StitchRSPCAWNorfolk01 Stitch (West Norfolk RSPCA)

Adorable little Stitch is a 7 year old blind Jack Russell Terrier. He has a gorgeous nature and is looking for a loving owner who will keep him company almost all of the time. Stitch is such a sweet boy, he’s sure to steal your heart!

ZeusRSPCAEssex02 Zeus (RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, Essex)

Sweet Zeus is a gorgeous 8 year old white American Bulldog who is looking for a new home. He is looking for a quieter home where someone is around most of the time and could live with another dog. He would be best in a home without small children. He is such a beautiful boy!

GatsbyComingSoon URGENT: Special Appeal – Gatsby needs a permanent foster home (Oldies Club)

Gatsby urgently needs to move from his foster home as he doesn’t like being alone when he knows you are in the house. He is barking when his fosterer’s hubby is trying to sleep after working nights! Gatsby is good with dogs, cats and older children, but has arthritis and needs help with mobility. We are appealing for a permanent foster home for Gatsby where he will be a sponsor dog with all vet bills paid by Oldies Club.

charlie8 URGENT: Special Appeal – Could you offer cuddly Charlie a permanent foster home? (Oldies Club)

Could you be Charlie’s darling? Cute little Charlie is urgently looking for a permanent foster home where all his vet’s bills will be covered by the Oldies Club. Charlie couldn’t be more perfect in the home, but, out and about, he’s very nervous and becomes stressed. He needs a special person who can offer him a loving, pet-free and child-free home with a garden so he needs few walks. He would make a loving and devoted companion. Could it be you?

Bonsai on the left, Comet on the right Comet & Bonsai (NANNA, Northamptonshire)

Comet and Bonsai are a loveable, devoted old duo who have been waiting in rescue for simply ages. They are very cheeky characters, with quirky little ways, and they are inseparable. Comet and Bonsai need to be out of kennels and in a loving terrier-experienced home. Could you offer them a pet-free home together? They don’t want to have to live out their final years in kennels.

Bella1 Bella (All Animals Rescue and Rehome, Essex)

Beautiful Bella is the most obedient, loving Staffy ever according to her foster carer. She loves cuddles and always wants to please. She currently lives with lots of different dogs and is fine though she would prefer a quiet home to herself as that is what she’s used to . Bella is absolutely adorable, with a kind, loving heart.

bertie2 Bertie (Saving Romanian Strays, Devon)

Bertie is the perfect all-round gentleman that you are looking for. Rescued from Romania, Bertie is a sweet, quiet old chap who gets on with everyone plus cats and dogs. Can you offer him his loving retirement home?

LeoFuss Leo, your American sweetheart? (Oldies Club, fostered Norfolk)

American Cocker, Leo, is a gorgeous character who doesn’t act his 16 years. He loves to be fussed and would like an owner who will have plenty of time to care for him and give him the love and attention a special older chap deserves. He’s good with dogs and cats and is simply an adorable sweetheart!

dave Dave (Friends of Akitas Trust, West Midlands)

Gentleman Dave is a true pleasure to know and love. He has a lovely gentle personality that is just brimming over with adoration for his human family. He is also playful and curious, loving to go on long walks with you at his side. Can this happy, lovable and gentle boy join your family? He has so much to offer.

zane Zane (Animal Action Trust, Essex)

Darling little Zane is a happy-go-lucky little chap who loves long walks and playing with his ball. Even though he is pretty independent, he also loves having cuddles and is very affectionate. Zane is currently sharing a foster home with other dogs and cats and is doing fine. He is a real little character who is full of life and love.

phoebe Phoebe (All Dogs Matter, London)

Phoebe is a sweet and friendly Westie lady looking for a new home due to a change in her owner’s circumstances. She enjoys cuddling, walks and play. Phoebe is good with dogs out and about but would prefer a pet-free home where any children are aged 10+.

mimi1 Mimi (Romanian Rescue Appeal, fostered South Wales)

Friendly and eager to please, Mimi is happy to have found herself in foster care in the UK after life in Romania. Her tail never stops wagging! She is very good with dogs and is used to children, but she has not been cat-tested. All Mimi wants is a loving place to call home.

TitiSafeRescue04 Titi (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Titi is a gorgeous 7 year old Labrador cross who is looking for a quieter home. He has a lovely nature and is fine with both dogs and cats. He enjoys going for walks and is looking for a nice soft sofa so he can snuggle up next to you. Are you that special person to give this wonderful lad his forever home?

leoringo Leo and Ringo (RSPCA North Somerset)

Leo and Ringo are two lovely lads who came into rescue due to their owner’s illness. They are looking for an adult-only home with a slower pace of life. Leo and Ringo can live with other dogs but not cats. Could you offer them their retirement home?

toffee Toffee (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Toffee is a sweet little lady who adores her humans and will follow you around like a little shadow. She isn’t asking for much, just a nice sofa to snooze on and lots of attention and love. Toffee would like to be your only dog and would prefer an adult home where she can spend long, peaceful days in your company.

bambi yorkie 3 Bambi (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)

Bambi is a sweet and precious little soul who deserves to be loved and pampered in his twilight years. He has lived a sheltered life and needs a quiet, understanding home with people who can be around him most of the time. He would do best as an only dog and in a home without young children, as he is very fragile.

honey wythall (Small) Honey (Wythall Animal Sanctuary, West Midlands)

This lovely laughing lady is Honey. She’s an 8 year old Labrador and loves to have her tummy rubbed. She’s looking for a forever home where she can be the only pet but she could live with children of maybe 8 or over. She’d like her new family to be an active one so that she can stay fit and trim.

bia 2 Bia (Safe Rescue, fostered Great Yarmouth)

Bia is a sweet natured, loving little lap dog who still has a few ghosts from her past life in a Romanian shelter. All she is asking for is a warm comfy bed and human companionship. She will repay you with her unconditional love and loyalty. Bia can possibly live with another dog and is fine with confident cats.

TarkaTransportCrop2 SPECIAL APPEAL: Could you foster little Tarka? (Oldies Club)

Cute little Tarka was found as a stray. He’s now in Oldies Club care, temporarily in kennels, and we’re appealing for someone to offer him a foster home. He’s a super lad who enjoys playing with toys, and he loves people. He needs to be the only dog in the home and isn’t suitable to live with cats. Could you foster Tarka and help him on his way to a new life?

rambo Rambo (Protecting Preloved Border Collies, fostered Norfolk)

Wonderful, smiley and very friendly, Rambo is hoping to find his forever home after being overlooked for a long time. He gets on with other dogs but does not like cats. He has not lived with children but has been very friendly with any he has met. It’s time he found his place to call home.

izzypip Izzy and Pip (Jerry Green Dog Rescue, South Lincolnshire)

Izzy and Pip are a bonded pair who would love to find an active home together. They love running around chasing balls .. and bringing them back. They are used to visiting children and always gentle with them but would now prefer a quieter home without young ones. They are friendly with other dogs but are not used to cats. Have you got a home for this lovely duo?

tommy staffy Tommy (Senior Staffy Club, fostered London)

Tommy is described as a cuddle monster who can never get enough fuss and cuddles from his humans! He is a well behaved, loving boy who adores people of all ages. He would prefer to be your only pet, but he can live with children. He just wants his cuddles!

NessaBed2 Nessa (Rescue Remedies, kennelled Surrey)

This is Nessa enjoying one of her regular short breaks in a foster home. She has a lovely time, but what she really wants is a permanent home to call her own. Nessa is an affectionate, clever girl who loves cuddles on the sofa and also loves outdoor adventures. She needs careful introductions to dogs and cats but is improving all the time. Could you be the lovely person Nessa has been waiting for?

harvey helpline Harvey (Animal Helpline, Cambridgeshire)

Dear old Harvey is still getting used to kennels and he dreams of finding a loving, comfy home where he can share the sofa with his new family. Harvey loves going for walks, gets along with other dogs and is used to being with children. He will make the perfect addition to the family!

StitchJoeysBoxerRescue04 Stitch (Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue, kennelled Ormskirk, Liverpool)

Please meet gorgeous Stitch, who is a beautiful 8 to 9 year old Boxer. She is a very nervous girl who is quite shy when she first meets you. She is looking for a patient, experienced owner and would be best with someone who is around most of the time. Stitch needs to be the only dog and will make a wonderful companion and a loyal friend to the right person, could you offer Stitch her forever home?

XenaLAAA01 Xena (Leicester Animal Aid Association)

Gorgeous Xena is a beautiful 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She has a wonderful nature and adores meeting people. She is looking for a home where someone is around most of the time as she loves company. She may be able to live with older teenagers and a quieter older dog. Xena will make a wonderful companion and a loyal friend to the right person, could you be that special person to give this loving girl her forever home?

wolfie1 Wolfie (K-9 Angels, fostered Sussex)

Gentle Wolfie is another boy rescued from terrible conditions in Romania but, despite this, has a lovely temperament and gets on well with people and other dogs. He can live with children aged 6+, but not cats. Wolfie would love a calm, quiet household in his forever home. Can you help him?

SashaLAAA01 Sasha (Leicester Animal Aid Association)

Sasha is a stunning 9 year old German Shepherd who is now looking for a new home. She is a very clever girl who loves learning new commands. She is looking for an experienced owner and could live with older teenage children. She may be able to live with another male dog. How can you resist this beautiful girl?

hope Hope (K-9 Angels, fostered Worcester)

This gorgeous girl has the sweetest nature ever and is a gentle lady who gets on with all people and other dogs. She would dearly love a home to call her own after a horrible life in Romania. She walks well on the lead and is house-trained. Hope would make a lovely addition to any family.

HarveyBichon Harvey the pedicurist! (Oldies Club, fostered Suffolk)

Sweet little Harvey the Bichon Cross needs to find a new home after his owner went into a nursing home. Harvey gets along well with dogs and older children. Given time to get to know new routines and people, he is an affectionate companion who is no trouble at all. And he’d love to lick your feet!

heidi gsd Heidi (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

Heidi is a typical GSD, loving, playful, energetic and extremely loyal. She loves being with people and likes snuggling on the sofa and being fussed over. Her particular favourite is a nice belly rub! Heidi will need to be an only dog and she needs someone experienced with large breeds like herself. She can live with older children.

RichardSEYSSR04 Richard (South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue)

Meet the very handsome Richard! He is a gorgeous 10 year old Springer Spaniel who is looking for a quieter home. He has a wonderful gentle nature and may be able to live with another quieter dog, but has not been tested with a cat. What a beautiful boy! how can you resist this lovely lad?

Tillyirr Tilly (Irish Retriever Rescue, Manchester area)

Sadly, 12 year old golden retriever, Tilly is once again looking for a new forever home. She can be a bit bossy and she upset one of the other dogs in her new place. All she wants is to be the centre of someone’s world. Can you help her?

joseph Joseph (Rescuing European Animals in Need, Essex)

Cute little Joseph is still full of life and is a loving and friendly chap whose family can sadly no longer care for him. All he needs is a quiet, loving home where he can be doted on and spoilt for the rest of his days. Who could resist that little face?

kenny Kenny (All Dogs Matter, London)

Gentle giant Kenny is a sweet, older boy who was sadly found abandoned. He’s calm and walks well on the lead. Kenny is fine with other dogs and could live with children aged 10+ but has not been cat-tested. Kenny would love to find a loving retirement home with you.

winston1 Winston (Birmingham Greyhound Protection, fostered Birmingham)

Winston is a soft, lovely, gentle lad and it’s hard to believe he ended up In the pound. He’s now safe in a foster home living with other dogs. He would also be happy in a home where he is the only dog and one where any children are older as he may knock them down accidentally. He shows a little too much interest in cats, so a cat-free home would be best. Winston is not very energetic and loves a cuddle on the sofa.

lady lou Lady Lou (Happy Endings Rescue, Kent)

Poor Lady Lou is so sad to find herself in kennels after the sad death of her beloved owner. She really needs a loving, comfy home with people who will spoil this sweet girl for the rest of her days. Lady Lou would prefer a quieter home, but she could possibly share with another dog or cat and maybe even older children.

SparkyPDD02 Sparky (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Aldershot, Hampshire)

Beautiful Sparky is a gorgeous 9 year old Mini Sheltie who is looking for a loving home where someone is around most of the time. She has a wonderful gentle nature and is fine with other dogs and cats. She could live with older sensible children or would be fine with visiting grandchildren. What are you waiting for?

RosieKamasCave02 Rosie (Kama’s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary, Lincolnshire)

Sweet Rosie is a 10 year old Greyhound. She has a very sweet nature and adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. She would be best homed with someone who is around most of the time and where she would be the only dog. She may be able to live with an older quieter dog but cannot live with a cat. Please can you give this beautiful girl her forever home?

SpiceKamasCave02 Spice (Kama’s Cave Greyhound Sanctuary, Lincolnshire)

Spice is a beautiful 7 year old female Greyhound. She has a lovely nature and is looking for a loving new home. She is fine with medium sized dogs or larger and could be rehomed with one, but cannot be homed with a cat. Spice is fine with children. How can you resist this sweet girl!

leo1 Leo (Four Paws Animal Rescue, fostered Bridgend, South Wales)

Adorable Leo is a little sad because his beloved owner passed away, but he’s now in a foster with lots of other dogs to play with. Leo is not a lion, just a pussycat who is a true Labrador and into everything. He loves to walk and play with his toys … and food! He can live with children aged 5+ and could be cat tested if necessary. He just needs his own loving home again.

monty Monty (Private rehoming, Worcestershire)

Monty is an affectionate lad who likes to sit on his special people! He is used to living with other dogs and children but can be nervous of some children and would suit a child-free home best. He loves being chased, fussed and ball games, not forgetting walks. He’s looking for a loving home, preferably with his best friends, Pinto and Kayley, if possible.

kayley1 Kayley (Private rehoming, Worcestershire)

Perfect Kayley is an all-round family pet who would love to find a home with her two doggie companions, Pinto and Monty, though they can be separated. She is very affectionate and loves fuss. Kayley can live with children of all ages and other dogs. She has also lived with cats. Kayley doesn’t need a lot of exercise, just a walk once a day. She would make a wonderful addition to any family.

pinto Pinto (Private rehoming, Worcestershire)

Pinto is very handsome, active and well-trained. He is looking for a new home through no fault of his own and would love to find an active family together with his two other doggie companions, Kayley and Monty, if possible. He’s affectionate, can live with dogs and has grown up with children. He’s quite perfect.

KeoCarlaLaneLpool01 Keo (Carla Lane Animals in Need, Liverpool)

Gorgeous Keo is approximately 11 to 12 years old. He is a lovely lad who is very placid and happy. He is looking for a quieter home where he will be the only pet. He is fine with children over 5 years old and is housetrained. He knows lots of commands and he also adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. What a beautiful boy!

eric Eric (Saving Romanian Strays, fostered Sheffield)

21/6/2016 Update from Eric’s foster mum
Eric is happily enjoying real doggie life in the UK and is looki ng forward to his first forever home. He gets on well with other dogs and children, but would not like to live with a cat. Eric does not need a lot of exercise and would suit a quiet retirement home.

rufus gsd Rufus (Vigil GSD Rescue, Surrey)

Rufus is a sweet and gentle boy who isn’t asking for much – just a garden to potter about and sunbathe in, a nice comfy bed and some human companionship. He is an easy dog who doesn’t need much exercise and will make a wonderful pet an older person who is looking for a loyal friend.

ellie millbrook 2 Ellie (RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, Surrey)

Ellie is an affectionate and fun-loving little girl who adores playing with her toys. She still has lots of energy and loves having cuddles. Ellie would prefer to be your only dog, but can live with children. Make sure you have lots of toys for her to play with and you will have a friend for life!

dylan 4 Dylan (RSPCA Liverpool Branch)

Dylan is a loving, friendly and playful boy who would suit most homes, as long as there are no cats there! He loves having cuddles and playing with his toys and will bring lots of happiness to his new family. He likes children and other dogs too!

bella happy endings Bella (Happy Endings Rescue, Kent)

Bella has a lovely sweet nature to match her cute scruffy looks. She is a friendly, happy girl who enjoys her life to the fullest. Bella just wants a home where she can have a nice comfy bed and a family to adore her. She could live with another calm dog, possibly a cat and older children.

dudley1 (Small) Dudley (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

7 year old Labrador Dudley is full of energy and fun so he needs a home where he can get some training and an outlet for all that surplus bounce. He needs a pet free home but could live in a family with older children who could help to play with him and take him for long walks.

danaher1 (Small) Lady (RSPCA Danaher, Essex)

Please come and play! Lady is a 7 year old staffie who loves a game of ball but she can be calm and sensible too so would fit into most households with ease. She needs to be the only pet in her new home and could live in a family with older children. She’s just a lovely girl.

bonnie bella1 (Small) Bonnie & Bella (Basset Rescue Network, fostered Lancs)

Bonnie and Bella are a pair of tri colour Basset Hound girls who need a new forever home where they can stay together. They are 10 and 9 years old, healthy and active for their ages. They are also just about perfect as they are fine with children, other dogs and cats. Can they come and live with you?

steph 3 Steph (All Dogs Matter, London)

Steph comes with a constantly wagging tail and loving nature! She is the friendliest of ladies and had an adorable smile as well. Steph would prefer to be your only dog, but is happy to share her home with children.

PerdyThumb Whippet-y Collie-y Perd-y! (Oldies Club, fostered SE Cornwall)

Perdy is a pretty little whippety lurcher with an intelligent and loyal collie nature. She loves children and is living happily with lots of dogs. Perdy is a lively girl who loves to run and play with her doggie friends, then she’ll snooze on the sofa in true lurcher fashion. Could you offer Perdy the fun home she’s waiting for?

lennox 1 (Small) Lennox (Animal Care, Lancaster)

Lennox is a 9 year old Rottweiler. He’s a big softy at heart who is looking for an experienced owner to love him, take him for walks and cuddle him. He’d like to be the only dog in his new home but could certainly live with a family with older children.

Pallas Pallas (Private Rehoming, East London)

Pallas found a new home 5 years ago via the Oldies Club website, but sadly her new owner has now died and poor Pallas is looking for a home once again. She’s a sweet girl who just asks for a loving owner, a comfy bed next to a wam radiator, and regular walks. Could Pallas be your little companion please?

BobAnimalHouse Bob (Animal Care, Lancaster)

Handsome Bob is a sweet 11 year old Crossbreed who is looking for a loving new home. He is a real sweetie who adores plenty of fuss and cuddles. He would love be with someone who is around most of the time to keep him company and needs to be the only dog. He has not been tested with a cat. Can you give this wonderful lad his forever home?

PoppyPDD03 Poppy (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Aldershot, Hampshire)

Beautiful little Poppy is a sweet 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is an adorable girl who would love someone to be around most of the time to keep her company. She adores plenty of cuddles and just loves to cuddle up next to you on the sofa. She would like to be the only dog, but could maybe live with another smaller quieter dog. Poppy is fine with cats. What a gorgeous girl she is!

Maisie (Pro Dogs Direct, fostered Essex)

Maisie is a real little darling who is full of life and fun! She adores being near you, playing with her toys, eating a nice meal and snoozing in a comfy bed. She also likes to take you for a walk! Maisie would do best as an only dog in an adult home but could live with a confident cat.

RogerRovers Roger (Rovers Dog Rescue, Essex)

Roger is a sweet and loving boy who adores humans, canines and felines alike! He is still pretty energetic and likes going for long walks. He also likes sleeping on your bed. He will make a wonderful old friend and his new owners will be very lucky to have him!

AlfieandAdaFORCT Alfie and Ada (Friends of the Animals RCT, fostered Staffordshire)

Sweet little Ada is an 7 year old Yorkie and Alfie is an adorable 10 year old Fell Terrier. They are a gorgeous pair who have always been together so must be rehomed as a pair. They would suit an older person or a retired couple where someone is around most of the time. Please can you give this adorable pair a new home. They will make great companions and will reward you with plenty of cuddles.

BrackenProDogsDirect02 Bracken (Pro Dogs Direct, kennelled Essex)

Bracken is a gorgeous 9 year old male Border Collie who is now looking for a new home. He would prefer to have a quieter home where someone is around most of the time. He may be able to live with another older female companion. He would be best in an adult only household as he is not used to children. How can you resist this gorgeous lad?

SachaDunroaminFeatureK901 Sasha (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, South Yorkshire)

Sasha is a beautiful Lurcher who is approximately 8 years old. She has a really sweet nature and adores lots of fuss and cuddles. She would like a quieter home and could live with another quiet female dog. She is fine with children and could live with older dog savvy children.

BrunoSSC01 Bruno (via Senior Staffy Club, West Yorkshire)

Bruno is a delightful 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for a home where someone is around most of the time. He is a calm and loving boy who adores plenty of cuddles. He enjoys his walks and travels well in the car. He will make a wonderful companion and a loyal friend.

lucy Lucy (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Midlands)

Gentle giant Lucy needs a new permanent foster home where she won’t be bothered by other dogs since she is suffering from arthritis and ear problems. She is a lovely, plodding lady who loves to eat, sunbathe and just snooze on the sofa. She loves being with people and is really no trouble at all. Do you have a place for this large and lovely lady to live out her twilight years?

aunt vi Violet (Wonky Pets Rescue, fostered Derbyshire)

Violet is a cute, sweet natured and active little dog who would make a terrific companion for a retired person or couple who like to walk. She loves having lots of human companionship and can share her home with another dog and older children. Isn’t she a cutie?