Charlie and Cain (PARRT, North East)

30/4/12 – We just had the sad news that poor Cain had to be put to sleep due to health issues. His sister Charlie will be staying in long term foster and is sure to be well take care of in her sorrow.

Cute Casey Cheekygirl (Oldies Club, fostered Suffolk)

26/5/12 After a period of illness, Casey has sadly had to be put to sleep. Our thoughts are with her lovely foster carer and also with Casey’s former owner who has been following Casey’s progress since sadly having to part with her.

Sleep tight beautiful Casey.

Arthur (Foal Farm, Biggin Hill, Kent)

19/4/2012 A very sad update from Foal Farm .. Arthur’s health has been deteriorating recently and after suffering two fits Foal Farm decided it was time to let him go. He was put to sleep at the kennels, surrounded by everyone he knew and loved, and eating his favourite food, roast chicken. Sleep tight Arthur :(

Jemma (Liverpool Dog Rescue 1990)

3/6/2012 Sad news from Liverpool Dog Rescue – Jemma had a growth on her leg which was getting progressively worse so her family made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep. Jemma was being rehomed by Liverpool Dog Rescue, but was fortunately still with her family and therefore with people she knew and loved. Sleep tight Jemma :(

Rambo (Blue Cross, Scotland – fostered Ayrshire)

3/9/2011 – We just had the sad news that Rambo was pts. Here is what his carer said about him:

Sadly Rambo died yesterday but he had a brilliant foster home and was a happy dog right up to the end. We’re going to miss his great character and how much he made us all laugh but I’m glad he got to spend his last months so contented.

Sleep tight, sweet boy.

Joey (Animal Care, Lancaster)

18/12/11 We’ve heard the very sad news that Joey’s seizures increased to the point that they were happening constantly and so the sad decision was made to let him go. Sleep tight Joey. :(

Bruce (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

31/8/11 – We have just received the sad news that Bruce has been put to sleep. Here is what his carer had to say about him:

Sadly, we had to have our lovely Bruce put to sleep over the weekend :( He suffered a series of strokes and went downhill very rapidly. Despite living rough and being mistreated in his past he was such a happy boy with us and his tail was wagging right to the end.

Sleep tight, Bruce.

Nelson (RSPCA Lincoln)

19/9/11 – We have just had the sad news that Nelson had a massive stroke this week and, under vet advice, he was PTS. Nelson had just been reserved by someone interested in rehoming him but sadly he didn’t make it:( Sleep tight, Nelson.

Gracie (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)

26/8/11 – We are sad to hear that poor Gracie had to be put to sleep. Here is what her carer at Rain Rescue said about her:

With a heavy heart I need to tell you that poor Gracie was pts yesterday. She was originally with us for 6 months then returned by her foster carers 3 months ago and we were all very attached to her. RIP beautiful girl.

Gypsy (Dogs Trust, West Calder)

28/7/2011 A sad update from Dogs Trust … Our poor wee Gypsy passed away in her sleep last week and the vet explained that it was natural causes and old age. She is very sadly missed by staff and volunteers alike, but was a happy, cheeky little girl right to the end and had adapted well to living here and being waited on by her carers. Sleep tight little one :(

Poppy (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

2/4/11 Very sad news about Poppy. She was off colour so was taken to the vet and he suspected a growth. A scan showed a large tumour affecting several organs and the only option was to put Poppy to sleep. Rest in peace now lovely girl.

Matthew (Maxicare Dog Rehoming, Northamptonshire)

3/5/12 Very sad news today from a Maxicare volunteer: “Handsome Matthew passed away today in the arms of Maxicare Staff who were his family and his friends. He was fighting cancer but unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. So devastating as he spent almost his whole life with them. Run Free” :(

Pepsi (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

Sad news about Pepsi — She had to be put to sleep, on the vet’s advice. Following tests and several different treatments, all to no avail, her digestive problems have got the better of her. She had chronic diarrhoea and was passing blood, losing weight and was anaemic. The vet had run out of options for her.
Rest in peace Pepsi.

Wag (Oldies Club, fostered Hertfordshire)

18/9/10 We are very sad to report that Wag suddenly became very ill and after having tests and a scan was found to have an enlarged liver, a mass in his stomach, and a problem with one of his kidneys. The vet advised that there was no hope of improvement and as Wag was not at all well, he sadly had to be put to sleep. Rest in peace little Wag.

Bonnie (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

4/7/10 Very sad news about Bonnie. She recently became unwell and was found to have a very aggressive tumour and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. Rest peacefully, Bonnie.

Cleo (Dogs Trust, West Calder, Scotland)

11/4/11 – We just heard the sad news that Cleo has passed away. Here is what her carer at Dogs Trust had to say about her:

Sadly poor Cleo was put to sleep away on Monday the 4th April. It was a shock to us all, as she only became ill on Sunday. Thankfully she had a very short illness, but investigative surgery showed she had liver and spleen tumours. Allowing her to pass with dignity and comfort was the only option.

Although she spent a long time with us looking for a forever home, she was very comfortable and thoroughly loved here – this was her home. Dogs Trust was the only place she had ever found where she was able to be herself – a free spirit! She is terribly missed not only by the staff but also be her young kennel mate, Zippy.

Tye (Dogs Trust, West Calder, Scotland)

6/12/09 Such sad news from Dogs Trust today – It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that poor Tye has passed away. He spent several weeks under the care of our local vet hospital for specialist treatment and while he seemed to be improving he sadly deteriorated overnight and passed away this morning.

Sally (NAWT, Berkshire)

30/7/09 Sally was taken seriously ill yesterday and sadly had to be put to sleep. She had been with NAWT a long time and will be sadly missed.

Tia (Ark, Lincolnshire Coast)

7/4/09 Very sad news about Tia. She was on the table being spayed and having her mammary lumps stripped and was found to be riddled with secondary tumours. The vet could promise her no quality of life and so she wasn’t brought out of the anaesthetic. Rest in peace darling.

Bruno, Bath Cats & Dogs Home

03/01/2009 We have heard the sad news today that Bruno has passed away. Here is what his walker at Bath Cats & Dogs Home had to say:

Just to inform you about Bruno, the Corgi cross from Bath Cats and Dogs Home. I was his walker for the last 5 years. Bruno was taken ill very suddenly and passed away on the last day of 2009.

It was a great shock to myself and his only other walker. Bruno has been buried inthe home’s cemetery and his grave will be cared for by me.

Sleep tight old boy.