A survivor of horrible cruelty, Peggy is now living happily with a loving new family. This is her story.


The first success of The Alice Project, little terrier Rats was rescued from an Irish pound with only hours to spare. Little more than a fortnight later, he had a loving new home…



After searching for a home of her own for more than a year, mature collie Meg has finally found her forever family! This is what her new mum has to say….


The Lovely Ted was the dog who sparked the formation of the Oldies Club – this is his story, told in his own words!
Ted has now sadly died, but the story of how he came to his new loving home is still well worth reading.


When Tuppence’s elderly owner could no longer care for him, she made the heart-rending decision to have him put down rather than face life in kennels. This is the story of how – by coincidence and sheer determination – the Oldies Club gave Tuppy a second chance.


Pip and Angie found each other through the Oldies Club poster scheme. Able to see past the scars and lumps on Pip’s aging body to the lovely boy inside, Angie has given him a wonderful home, and all the love he needs.