Barney the gentle giant (Oldies Club)

We’ve had an update on sweet old Barney, who shares his new home with a very energetic lab lady called Bumble. He’s also sent us photos from his holidays. Updated February 09 with photos of Barney in the snow! Updated 20/0709 with pictures of Barney on his hols.

Sheena’s Story (The Ark, Lincolnshire)

Sheena had a very sad story to tell when she arrived at The Ark in Lincolnshire. She waited a long time for her new home, but it was worth waiting for, as she tells us in an update on her new life. 4/7/10 Updated with the sad news that Sheena has sadly passed away.

Jasper & Jessica (Oldies Club)

Jasper and Jessica have their paws well and truly under the table in their new home. Here are some pictures of them and some updates from their owner… Sad news December 08

Lovely Lady (Oldies Club)

This lovely lady didn’t have to wait long for a new home – after only two days in an Oldies Club foster home, Lady’s foster family decided to adopt her!

A message from Elsa (Oldies Club)

Elsa was in the care of the Oldies Club for quite some time. We really couldn’t understand why because she is such a gorgeous girl. She’s sent us an update from her forever home.

Cheerful Charlie (Oldies Club)

Cheerful Charlie was rescued by the Oldies Club when his previous owner sadly passed away. He didn’t need to go very far to find his forever home, his foster carers decided they couldn’t let him go!

Jasper (Oldies Club)

Jasper has been in his new home for over 18 months and we have had an update and photos from his owner. He is unrecognisable from the terrified, underweight, neglected dog that originally came to the Oldies Club.

Bess: Loved to bits! (Freshfields)

Bess was terrified when she suddenly found herself in kennels. We are therefore delighted to have heard from her new owner who tells us that Bess is having the time of her life and is loved to bits!

Isabelle with her new friends (IRR)

Poor Isabelle spent over a year stuck in kennels. Then, after being taken into the care of IRR and placed in a foster home, she was found to have a tumour plus secondaries. Despite this, beautiful Belle has found a wonderful new permanent home in which to enjoy her remaining time – with some gorgeous canine friends too!

Tommy’s in paradise (AARU, Nottingham)

After a hard life where he was only used to living outside, Tommy wasn’t going to be an easy boy to rehome. Today we heard the wonderful news that Tommy has found a home after being spotted on the Oldies Club website, and what’s more it seems to be his dream home!

Rupert (Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

We’ve received an update on Rupert the Fox Terrier rehomed by the Ark. Rupert has found himself a wonderful country home where he has a fun-filled life with his new doggy chums!

Toby Russell (rehomed 24/3/07)

Toby is wonderful and has settled in just fine. He follows us both around like a little shadow and goes to sleep on our knees (and snores) he is sat on my knee at the moment.

Meg & Ben (NWESSR)

Meg and Ben have found a loving new home where they live with their new Cocker Spaniel friend. We have received some sweet photos of them.

Joyce (Rosedene Rescue)

Joyce arrived in rescue in a terrible state, but her luck changed and she had a happy retirement in her new home. 13/10/08 Joyce has very sadly passed away.

Titch & Jade (Oldies Club)

Titch and Jade were in Oldies Club foster care – and they never left, as their foster parents were unable to part with them! See the photos from their Rehoming Party here!

Shamrock (Oldies Club)

Shamrock (“Sham” for short) is a ten year old Irish Red Setter who came to the Oldies Club due to her mum’s ill health. She has settled beautifully into her new home, and is doing really well with her new family which includes three other dogs.

Todd (Oldies Club)

Todd the adorable black lab took a surprising time to find his forever home for such a lovely well-behaved old dog – but he has now landed there at last! Read his story here.