiff teddy bear in need of someone to cuddle her. Could that be you?

Sophie (The Mayhew Animal Home, London)

Sophie is an adorable little lady who has so much love to give. She is a little insecure at first, but once she trusts you, she will; make the most loving of little friends. Sophie needs to be an only dog and, because she likes to make herself heard, would prefer not to live in a flat! Isn’t she cute?

Simba (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, fostered South Yorkshire)

Introducing Super Simba a gorgeous large crossbreed possibly Labrador cross Pointer. He is a happy lad who gets on great with everyone whatever their size! He gets on fine with other dogs and is also used to children. He is around 10 years young with plenty of energy who loves his walks or having a run in the park. He also adores a cuddle and loves to snuggle up with on the sofa too. Could sensational Simba come home and enjoy a lovely cuddle with you?

Upbeat Ozzie! (Oldies Club, fostered Hampshire)

Ozzie always looks on the bright side! He loves children, walks, cuddles and everything else about life – except cats, naturally. His buoyant personality and enthusiasm for life rub off on those around him. Well behaved and always merry, Ozzie’s joy is irrepressible!

Roma (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Beautiful Roma is a gorgeous medium sized crossbreed lady who is as sweet as they come. She 7 years old and very young at heart. She is loving and affectionate and adores plenty of cuddles. She gets on well with other dogs and would be happy to share her home with one. She loves her walks and is a great lady to have around. Could pretty Roma be your new best friend?

Flynn (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Flynn is a beautiful boy who is looking for a very special someone who will come and take him home with them. He is 9 years old very loving and sweet. He is a medium sized crossbreed lad who is looking for a fairly quiet new home where he will be the only dog. He enjoys going for walks and walk well on the lead. He is playful, cuddly and full of fun and will make a wonderful companion, can he come home with you?

Douglas (Adopt A Dog North East, Fostered Durham)

26/04/17- Douglas has been reserved! He has a choice of many lovely home offers!
Darling Douglas is an adorable little Westie who is 7 years old and as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He is a fun loving boy who loves his toys and spending his time with you. He is looking for a quieter new home and would suit a fairly active older person or retired couple who are at home a lot of the time. He gets on great with other dogs, but needs a home without any children or cats. Can this gorgeous lad come home with you?

Dinky Boy Dan! (Oldies Club, fostered Durham)

Lovely little, fluffy Dan is a JRT cross boy with 11 years of perfecting cuteness under his belt. He’s a charming companion who will want to follow you around and offer moral support with everything you do. Watching the world go by from the window or snoozing contentedly when you’re busy. He likes a cuddle or a belly rub and he really loves short walks! Dan is a chipper little fellow who just needs one or two people to devote himself to. Could that be you?

Marnie Moo (Leicester Animal Aid)

Marnie Moo is a beautiful Bull Mastiff who is looking for a loving new home. She is 7 years old and would like a quieter home without young children or any other pets. She enjoys her walks and travelling in the car and is a great companion to have around. Tummy rubs and cuddles are her thing and if you enjoy giving both, then this gorgeous girl is the one for you!

Trixie (RSPCA Liverpool Branch, Merseyside)

Beautiful Trixie is a gorgeous happy Staffie who is looking for an active new home. She is 9 years old and still very young at heart with plenty of energy. She has a lovely tan and white coat and adores cuddles and playing with her favourite toys. She would prefer an active new home and could live with older teenagers over 14. She is not too keen on other dogs, but may be able to live with a cat. She enjoys her walks and would enjoy a nice garden to play fetch in. Is this sweetheart the girl for you?

Marcie (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Marcie the English Bull Terrier has a lot to offer her new family. She’s very affectionate and loves everyone, and she’s good with children so perfect for a family home. Marcie enjoys a long snooze too, so with some comfort breaks during the day she’ll be ideal for part/full-time workers.

Crystal (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Crystal hasn’t been shown much affectionate in previous years, so she’s looking for someone to show her what TLC is all about. Crystal could live with an older family and would be fine with a male canine compaion. Can you help Crystal make up for her lost years?

Rudy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Rudy is a very special Staffie boy looking for a relaxed, adult only home. He can be shy with strangers, but has heaps of love to give the lucky person he bonds with. Rudy could live with a doggie companion and due to being a “tri-paw” he’d be happy with garden exercise.

Mack (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Marvelous Mack is a gorgeous Staffie who is urgently looking for a loving new home. He is quite a small lad who is around 10 years old and very affectionate and loving. He is used to children and also gets on well with other dogs and cats. He adores plenty of cuddles and will make a loyal and loving companion to the lucky someone who takes him home with them. Can he come home with you?

Molly (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

This adorable little Terrier cross lady is looking for a special someone to come and take her home with them. Molly is around 10 years old and a tiny lady who only stands 7 inches tall! She needs a quieter home without any children or other pets and where someone is around most of the time. She would make an ideal pet to an older person who does not have too many visitors. So if you are looking for a loving little companion to share your life and your lap, then this gorgeous girl has to be the one for you!

Winston & Tilly (RSPCA West Norfolk Branch, Kings Lynn)

In shock at suddenly finding themselves in kennels, Winston and Tilly must wonder what is happening. Their owner has been struck down by illness and can no longer take care of them. They are good with dogs, cats and children and are wonderful, well-behaved dogs. They are feeling so sad. Could you offer them a home together and allow them time to quietly settle?

Lynx (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)

Gorgeous Lynx is a fun loving Staffy Cross who is looking for a quieter retirement home. He is a young 10 year old who adores plenty of cuddles and fuss and loves to spend his time with you. He would prefer a home without children or cats, but could share his home with another female companion. He enjoys his walks and also enjoys spending some time rolling about in the garden or playing with his toys. If you have room in your heart and also on your sofa, how can you resist this beautiful boy!

Dandy (Animal Rescue Cymru, West Wales)

Dandy is a gorgeous Toy Poodle who is around 9 years old and looking for an experienced new home. He is very friendly and loves his human friends, but is also quite independent and knows his own mind! He needs a home without any children, but gets on well with other little dogs and would be fine to live with another smaller companion. He enjoys his walks and travels well in the car. Could you give this adorable little boy a loving new home?

Rebel (RSPCA Essex South West Branch, kennelled Chingford)

The wonderful boy is Rebel who is a very handsome and gentle Bull Mastiff. He is a large lad of around 7 years old and would love to find a loving family of his own. He would be fine with children, but because of his size they need to be over 12. He gets on well with other dogs too, so could share his home with another canine companion. He loves his walks and adores lots of cuddles. Is gorgeous Rebel the one for you?

Gyp and Zak (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, West Midlands)

Wonderful boys Gyp and Zak aren’t getting any walks, due to a bereavement in their family and the ill health of their owner. These brothers are such lovely, friendly lads with sweet natures, and they get on fine with other dogs. Could you offer them a new home, or a temporary foster home while they find a new home? It would be such a relief to their owner.

Cezar (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered South Wales)

Sunny Cezar is a loving little Westie who needs a special home as he’s deaf and nearly blind. This doesn’t dampen his spirits one bit though! He’s a very friendly, happy boy – getting on well with other dogs and of course, all humans as everyone falls for him instantly! A caring owner or family with a good garden and a comfy bed for him are all Cezar needs for his happy ever after…

Bubu (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered South Wales)

Bubu is a beautiful, bijou boy – the perfect size for a lap in fact! He’s looking for a human companion or two to spend most of his time with, charming and cheering them with his joyful antics. It’s thought that if he has a lovely big garden he won’t need walks. He can live with other friendly dogs but not cats or children. He’ll make the perfect little companion to someone very lucky!

Major (Blue Cross, Hertfordshire)

Gorgeous Major is a friendly, playful boy who is desperate to find a new family to love. Major likes children and happily goes for walks with other dogs but he would like to be an only dog in his new home so that he can have all your love to himself. Could you put a smile back on Major’s little face?

Lottie (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Lovely Lottie is still coming out of her shell after a hard life in Romania, but she is showing what a fabulous girl she is going to be. Lottie is quiet and undemanding, she enjoys her walks but she also loves her bed. Could you offer her the love and safety she’s missed out on so far?

Jake (National Animal Welfare Trust, Somerset)

Jake has all the good qualities of a GSD; he is loving, loyal, intelligent and protective. He is also very handsome! Jake is seeking an owner who has experience with GSD with whom he can play and go for outdoor adventures. He prefer to be your only dog and would do best in an adult home. Are you the one for Jake?

Freddie (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Nottinghamshire)

Freddie is a beautiful, laid-back and friendly lad who enjoys having a nice fuss and just being with you. He is a placid boy who doesn’t let anything bother him, even cats! Freddie would suit a large number of homes and will make a terrific friend and companion.

Star (SN Dogs, Wiltshire)

Stunning Star is a beautiful older Collie lady who is around 12 years old. She is looking for a very special someone to come along and take her home with them. She is looking for an adult only home where she can enjoy a long and happy retirement.
She gets on fine with larger dogs and could happily share her home with one. She is not too keen on cats or small furries though. She loves her walks and is a lovely girl to have around. Could you give gorgeous Star a loving new home?

Lou (Romford Greyhound Homing, Essex)

Lovely Lou is a retired greyhound and although she’s officially an oldie, she still has plenty of years retirement ahead of her. Lou could live with another greyhound or similar sized lurcher and she’ll suit an older family. With such beautiful brown eyes and a delightful, easy-going temperament, we think she’ll be hard to resist!!

Tilly (Safe Rescue, fostered Dersingham)

Poor Tilly hasn’t had an easy life. She came from a public shelter in Romania where she was on death row. Despite the neglect she has suffered over the years, Tilly is the kindest and most gentle natured girl you could ever wish to meet. Would you like to adopt Tilly and help her make up for lost time?

Eddie (SN Dogs, Wiltshire)

E stands for Endearing, Engaging, Evangelical and Energetic! It also stands for Eddie and all these words describe the adorable little man so well! He is a gorgeous little Yorkie who is 10 years old and is looking for quite an active new home. He would prefer an adult only home but would be fine to share his home with another dog and can also live with a cat. He loves his walks and also adores plenty of cuddles. Please can this beautiful boy come home with you?

Blue (SN Dogs, Wiltshire)

Blu is a gorgeous handsome Collie who is around 11 years old and a real bonnie lad. He is very loving and affectionate and is looking to find a family of his own. Cuddles are the order of the day for this lovely chap and apart from plenty of fuss he loves his favourite ball which is never too far away. He does not like cats, but gets on fine with other dogs and is great with children. He would make an ideal family pet, but would also make a wonderful companion for a fairly active older person or retired couple too. Is beautiful Blu the boy for you?

Rocky (Homeless Hounds, Lancashire)

Rocky has relaxed into home life with commendable aplomb. Comfort, kindness and lots of snuggling have ticked all the right boxes for him! He’s a true gentleman with other dogs and children, he’s very affectionate – in a soothing sort of way and he’s impeccably well behaved. Can you offer this loving boy his forever home?

Placid Paddy Ewok! (Oldies Club, fostered Wiltshire)

Paddy is an adorable Shih Tzu boy who is simply asking for lots of love and TLC in his retirement years. Paddy is a real ‘person dog’ and is so calm and gentle. He needs a nice garden to potter in, a comfortable home to snooze in, and an owner who will be with him most of the time. Could Paddy be your new companion?

Wesley (Silver Paws Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Little Wesley is a Dachshund cross boy who can take any amount of fuss! He is good with cats and would be happy to live with one. He’s good with other dogs who are part of his pack but sees all other dogs as the enemy. You just can’t trust ’em, you know! A peaceful, adult only home would suit him best, preferably in the countryside. He’s a small boy with a big character and an even bigger heart who will make the perfect dinky companion!

Zeus (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Birmingham)

Zeus is a steady, happy boy who has coped amazingly well with the transition from being an only pet to a foster home with lots of other dogs. It helps that he suddenly has a garden to explore which is a new found freedom he’s relishing! He’s very friendly with humans, including smaller ones and would be happy to live with another nice dog of the female variety. He’s looking for companionship and little adventures in the exciting Great Outdoors! Can he share his joy of life (especially gardens!) with you?

Lulu (Ark Animal Rescue, Lincolnshire Coast)

Sweet little Lulu may be an older lady, but she doesn’t act like one at all! She is still lively and what she loves most in the world is being with people. Lulu promises to be no trouble at all and she would love to have her new owner around a lot to keep her company.

Skye (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Birmingham)

Skye is a substantial sweetie pie of a Shar Pei. She likes a cuddle and there’s plenty about her (and of her) to love! She can live with another happy dog and children from age 8. She deserves to be treated like a queen! But one who’s decreed she wants to get slimmer and fitter. Lots of walkies and cuddles for Lady Skye please!

Chacha (Rushton Dog Rescue, fostered Somerset)

If you have heaps of love to give your next canine companion, then Chacha may be the girl for you. She’s a very affectionate Spanish Pointer and she’ll lap up all the fuss and cuddles you can give her. Do you have room in your heart for this lovely lady?

Patch (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Patch is a gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier cross who is 12 years young. There are so many words you could use to describe this little sweetheart – adorable, cute, inquisitive, cuddly, playful, friendly and there are so many more! He is looking for a fairly active new home and would prefer someone who is around a lot of the time. He would be best in an adult only home and would prefer a home without any other dogs, but may be ok to live with a friendly cat. Is this wonderful little guy the one for you?

Reggie (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

Regal Reggie is a very handsome and loving Mastiff who is 8 years old. He is very affectionate and will happily sit by your side all day enjoying plenty of cuddles. He is looking for an adult only home with an experienced owner of large breeds. He is not too keen on other dogs, but gets on fine cats. He enjoys playing with his toys and is just a big old softie who likes to make himself at home. Can this wonderful boy come and live with you and be your new best friend?

Neville (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Shropshire)

Neville is a cuddly little teddy bear, or rather, Yorkshire Terrier but definitely cuddly! He likes to be near his person most of the time. Perching on the back of the sofa is his speciality. He’s good with other small, quiet dogs like himself and would be happy to live with one or as a doting, only pet. Comfort, security, love and companionship are what he’s looking for. Can you grant Neville his wish?

Tia (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, fostered North Yorkshire)

Adorable little Tia loves tummy tickles, toys and hot-dogs and doesn’t mind which order they come in! She is a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier who is 9 years young, cheeky, affectionate and a wonderful little companion. She loves her walks and is looking for an adult only home without any other pets. Could you give this pretty little lady a loving new home?

Robbie (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, North Yorkshire)

Dear Robbie is a cute Jack Russell Cross who is looking for an adult home with a garden where he can relax and enjoy his retirement. Robbie is deaf and partially blind but still loves to play with rubber toys and he’s always up for having a cuddle and a fuss. He also enjoys getting out and about and making doggy friends. Could you be Robbie’s new friend and give him the loving home he deserves?

Luke (Animal Action Trust, fostered Essex)

Luke the lovely Black Lab is friendly with everyone – all humans, dogs and even cats! His love of life is irrepressible, making him a joy to have around. He likes to lean in for a cuddle whenever possible but is also content just to be near you. If this fun and soppy chap seems like the new best friend for you, we’d advise you to get in there quick!

Ozzy (Dogs Trust Merseyside, fostered Merseyside)

This big hunk of love is Ozzy, a gorgeous Bullmastiff with a wonderful nature. He’s great with children and a gent around the home. If you love big dogs but prefer them to be in their own bed rather than yours, Ozzy could be the boy for you as he refuses to get on any furniture or to go upstairs! He also likes to sleep snuggled up to his teddy. Sweet!

Dylan (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

23/04/2017 – Handsome Dyla has been reserved – Fingers crossed for this lovely lad! 🙂 Dylan is a real joy to have around and is such an easy-going chap who gets on with everyone and takes everything in his stride. All he wants is human company, a comfy bed and tasty treats. He can live with children, dogs and cats as he such a laid-back boy. His perfect home would be with someone around most of the time to keep him company and give him lots of attention. He’s such a lovely boy.

Mouse (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Kent)

Just as his name suggests, Mouse is a quiet little chap who doesn’t ask for much. He’s a 7 year old Chihuahua who loves his walks and enjoys the company of his people. He’d dearly love to find a home with his friend, Elvis, but if that doesn’t happen, Mouse will need another laid back doggie pal.

Elvis (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Kent)

This adorable bundle of loveliness is Elvis and he’s a 7 year old Pekingese cross. Elvis is a playful chap with lots of energy and he’s looking for a home where he’ll get regular walks and have the company of his family for most of the day. If you have room for two, Elvis would be delighted to bring his friend, Mouse, along!

Bella (Furry Friends Animal Rescue, Surrey)

Bella is aptly named and is a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel who is partially blind and will probably become completely blind due to a genetic defect. She needs a special home with a garden, no other pets and no children as she reacts and can snap when startled. Bella enjoys a cuddle on the sofa and will happily greet you. She’s house-trained, good on the lead and with calm dogs out and about. Could you take Bella into your life and offer this special girl with special needs a home for life?

Ambassador Tyson! (Oldies Club, fostered North Yorkshire)

Is your residence fit for an ambassador? If so, Tyson would like to offer his services as a skilled doggy diplomat, and he hopes you will spoil him suitably in return! Tyson is good with dogs and children and he had a cat as a best friend in his old home. Could you offer him a fun home with a comfy sofa and plenty of love and companionship?

Tyson (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Tyson is such a sweetheart. He is so affectionate, loving and just wants to be with the people he loves and devote himself to them. Freshfields just adore him and are desperate he gets his happy ending. Tyson is fine with dogs out and about but would prefer to be the only pet in the home where any children should be older teenagers. Tyson has so much love on offer and will make the most wonderful friend.

Jess (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Nottinghamshire)

Jess is such a good girl – she loves walks, hanging out with other dogs, is good as gold in the house and is very loving and affectionate too! Jess will make someone a fantastic companion. She isn’t asking for much, but she would like another dog to share her life with and an occasional lap to curl up on!

Monty (Four Paws Animal Rescue, South Wales)

Handsome Monty is a star who is very well-behaved in and out of the house and loves everyone he meets. He is so laid-back, very polite and gentle, but also has real character. He would prefer to be the only dog but has lived with other calm dogs, though he cannot be rehomed with cats. He’s delighted to go on walks, followed by snoozing the rest of the day. Monty would make a wonderful addition to a family and give so much happiness and companionship in return for some love and ear tickles.

Tyke (Forest Of Dean Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

Tyke is a jovial little fellow. He’s very well behaved, great at meeting other dogs and would be happy to live with other dogs and cats. He really likes meeting human people too! He’s looking for an owner or two who will share his love of walks followed by sofa snuggles. Can this cheerful chap come and brighten up your life?

Grace (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Grace is a sweet and loving little girl who will devote herself to you! She loves nothing more than to be in the company of her human(s), just basking in cuddles and love. Grace would prefer not to share you with another dog, but she can live with older children. If you are looking for unconditional love and companionship, Grace is your go-to girl!

Patch (Four Paws Animal Rescue, fostered South Wales)

Black and white Collie, Patch, is a friendly boy who likes a fuss and is generally easy-going. He is fine in his foster home with the other dogs and a cat. He’s house-trained and travels well in the car. Patch is working on his waistline with more exercise and less food and he’s already becoming more active. If you would like a soft, furry chap to be your companion, then Patch is ideal.

Ice (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Ice is a gentle giant who adores everybody he meets! He is a big, clumsy boy who can become quite excitable and he has lots of energy, so his new family will need to be able to keep up with him. Can this beautiful, loving boy move into your home and devote himself to you?

Jake (RSPCA West Hatch, Somerset)

Jake is an adorable and charismatic old boy who loves the company of humans! Being older, he does have some issues with his joints and hearing, but he has kept his affectionate personality and will make a devoted companion. Jake needs to be your only dog and he would love for you to be able to spend lots of time with him, just hanging out and enjoying life.

Ozzy (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Just what a lovely lad Ozzy is proving himself to be. He’s lived with older children aged 11+ and also a female dog. Ozzy is good on the lead and just loves to play fetch. He’s still shocked to find himself in kennels after his owner died and just needs a home of his own again.

Tish (Romford Greyhound Homing, Essex)

Calling all sighthound lovers .. please form an orderly queue! This beautiful lady is Tish and if you have a place on your sofa for her, she’ll let you into her heart forever. Tish retired from racing in February 2011 and has spent the past six years in kennels waiting for someone to adopt her. There must be a greyt home out there for her somewhere?

Teifi (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered South Wales)

Standard Poodle, Teifi, is a very handsome chap. He is really affectionate and just loves lots of fuss. Teifi’s ideal home would be with a retired couple as an only dog so he could have their undivided attention, though he could probably live with another calm, compatible dog but not cats. He enjoys one good walk a day and is house-trained. He’s rather irresistible.

Yasmin (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Gwent)

Gentle Yasmin is a pretty GSD cross who is desperate to find a loving home of her own. She is a very affectionate and fun loving lady who is around 7 to 8 years old. She is friendly to everyone that she meets and would like a quieter new home. She loves to play with her ball and enjoys her walks. She could live with older children over 12 and also gets on fine with other dogs. Could you give this beautiful girl her loving new home?

Toby & Jake (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Surrey)

These adorable little cutie pies are Toby and Jake and they are a bonded pair of Cavalier Spaniels. Toby and Jake are fine with cats and other dogs and still enjoy a walk. They love everyone and are good with children, but at 12 years old would really be suited to a nice quiet retirement home. Can you help them?

Lulu (Starfish Dog Rescue, fostered Gloucestershire)

9/4/2017 – Lulu is reserved!
Are you the special person who can show Lulu what it is to be loved? She is a sweet, gentle girl, but a little bewildered about the whole cuddling thing! What she needs is someone who is patient with her and make her feel secure in the knowledge that she is loved. Lulu has a lot to offer and will make a rewarding friend to the person who will show her understanding and love.

Shep (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Newport)

All Shep wants is someone to love! He is a very friendly GSD who is looking for a quieter new home. He is affectionate and loves spending his time with his human friends. He is 9 years young and enjoys his walks. He would prefer a home without any other pets and could live with older teenagers. Can you fulfill his wish and give him all the love and affection he deserves?

Tazzie (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

Irresistible, little Tazzie is a such a sweet boy who still loves his walks and playing with toys. He’s looking for an active, adult-only home where he can settle and get to know you. Tazzie has good basic commands and enjoys learning more, especially when treats are on offer. He will make a wonderful companion for someone who is around most of the time.

Tess (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, kennelled Gwent)

Darling Tess is a beautiful long haired German Shepherd who is around 9 years old and is looking for a quieter new home with an experienced owner. She needs a home without any other pets. She may be able to live with children over 12, but would be happy in an adult only home where she can enjoy all the cuddles and fuss to herself. She enjoys her walks and would also enjoy a nice little garden to explore. She is very affectionate and will make a wonderful and loyal companion.

Ozzy (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

This sweet, little gentleman is called Ozzy and he’s a Shih Tzu. Ozzy has a wonderful personality and the staff and dog walkers just adore him, though he can be a tad grumpy if he doesn’t like something. He’s an affectionate boy who loves to sit and have cuddles. Ozzy needs a calm home without children and other pets, but he would make a wonderful and loyal friend.

Max (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, kennelled Gwent)

This stunning lad Max has spent far too long in kennels and is looking for his special someone to come and take him home with them. He is a beautiful German Shepherd who is 7 years young and very loving. He would prefer a home where he is the only pet and without any children. He enjoys his walks and would love spending his time with you. Can Max come home with you?

Chunk (North of England)

Please meet incredibly handsome and cheeky Chunk. He is a friendly 6 year old Boxer cross who is looking a very special someone who will come and take him home with them. He needs an adult only home and where there will be no other pets. He enjoys going for walks and walks well on his lead. He adores a cuddle and plenty of fuss and will make a wonderful companion and loving friend.

Lilly and Sasha (Isle Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Lovely Lilly and Sasha are a sweet and friendly pair of girls who are good with other dogs and children, though unkown with cats. They would like an active home together as they both love their walks and enjoy playtime. Could you offer these sweethearts their forever home?

Maddie & Rocky (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Maddie and Rocky such a cute and cuddly pair, they’re practically koala bears! They can be rehomed together or separately. Both are irrepressibly cheerful, super affectionate and will focus on what you want them to do for a treat as though their lives depend on it. They are ever so slightly adorable!

Bindi (Senior Staffy Club, kennelled Worcestershire)

After a while in kennels, beautiful Bindi is ready and waiting to find a new home. During spells in temporary foster care, she loves to soak up sunshine, mooch in the garden and make herself at home on the sofa. Could you offer her these favourite things on a permanent basis?

Milo (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, Notts)

Milo has a sweet, funny little character. He is lively, bouncy and cuddly. Milo can be a little worried about new people and situations, but he soon calms down with the help of a loving human to show him he is safe and will be well cared for. He would prefer an adult home, but he gets on great with the other dogs in his foster home. Can sunny little Milo brighten your life?

Tye (RSPCA Macclesfield, fostered Cheshire)

Tye is just beginning to realise how wonderful life can be now that he’s safely in a foster home after being intentionally starved. He would like a home with another doggy companion and preferably adult-only or with children aged 10+. He deserves a home where he will well and truly be part of the family, to share the sofa and snuggle up with. This is what makes him happy too … he’s just a lap dog!

Rip (RSPCA Macclesfield, kennelled Cheshire)

Adorable Rip is a small, chilled out Staffy with personality plus. Sadly, he was made homeless along with his owner and now finds himself in kennels. Of course, he’s great with people, he likes his walks and enjoys socialising with other dogs. Rip just would love a sofa in a forever home finally.

Jemima (Southern Lurcher Rescue, Hampshire)

Gentle Jemima is a small Lurcher lady who is really cuddly with the people and dogs that she knows. Meeting new dogs can be scary for her because she’s very nearly blind. For this reason, it’s thought that if she had a big enough garden she won’t need walks. Her hearing is so good that she can still play fetch with you and she likes to snuffle about a lot too. Someone who doesn’t get out much would be perfect for her as she needs company to feel safe and loved. She’s a wonderfully soppy companion! Can this sweet and loving lady come and brighten up your life?

Charlie (Carla Lane Animals In Need, Liverpool)

Cheeky Charlie is a beautiful Sharpei Labrador cross who is desperate to find a new home. He is looking for an adult only home without other pets. He loves going for walks and walks well on the lead. He adores plenty of cuddles and fuss and the odd tummy rub wouldn’t go amiss either! He loves to play and a wonderful boy to have around. Is Charlie to boy for you?

Gracie (Southern Lurcher Rescue, fostered Suffolk)

Gorgeous Gracie is a sweet Greyhound Cross who would like a quiet life with love, walks and a comfy sofa please in a foster or permanent home. She has lived with other dogs but would prefer just one other dog or being the only dog. Gracie is child friendly but does not want to live with cats/small furries. She’s clean in the house, walks well on a halti and can be left – she’s not hard work. Please spread the word …

Kira (Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire)

Stunning Husky, Kira, is a super friendly lady who loves meeting people, treats and training, not forgetting some beauty sleep too. She likes travelling and going on new adventures. Kira could live with a compatible dog and older children but is a chaser of cats. Please give Kira a chance – she has a lot of life and love in her and will make a fun companion.