Mozzie (RSPCA Cornwall Branch)

2/2/18 – We are delighted to hear that Mozzie has been rehomed today! RSPCA Cornwall told us: “Some great news Mozzie the lab x has been rehomed today! We wish him every success in his new home. Thank you for all your help in the rehoming of Mozzie.”

Tiggy (1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK, Buckinghamshire)

1/7/16 We are so sad to hear that poor Tiggy was nearer the end of her life than was thought and she has now passed away. The saddest thing is that some lovely people had offered Tiggy a home and were due to pick her up today. :( Sleep tight, Tiggy.

Sebby (Labrador Rescue North West)

15.10.11 We just heard the very sad news that Sebby has to be put to sleep. He was in extreme pain and had no quality of life so the decision had to be made to prevent him from suffering any further. Everyone at Lab Rescue North West is heartbroken but hopefully Sebby has been reunited with his beloved owner. Run free, Sebby.

Rambo (Blue Cross, Scotland – fostered Ayrshire)

3/9/2011 – We just had the sad news that Rambo was pts. Here is what his carer said about him:

Sadly Rambo died yesterday but he had a brilliant foster home and was a happy dog right up to the end. We’re going to miss his great character and how much he made us all laugh but I’m glad he got to spend his last months so contented.

Sleep tight, sweet boy.

Bonnie (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

4/7/10 Very sad news about Bonnie. She recently became unwell and was found to have a very aggressive tumour and the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. Rest peacefully, Bonnie.

Josie (Dogs Home, Manchester)

21.1.11 Beautiful Josie enjoyed two fun filled years with her loving new family. Sadly, she then developed an inoperable liver tumour and the decision had to be made to let her go to sleep peacefully and with dignity. Sleep tight, little Josie xx