Titch & Jade (Oldies Club)

Titch and Jade were in Oldies Club foster care – and they never left, as their foster parents were unable to part with them! See the photos from their Rehoming Party here!

Shamrock (Oldies Club)

Shamrock (“Sham” for short) is a ten year old Irish Red Setter who came to the Oldies Club due to her mum’s ill health. She has settled beautifully into her new home, and is doing really well with her new family which includes three other dogs.

Todd (Oldies Club)

Todd the adorable black lab took a surprising time to find his forever home for such a lovely well-behaved old dog – but he has now landed there at last! Read his story here.


From a frightened, skinny dog to a happy, well-loved pet – and local celebrity! – this is Jasper’s journey.

Beau and Belle (GRWE & Bath Cats & Dogs Home)

Beau and Belle (was Donna) were both listed on the Oldies Club website on behalf of the rescues that were helping them. Both needed very special homes. Their wonderful new owners saw Beau here and fell for him – once he had settled in, they decided to adopt Belle as well! *now updated Feb 2006!*


7/7/2009 We are so sorry to hear that Maisie has passed away. She was so loved by her owners and had a lovely last few years of her life. Rest In Peace old girl.

Seb (Oldies Club, Norfolk)

Seb was a UK poundie freed from pound life with the aid of the Oldies Club’s trusty transporters. He was in quite a state, itchy, balding and with a badly damaged eye. Now Seb has gone to a forever home where he is dearly beloved.

Shep and Willow

Willow is a DDR Warrington Oldie, and Shep is an Oldies Club Oldie – and they now live together in their new home.


Dylan has settled down well in his new home which he shares with two other Yorkies, Trixie and Jayne. Already he rules the roost with those two!

Molly the Collie

Molly was thought to be almost blind and partially deaf, and was the victim of a neglect case. Now she has a loving new home with the experienced owner she so badly needed.
Molly sadly passed away on 26th September 2008.

Storm (Dan)

Storm came to the Oldies Club in June 2005. Nursed through a perineal hernia by Oldies foster carer Jan, Storm is now in a new home – find out more here.

Augusta & Victoria Plum

In June 2005, the Oldies Club received a call from Meadow Green Dog Rescue, Norfolk. They had been asked to take in two oldie terrier bitches whose owner had been hospitalised and would not be able to care for them in the future, but had no room to accept them. It normally takes much longer to rehome pairs of dogs, but these beautiful girls were off to their new mum in Derbyshire within just one week – read how here!


14 year old Old English Sheepdog Lukka spent four long years with Celtic Animal Lifeline, waiting for a new home. At last, he has found the perfect home with new dad Mark – this is his story.


Originally found as a mange-ridden, emaciated stray in Ireland, 9 year old Rottweiler cross Martha is now happily settled with new mum Nats – this is her story. :-)

Woody ~ aka Billy Wizz

A small, older crossbreed was brought in to District Dogs Rescue, Warrington following a road traffic accident in May 2005. He had his eye removed and was nicknamed Billy Wizz. Now known as Woody and settled in his forever home with new mum Barb, he may not “wizz” around, but he’s certainly fallen on all four paws!


Oldie Airedale cross Madeline came into foster care with the Oldies Club under The Alice Project and has now found a loving new home with her foster carers. Read the latest updates here! :-)


11 year old Whippet x Penny found a loving new home after her previous owners moved house and could not take her with them. This is her story.


Oldies Club member Lyn fell for the picture of a matted, neglected GSDx poundie – now Bruce has arrived at his new home, happier, healthier and with a wonderful future ahead of him. :-)


Lovely old lurcher Tessa has an inoperable thyroid tumour. The Oldies Club would like to thank her new owner for stepping into the breach and giving this beautiful dog a comfortable, loving final home.


From pillar to post, with unexpected turns along the way, the Oldies Club have finally helped Arthur find the home he needs – here’s his story.


13/6/2006 – Bess has sadly passed away, after one happy year in her new home, much loved by her new family.


Another graduate of The Alice Project, Irish poundie Mitzi missed the vet’s needle by just an hour. Within two weeks, she had blossomed in an Oldies Club foster home and was on her way to a loving new home.



The beautiful Flo has found a loving new home with Oldies Club member Elizabeth. This is her story.


A survivor of horrible cruelty, Peggy is now living happily with a loving new family. This is her story.


The first success of The Alice Project, little terrier Rats was rescued from an Irish pound with only hours to spare. Little more than a fortnight later, he had a loving new home…



After searching for a home of her own for more than a year, mature collie Meg has finally found her forever family! This is what her new mum has to say….


The Lovely Ted was the dog who sparked the formation of the Oldies Club – this is his story, told in his own words!
Ted has now sadly died, but the story of how he came to his new loving home is still well worth reading.


When Tuppence’s elderly owner could no longer care for him, she made the heart-rending decision to have him put down rather than face life in kennels. This is the story of how – by coincidence and sheer determination – the Oldies Club gave Tuppy a second chance.


Pip and Angie found each other through the Oldies Club poster scheme. Able to see past the scars and lumps on Pip’s aging body to the lovely boy inside, Angie has given him a wonderful home, and all the love he needs.