URGENT: Roxy Weimaraner needs a foster home! (Oldies Club, kennelled Wiltshire)

We’re still appealing for a foster home for Roxy – she didn’t get along with a dog in her first foster home and has had to move to kennels temporarily. See Roxy’s video…
Beautiful Roxy Weimaraner came into our care because she was unsettled by the newborn twins in her home. She’s an energetic girl who needs good walks. She could live with children aged 10+, but not cats. Could you foster Roxy and help her on her way to a new life?

Lovely, gentle Laddy – (Oldies Club, fostered Merseyside)

Gorgeous Laddy is a Collie Cross of the Rough variety. He’s a sweet dog and will make a lovely companion. Laddy is a good boy on his walks and he enjoys a trip out in the car. He likes children (aged 8+), but not cats. Could you offer this handsome chap his forever home?

Lenny (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Lenny is a super little dog who is very people-oriented. He loves swimming, playing football and just being by your side. Lenny loves children, has lived with cats before and may be able to share his home with another dog. He is just brilliant!

Daisy (Pattering Paws Dog Rescue, West Midlands)

Daisy is a beautiful 11 year old Welsh Terrier who is now looking for a new home. She is still playful and loves to play with her toys. She enjoys her walks and is great on the lead. She could live with another dog, but cannot live with a cat. Please can you give this lovely little girl a new home.

Harry (Animal Rescue, Cymru)

Sweet little Harry is an 8 year old Chinese Crested Cross who is now looking for a new home. This beautiful boy needs to be the only dog, but could be homed with a cat. Harry adores plenty of fuss and attention and loves to sit on your lap. Please can you give this gorgeous boy his forever home?

Susie (West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre)

Please meet Susie! She is a 10 year old Pug who is looking for a new home. She is a really sweet girl who loves plenty of fuss and cuddles. She would be best as an only dog, but could live with a cat. Susie could live with children over 7. Please can you give this beautiful girl a new home?

Fly (Friends of the Animals, fostered in South Wales)

Fly is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is approximately 10 years old. Fly is a really sweet girl who needs to be rehomed with another quiet dog. She would be fine with older children, but has not been tested with a cat. Please can you give this gorgeous girl a loving new home?

Yola (Safe Rescue, fostered Suffolk)

Sweet little Yola has a calm and placid temperament. She was saved from years of living near a railway line and is making the most of her new comfortable living. She adores walks and can live with children, dogs and cats. Quite the perfect little lady.

Mikki (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

As our website is being updated and might have had fewer visitors than normal, we decided to give Mikki a second week as Old Dog of the Week. Could you offer him his ideal home…?
Little Mikki has not had an easy life and finds kennels very stressful. He needs a specific type of home — a single owner, in a calm, quiet home, within about an hour’s journey of Liverpool. Mikki is an adorable dog who really enjoys a cuddle and would so appreciate being loved. Could you be the angel he’s waiting for?

Tuneful Toby the Countdown collie! (Oldies Club, fostered Manchester)

Gorgeous Toby the Collie Cross likes to sing along to the Countdown clock, Coronation Street’s theme, and ice cream vans! This tuneful boy would love a family home with plenty going on to keep him entertained. He loves his toys and is good with other dogs. What a fabulous boy!

Norma Jean (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Wonderful Norma Jean is approximately 7 years old and is a Wolfhound Cross. She has a really unusual face with huge bushy eyebrows! She has a lovely character and is quite a large dog. She can be homed with another dog and is fine with children. Please can you give this gorgeous girl and loving new home?

Misty (South East Dog Rescue, Kent)

Misty is a beautiful, calm girl with perfect manners and a sweet, loving nature. She would make the perfect companion to a retired person or couple or a family with older children. She just wants some home comforts and lots of love and cuddles in her later years.

Lucky (via Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Lucky is a sweet and gentle old soul who just wants to curl up by your feet and snooze the day away in your company. He does have his occasional burst of energy and likes going for walks too. Lucky would suit a quieter adult home where he can be your only dog. Isn’t he a handsome old gent?

Sasha (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Sasha is a happy, waggy, loving girl who has won the hearts of everyone at Freshfields! After being abandoned by her previous owner, this sweet and affectionate girl deserves a loving owner who will cherish her for the rest of her life. Sasha is still quite energetic for her age and just wants to be by your side.

Snowie and Tippie (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Kent)

Lovely little Snowie and Pippie are looking for a new home together. Snowie is a white Bichon Frise girl and is the Mum of black Pippie a Bichon Frise Cross Poodle. This lovely pair are wonderful dogs who both have really sweet natures. Please can you give this adorable pair a new home

George (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Lincolnshire)

Gorgeous George has a fantastic character and is a very loving boy. He still has his moments of playfulness and enjoys having a run around with the odd toy. He’s okay with dogs out and about but would prefer to be an only dog though he may be able to live with a cat. He’s used to children but would prefer a quieter home.

Bobbie (Angels Without Wings, Cambridgeshire)

Beautiful little Bobbie is a gorgeous Lhasa Apso who is looking for a new home. This lovely little lad enjoys plenty of attention. He is great on the lead and really enjoys his walks. He gets on well with other dogs and cats and can live with children over 7 years old. How can you resist this beautiful boy!

Sally (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Sally is an adorable and loving little girl who still has plenty of energy and a happy spring in her step! She loves people and is always happy to see you. Unfortunately she doesn’t like other dogs much so if you just want one little canine companion who offers loads of love and fun, she could be it!

Robbie (via Poplar Farm Kennels, Cambridgeshire)

Robbie had a bad start in life, but was lucky to find owners that have worked hard to help him overcome the issues caused by the humans that let him down. Sadly, Robbie needs to find a new home now that there are young children in his current home. Watch the lovely video of Robbie to see what a fabulous little boy he is…

Daisy (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered South Wales)

Daisy is a quiet and gentle older Shih Tzu who is looking for a long-term foster home with any non-routine vets’ bills covered by the rescue. She would make a lovely companion for someone who is home most of the day and she enjoys short walks. Daisy has not been tested with children but could live with another similar older dog.

Clive (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Northampton)

Poor Clive went blind very suddenly and is still getting used to being without his sight. He is seeking a special owner who can make him feel safe and loved. Clive is a very affectionate boy who loves having cuddles. He would like a canine companion and for his humans to dote on him all hours of the day if possible!

Rocco (Goodward Dog Rescue, fostered West Sussex)

Rocco is not only gorgeous but he is also one of the nicest dogs you could ever wish to meet. He has such a soft, gentle nature and he loves being admired for all his star qualities with lots of fuss and strokes. Rocco gets along with other dogs and can live with older children. Just no cats or small furries please!

Miss Marple (Love Underdogs, Warwickshire)

Miss Marple is a calm, quiet and sweet natured girl who just wants to relax and be loved in her old age. She is no trouble at all and just wants to curl up next to you on the sofa and relax. This calm girl gets along with other dogs and cats and can live with older children.

Julie (Love Underdogs, Warwickshire)

Although she can be a bit of a shrinking violet when she first meets you, Julie’s true loving nature shines through once you gain her trust. She is a calm, sweet natured tolerant lady who is also quite pretty! Julie can share her home with other dogs, cats and older children.

Jim (Love Underdogs, Warwickshire)

Jim has been waiting for his chance to join a family for awhile and is sure to blossom in a loving home environment. He can be a little shy at first, but he loves cuddles and he loves his food! He could live with another dog and older children. He just wants his chance at happiness.

Monty and Pippy (via the Senior Staffy Club, W. Mids)

Gorgeous Monty and Pippy are a pair of senior Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are looking for a new home together. They are brother and sister and are 13 years young! They both have wonderful temperaments who are looking for a loving retirement home. They would prefer to be the only dogs in the family and cannot live with a cat. Please can you give this lovely pair a new loving home? They still have so much love to give.

Lucy (Loving Homes Dog Rescue, Derbyshire)

Lucy is simply the best of the best and will melt your heart. She’s been a total joy for her foster Mum but now would like a retirement home of her own. She could live with another mature dog and would be happy with visiting children, but is not used to cats. She’s loving, quiet and will make a wonderful faithful friend.

Kaila and Misty (Private Rehoming, Edinburgh)

Kaila and Misty are a beautiful pair of ladies who love nothing more than human company. They would suit someone who is active and home often but can be left for 4 hours. Kaila and Misty have lived with children but would prefer an adult home though homes with dog-savvy children over 8 would be fine. They make wonderful companions.

Dion (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Surrey)

How could gorgeous Dion have been overlooked for so long? He is an adorable Collie Cross with a lovely collie-like nature and can be a sensitive boy. He loves being with other dogs and likes to run and play. Dion came from a quiet home and hasn’t lived with cats or children. He likes a trip out in the car and he loves countryside walks. Is Dion waiting for you?

Rose (Animal Helpline, Manchester)

Rose is a brindle staffie, around 7 years old and full of affection. Her favourite place is cuddled up beside her human on the sofa. She’s an active girl and can sometimes be a little boisterous so wouldn’t really be suitable for a family with very young children. She’s currently living with another dog but no cats please.

Suzie (All Dogs Matter, London)

If you are looking for a loving, friendly companion to snuggle up with, Suzie’s your girl! She is a sweet, happy little girl who is seeking a quiet retirement home where she can snooze the day away and have lots of cuddles. Suzie may be able to share her home with a calm male dog and she likes children too.

Rex (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, fostered Notts)

Little Terrier lad, Rex, is looking for a new home after his owner passed away. He is living in a foster home with other dogs and would be best rehomed with older children as he’s not used to young ones. Have you a comfy spot on your sofa for him?
See his new photos!

Andy (Halfway Home Dog Rescue, fostered Notts)

Meet gorgeous little Andy! He is a 10 year old Terrier Cross who is very sprightly and active for his age. He is fine with other dogs, but does not get on with cats. Please can you give this handsome little chap a loving new home?

Pippin (South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue)

Please meet beautiful Pippin. She is a 12 year old Springer Spaniel and is looking for a loving new home. She is quite active for an older lady and loves to go for walks. She could live with another quieter dog, but has not been cat tested. Everyone who meets this lovely girl falls in love with her. How can you resist this lovely girl?

Norris (Safe Rescue, fostered Norfolk)

Norris has suffered during his past life in Romania and is terrified of children. There is no aggression, he just hides. He lives well with other dogs and cats but would be perfectly happy as an only dog. Norris simply craves peace in a quiet, adult-only home where he will make a wonderful companion. It’s not much to ask.

Flo (Blue Cross, Hertfordshire)

Lovely Flo is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is approximately 8 years old. She is a loving girl who adores people. She enjoys walks and playing fetch. She is looking for an active home and could live with another dog. Please can you give this beautiful girl a new loving home?

Daisy (The Dog People, Yorkshire Dales)

Beautiful Daisy is now looking for a new home. She is a lovely natured girl, who enjoys lots of cuddles and fuss. She loves to play and has plenty of energy! She is looking for an experienced owner of large breed dogs and needs to be the only pet. Can you give this gorgeous girl a new home? You will be well rewarded with a loving companion.

Tomi (Blind Dog Rescue UK, fostered Colwyn Bay)

Tomi is a dear old soul who was rescued from Romania and rehomed in the UK, but he is unhappy in his current home and needs to find a quieter one, please. Tomi’s a lovely lad who enjoys a tummy rub. He would either like to be an only dog, or live with a quiet, calm dog where he won’t feel vulnerable. He would like a home with no cats or children. Could you help Tomi?

Betty (Blind Dog Rescue UK, fostered Essex)

Betty is virtually blind and was found wandering in Romania, dodging cars. Now in England, she is living happily with other dogs in her foster home and would like a permanent home without cats or children. Could you offer pretty Betty a happy ending to her sad story?

Digger (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, Derbyshire)

Which German Shepherd lover could resist handsome Digger?! This fabulous chap has been waiting in kennels far too long and needs to find a loving home. He’s a friendly lad who can live with children aged 11+, and could probably live with a submissive dog. He finds small dogs, and cats, a bit tiresome though, so wouldn’t like any of those in his new home, thank you!

Max and Tess (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Max and Tess are lovely Saluki cross Lurchers who would love to find a home together. They eagerly meet everyone with wagging tails and are a happy couple good with children and other dogs. Their previous home was a shed and they deserve so much better.

Maddy and Blue (Leicester Animal Aid)

Cute little Maddy and Blue are real sweethearts who love attention. They are lively and love to be out and about. They could live with another compatible dog but no small animals or cats. With their lovely nature, they could live with children aged 12+. They give fantastic cuddles!

Scamp and Blakey (Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Bucks)

Scamp and Blakey are an adorable couple who are being rehomed together. Scamp is a 9 year old female Jack Russell Terrier and Blakey is 11 year old male Cocker Spaniel. They are looking for a quiet home with someone who will give them plenty of love and fuss. Could you give this lovely pair their forever home where they can both enjoy a happy retirement together?

Lucy (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Derbyshire)

Little Lucy is sure to steal your heart with her sweet nature and enjoyment of life. She is still quite active and loves going for walks. She also likes to snooze, on your lap if possible. Lucy is good with other dogs and cats, but would prefer an adult home.

Alf (Safe Rescue, fostered Stowmarket)

Big Alf is the gentle king of all that is awesome! He has the most charming character and, despite his size, no-one could ever be scared of him with his ever wagging tail and grin. He loves to be around people and children and is currently fostered with lots of dogs. Anyone would be lucky to have Alf in their lives.

Chilli (Canine Allsorts Dog Rescue, fostered West Yorkshire)

Chilli is very obedient, loving and affectionate. He is currently living with another dog but would prefer to the only pet in a cosy home where any children are older. He is not used to cats. Chilli is house-trained and non-destructive … he’s just waiting for his forever home.

Lucy (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Please meet beautiful Lucy! She is a 10 year old yellow Labrador who is looking for a foster or permanent home. She doesn’t act her age as she is still full of bounce and has plenty of love to give. Lucy can live with children and maybe another dog. Can you give this gorgeous lady the loving home she deserves?

Simon (Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Biggin Hill, Kent)

Meet gorgeous Simon. He is a 11 year old Dalmatian who is looking for a foster or permanent home. He is a lovely boy who is looking for a quiet retirement. He enjoys little walks and plenty of rest. Can you give this handsome old gent a new home? He will reward you with lots of love and affection.

Prince (via Labrador Rescue South East and Central)

Prince is a beautiful 8 year old yellow Labrador. He is a real character who doesn’t act his age and loves to play. He is used to living with young children and another female Labrador. Can you give this wonderful boy a loving home? He will reward you with plenty of love and affection.

Laddie (RSPCA Essex South West Branch)

31/3/2105 Lovely Laddie is now reserved.
Lovely Laddie is a cracker – affectionate, bubbly, lively and very intelligent. He’s great with kids and dogs, but no cats please. Laddie has been highly trained and loves to show off his tricks … he even talks! What a clever sweetheart.

Rosie (Pro Dogs Direct, SW London)

Gorgeous Rosie is a lovely placid lady who was found as a stray. She’d like a home where she can be your happy companion and go for nice walks. Rosie can live with other dogs but it isn’t known how she feels about cats. Could Rosie be your new friend?

Angel (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered Devon)

Angel is a lovely, gentle lady who was rescued from Romania and is in foster care. She is looking for a quiet retirement home, permanent or foster, and would prefer one without children though visiting children are okay. She loves other dogs, walks and the sofa! Angel needs a chance for the good life.

Kaiser (All Dogs Matter, North London)

Gorgeous Kaiser is a 7 hear old Japanese Akita who is now looking for a new home as his owner is relocating. He is a an affectionate and friendly boy who loves lots of fuss and cuddles. Kaiser has lived with his brother so could be rehomed with another calm dog. He can also live with children over 10 years old. How can you resist this beautiful boy?