Joe (was Jasper), sausage lover extraordinaire, is in clover (Oldies Club)

We’ve had a lovely update from Jasper’s new mum. He’s now called Joe and it sounds as though he’s loving his new life. “Just wanted to let you know that Joe is doing very well. He’s obviously very clingy and has separation anxiety where I’m concerned. He’s been absolutely everywhere with me since he arrived … Continue reading Joe (was Jasper), sausage lover extraordinaire, is in clover (Oldies Club)

Bonnie goes boating (Oldies Club)

Bonnie came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner went into a home and Bonnie was for a while left home alone. Fortunately for this gorgeous girl, her foster family decided to adopt her and she is now having some wonderful new experiences…such as a boat trip to see the seals in Northumberland!

Coco the Belle, choccy heaven (Oldies Club)

Coco, previously known as Belle. came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner could no longer care for her. She found a wonderful new family to care for her in her later years and we have just received the most super update from them.

Sooty (Oldies Club)

Beautiful Sooty came into Oldies Club care when her previous owner could no longer care for her. She was very lucky to find her perfect new owners fairly quickly and we have just received the most wonderful photos of Sooty from them.  Here is what they have to say about the new addition to the … Continue reading Sooty (Oldies Club)

Second chance Lance (Oldies Club)

Lance, now renamed Henry, had some behavioural issues when he came into Oldies Club care and these didn’t get any better in his new home. Fortunately his new owners were prepared to work on these and he is now a happy little chap.

Handsome Seamus Cocker (Oldies Club)

How could anyone resist these beautiful brown eyes? It’s no suprise Seamus Cocker didn’t have to wait long for his new home, when he came into Oldies Club care last year. Read here how he’s been getting on!

A very happy ending for Daisy and Dolly (RSPCA, West Norfolk)

Very happily, Daisy and Dolly were quickly seen on the Oldies Club website and offered their perfect, forever home. We have received this lovely update from the RSPCA, West Norfolk and feel very privileged to have been able to help. It’s such a happy ending for two lovely ladies who deserve the best.

Kizzi Cocker loves her new family (Oldies Club)

Kizzi’s new family have been in touch to let us know that this beautiful old girl has settled in really well. As you can see, she hasn’t forgotten about us and still keeps an eye on the Oldies Club website, hoping that the other dogs listed here will be as lucky as her!

Basil – was Old Dog of the Week, now New Dog at the Park!

Basil was waiting for a special new home for almost a year and he was starting to think he’d never find it. But after being spotted on our website as our Old Dog of the Week, he’s now settling into a new life and loving every minute! Aug 10: Updated with photos of Baz doing agility!

Big Hearted Butch is blooming (Oldies Club)

When Butch’s details appeared on the Oldies Club website the phone never stopped ringing. We had lots of fantastic offers of homes for him and now he has settled down really well in his perfect forever home. He even has a selection of beds so he can choose where he snoozes.

Playful Pip is home and dry (Oldies Club)

Playful Pip had an early Christmas present – a forever family and a new sister to play with. She’s settled in so well and giving her family loads of cuddles and kisses.
March 2010 We are so sad to hear that Pip has passed away after only a short time with her new owners. Sleep tight, Pip.

Immy has a new lease of life – and so does Roxy

Immy was rehomed from an entry on the Oldies Club website. Already happily settled in that new home was Roxy, also an ex Oldies club dog. At 18 and 15, Immy and Roxy, together with their other companion Zak who is also 15, are having a wonderful life, proving that there is definitely life in the old dogs yet. June 2010 Read Immy and roxy’s update here